(Reader: Danlboon) Upcoming Republic Elections


Reader Post | By Danlboon

Maybe, if Trump and the White Hats want it to go by the book on the US Constitution from prior to 1861 then only men at the age of 21 years and up can vote in the upcoming Republic election 120 days from the NESARA Announcement and only white men can serve in government. You cannot have it both ways with US CORP Amendments and Laws in effect yet reject others.

Maybe, this has to be the campaign of the Republic political groups working this week or month before NESARA is really announced; “We need the Constitutional Amendments from 1861 till now voted on by a Constitutional Congress and Amended by three fourths of the Constitutional states, not from the 50, and a Constitutional Congress to accept into statehood the last 16 states into the Republic not into the US CORP as they are now.”

There will be questions asked on if all laws that have already been placed in the law books under the US CORP will they be removed immediately? Right off the bat NO, as there needs to be a phase in period for people to know what is coming and not enough time for the Common Laws to be voted on, and this is for the states’ down to the local laws. Yet the states’ constitutions and the US Constitution are in place except for the Amendments from 1861 till now, so no 13th (slavery), 14th (citizenship and due process), 15th (right to vote based on race), 16th (taxation) Amendments and so on including the 19th (women the right to vote) and the 26th (those 18 years and up the right to vote), thus these that you want need to be Amended again under the Republic.

And NO Trump Executive Orders on these Amendments to accept them as really they are Military Orders since EO #100 from Lincoln. GENERAL ORDERS, No. 100, HEADQUARTEES OF THE ARMY, November 16, 1861. Are Trump’s EO’s really in effect if they are from the US CORP President and the US CORP is now dissolved? If they are then it is the US Military is in charge.

The original 13th Amendment ‘Title of Nobility’ denying foreign citizens and members of the BAR to hold office is the primary Amendment Trump will be enforcing and basically goes along with the Brunson SCOTUS case, but then SCOTUS are members of the BAR, so there is a problem.

This also includes women prevented from holding office as of now for the Republic as they cannot vote so how can something be Constitutional if there is no Amendment to back it.

The primary item for someone having an ID is the DMV driver’s license as would it still be enforced to have one as that is not a Republic law, and with all capital letters, for We The People if they need to be checked out by law enforcement, but many are not doing business to have one.


There are a lot of these items I can bring up that haven’t been put out in the public, but others may be asking these same things. So I am not being racist or sexist as I am just going by the book from 1860, so that can only change per a Constitutional Congress not some foreigners voting on our laws. Am I a thorn in your side to bring up what many don’t want to talk about and they want to leave things the way they are as a US CORP/Republic?



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