(Reader: Riszhat) Treatment of Coronavirus and Other Infectious Diseases?


Reader Post | By Riszhat

I have the strongest t-cell immunity. It was proved by 4 immunograms in 3 of them t-cells were exceeded in abs.number/ml.  In the first immunogram made in August, lymphocytes at a rate of 800-3600 I have 4108 (52%), t-lymphocytes at a rate of 600-2500 I have 2835, t-helpers at a rate of 450-850 and I have 1808 t-cytotolic at a rate of 270-540 and I have 945. The second time after a rest in a state sanatorium, at the request of an immunologist, he made a result of 3864 (46%) in 20 days. The third time I did it on my own, half a year later, the result was 3936 (48%) the next day after recovering from some kind of cold. With autoimmune diseases, there may be such a condition, the result of the analysis is negative. The AIDS center liked my results so much that they paid for the 2nd and 3rd immunogram, the 1st immunogram was paid for by 33 polyclinics. And in 1 immunogram, the calculation was carried out only as a percentage. I will provide 4 immunograms, if necessary, with an attached file, as well as the result of an analysis for autoimmune diseases, an immunologist’s consultation and 3 invitations to the immunology center in Kazan. The immunogram was made within 5 years.

Within 5 years, he made more than 20 general blood tests according to the leuco formula, lymphocytes from 39 to 56%. And during the same time in the private laboratory of Invitro more than a dozen blood tests according to the leukoformula lymphocytes above normal neutrophils below normal. How I achieved such immunity. I eat 5 times a day because my mother is a cook by profession, an old-age pensioner. I eat only healthy food every morning I eat milk porridge every evening I drink kefir. Due to the disease diabetes insipidus (although I take the medicine desmopressin) I drink from 3 to 5 liters of water a day .The nervous system is iron because I don’t work because of disability. I almost don’t do sports because of the disease of olivoponoceribral degeneration with cerebellar atrophy, I only pedal every evening a broken exercise bike Is it possible to make a medicine from my immune cells? I strongly recommend watching the 2013 movie Virus Korea.

You don’t want to repeat this scenario only on a global scale.

I had coronavirus in August for 2 days, symptoms of cough, sneezing, runny nose, fever. That it was on August 1 that the deputy head doctor of the 33 polyclinic can prove that he was ill.  I was at his reception, he said that I looked sickly and sent me home. By the evening, these symptoms appeared. The fact that I was sick with coronavirus can prove a PCR test I did it on August 3, whether I am sick or not, the fact that I recovered on August 3 in the evening can be proved by a nurse from the same polyclinic. She came on August 4 in the morning as a coronavirus patient. The second time I was ill, the antibodies spontaneously rose from 201 to 316, the doctors say that I was ill asymptomatically.

The day after my recovery, my mother fell ill with the same symptoms but also with a loss of sense of smell. We have a real skunk cat who drinks a lot of water because she eats only dry food and pees into a special plastic trough every day . Her smell is very smelly. So mom didn’t feel this smell for 10 days.   And also how my immunity defused the coronavirus vaccination. I vaccinated Sputnik V and after the second injection a week later I tested for antibodies to the coronavirus. The result is 5.5. He was asymptomatically ill with hepatitis B for 2.5 months or less In mid-November, before hospitalization, he was tested for AIDS hepatitis. The result of the analysis was negative. In early February, before being admitted to another hospital, antibodies to hepatitis B were found in the analysis for AIDS hepatitis. And after 20 days, the antibodies disappeared. I did a second analysis, the result is the same. And for insurance in March, I did an analysis for AIDS hepatitis, the result was negative.  The first two and the final analysis took place at the state clinic AIDS Center and the remaining two analyses at the private clinic Invitro. I had two fatal diseases in a very mild form because I was ill for only 2 days and had hepatitis B in an asymptomatic form for 2.5 months or less. All evidence will be provided if necessary.

One of the two diseases leads to mandatory premature death. I can die at any moment because of the symptoms. My help will be free for Russians and for foreign countries it is also free if one condition is met: the complete cessation of the financing of the war.
I’m a psycho, but I was diagnosed for a similar article, but without proof.



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