(Reader: Betty Boop) We have been Deceived


Reader Post | By Betty Boop

I have no doubt there will be those who have been so deeply indoctrinated with blind faith and trust from the last hope to save America. You have ignored countless red flags and dismissed those who have tried to warn you. Ironically from Trump himself; in plain site, he is the snake in his “Snake poem”. Voters ignored their due diligence to completely inform themselves by researching who and what Donald J Trump has always been and to who his loyalty truly lays with. He has ALWAYS had a pre-planned agenda to implement created by members of the 13 bloodlines and his deep rooted loyalty to Israel and the Jesuit/Zionist Jewish Bankers he works for. Cabal no longer trusted the Clintons and if Hilary could continue the “16 year plan” that Obama controlled. Hilary voiced her own ideas once being SELECTED. They had realized they were losing control of Republican voters who had enough of the Democrats and their corruption. Demanding change with a Repub. They knew they needed an actor with the skills that, lying was an art form, strong personality, obnoxious, arrogant wealthy, con man, capable of playing the role. Hollywood had no actor they were looking for, so they found the perfect actor to play a Republican. Trump….he has no morals, they sent an acting coach to him Feb 2015. If anyone here would of researched Trump’s background you would of known the level of dedication and love he has as a Democrat, all his family and friends were so proud to be corrupt, dishonest, unethical, con-artists, manipulative, intimidating, far from law abiding, unconstitutional, ego maniacs. entitled, greedy, sexual deviants all involved in pedophilia. You would of found public court documents with the names of his victims, ages, gender and the sexual acts he forced upon them. Trump has paid off 6 of the 10 children’s parents, totaling $30 million. It wasn’t just children but several women also, he was in the process of paying Sunny Daniels as he entered office. Confirming just how brainless his sheep truly are of his crimes. I absolutely agree with all those foreign countries who constantly laugh & mock how stupid Americans actually are. Disgraceful and Shameful. 3rd world countries are levels above this country.

Tigers do not change their stripes and neither has Trump, once a democrat ALWAYS a Freemason Democrat. Grown adults no longer have the ability to think with common sense, rationally or logically, and yet you have the nerve to call critical thinkers conspiracy theorists. Seriously? Trump always has and continues to support the LGBTQ/Transgender mentally disturbed 100%. Every year hosts a huge dinner party at Christmas to donate money. Dec. 16,2022 he hosted their award cermonies. Days prior helping Biden push through the Same sex marriage law, that he has always supported. Makes sense since all his wives were born men. From La Blade a gay publication that quoted Trumps speech,”We are fighting for the gay community and we are fighting and fighting hard”. Excited to have the “Log Cabin Republicans “Spirit of Lincoln” Conservatives. “Tonight we have over 450 LGBTQ conservatives and our straight allies join us for another amazing Spirit of Lincoln Gala. Articulating a deep appreciation for our community and committed to our broader inclusion and support for gay rights. This is the bar we’ll be holding all GOP canidates to in 2023 and 2024.”

His agenda all along, an admin govt of LGBTQ/Transgender mentally disturbed conservatives, to hell with Christians religious beliefs to raise their children with morals and values. His voting sheep were deceived, lied to at his rallies as to his vision of a Great America, this must not happen. 

This has been one huge deception he has  succeeded in implementing on Republicians and this country. I stated many times that Q was only a distraction to waste our time decoding mind games, and countless rabbit holes. Only a hollywood actor would come up with “a scripted movie”, “grab some popcorn and relax and watch the show”. “its all optics.” “Intel has to be kept secret, we cant afford for the Cabal to know our plans. These are extremely dangerous sick people. I dont want any citizens hurt. From here on out Patriots will have to trust the plan!” Perfect cover to keep the people in the dark. Only complete idiots would wait years for any evidence to be provided. That was it for me, I’ll find the truth myself….And I sure did. 

Since 2018, 11xs we were given the “Green” light–9xs Nesara was activated–13xs QFS, Quantum Internet, Free energy, Med Beds, Rainbow currency, EBS, Stock Market collapse, Martial Law, 10 days of disclosure, have 2-3 weeks supplies then 1-2 months have ready FOR LOCKDOWN….all ready to go….after 2018 mid term election, then Easter 2019, then right after Christmas 2019, then Spring 2020…on and on, always some excuse, some reason. ALL Bullshit!!! Sheep fed into his inflated ego and supreme power, a 1 man savior to the WORLD. Nauseating.

White Hats have had enough of Trumps dishonesty and wont work with him until he comes clean about paying Moderna and Johnson&Johnson to partner with military for a covid vaccine 10 months prior before the first covid case in US. He wanted 300 million doses by Jan 2020, Trump knew there would be an epidemic sometime during his term, Fauci and CIA agents went to Trump after a morning briefing at the WH. Fauci told Trump a SARS virus would be released in the US sometime before the 2020 election and there is no vaccine for it because there is OTC medication. Half the doses of military vaccine were placebos and the rest were not revealed. So he was well aware of an epidemic. White Hats was upset but couldnt understand why would he even have Fauci and Brix head of Covid Task Force? There was 100s of highly qualified Specialists not part of the DS. He refuses to come clean about Warp Speed!! He has been caught 3xs now to secretly meet with Rothschild to negotiate a deal. Then again recently in 2022 he went to France to meet with Macron and Rothschild. You would think our president would know the truth of America and what our trusting ally the British Crown and Central Bank did to our country. And why he doesnt have any presidential power. He has lied about everything in his “Plan”. He did not confiscate plane loads of gold from under the Vatican, its impossible to be the 19th president, only the states can reconstruct a new Restored Republic. The military does not have the authority to declare Trump president. All Trump has done is deceive everyone claiming to offer a “plan” that doesnt exist. He has been advised what he has to do to become the real President, he would rather keep lying and ignore the truth. He thinks he can find a way around the problem so the people will still think he is the greatest president. There is no way around it, he must come clean with the truth. He has constantly pushed hopium and still does.

For months now I have found the truth and its not pretty. At the moment the only intact govt we have is The Federation of States to the(Unincorporated) The United States of America. Achieved by the Superior Court Judge of Alaska. Recently named Fiduciary for all assets belonging to the unincorporated United States of America and in the same capacity with respect to the resources of over 200 other Nations. She has power over Trump with complete cooperation with Hague International Court and any legal and lawful help she needs to reconstruct the return of America as our rightful and only Nation.


“Restored Republic”/roserambles is the #1 disinformation site, totally filled with lies, I was told that Trump has control over this site, I can not say for certain if this is true. It would explain alot if true, keep pushing the hopium, the false plan, and complete false narrative that Trump is the 19th president. Recently Trump has declared himself “King” and Diana is “Queen”claiming they are the New Ambassadors of the World. The most ABSURD crap I have ever heard. Could this possibly be why Tier 1, 2, 3 has always been a secret? Even if any of this was true Charlie Ward would never be in control of Redemption Centers, nor would Simon Parkes be control over Africa, This GCR process that “Markz” or “Judy” is a total sham. Here is the tiers thats kept secret  Tier 1) Governments and Royalty, this is who is paid first??? What govts? Royalty, this makes no sense, what Royalty??  Tier 2) Whales–Elites with Platforms of Currency, Corporations.   Whales….WTH?  ELITES? Platforms of currency?? WTH? “Corporations?” WTF is this?  Tier 3) Military–Admirals Group, American Indians, CMKX, Large Church Groups(Church of Latter Day Saints, has the largest humanitarian program in the world)  Tier 4) Us, the Internet Group, that pays attention to Intel. ?!?!?   What the HELL is this? Just who determined this? All these tiers are above the People? Govts??  Royalty?? Whales?? Elites?? Corporations??  Military?? F them, American Indians??(You mean Canadian Indians, there is NO American or Native Indians. There was humans in this country first, tribes from canada slaughtered them and claimed this land. Big lie in the history books) CMKX, How is this?  Deep State controlled Churches?? Seriously? Somebody explain how any of these tiers had generations of their wealth stolen from them? No wonder this has been kept from the People,one sheep even agrees with this or defends Trump….I demand you be deported to your ally country UK. Absolutely Despicable, Horrendous, Unbelievable. Thank goodness none of this is real. NO gold, Nesara/Gesara, QFS, Free Energy, Med Beds, 1950s prices, Same old shit, just a different day-week-month-year!!   Only American brain dead sheep continue to believe this crap. Most other countries people finally stopped months ago, more reason to keep hating this country. The people are the only ones that have the ability to stop what has been going on for the last 150. Petition to return your birthright political status to reclaim your assets and standing. Every person has to do this NOW.



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