(Reader: Latless Susan) Excerpts from my Transceived Life: Ages 26 to 40 – Part I


Reader Post | By Latless Susan

Unparalleled Transmission of Latless: Enhanced Human Radio (Backstory: Ages 26 to 40 Part I)

Miscellany of Some Memorable (1985-1999)

1987 to 1989, Rome, Italy: Of my international travel experience, I’ve been to Italy most, Rome in particular. It included experiences of missing time; being led out of the Vatican through an empty museum area, which is not where I entered and no idea how I got there; having information (financial) taken from me, but I do not know how it was done. Years later remembering account number; getting lost one night while walking in Rome, and suddenly being directed in my mind as to where to walk and turn through a maze of streets such that I returned to where I was staying.

January 1990, 1 World Trade Center (WTC), Manhattan, NY: Cousin came to visit me living in West Village NYU faculty housing. Among tourist sites on her list for visitation was WTC. We went on the elevator to the top, to what we thought was the visitor observation deck. We could not gain access. There was another door we tried, which was unlocked, climbed some steps to another door, also unlocked. Found ourselves literally on top of the WTC, no gates or barriers for protection, We encountered no others. I think there may have been a helipad. What I mainly remember was being bowled over by the wind onto my stomach, crawling my way back to the stairway on concrete, my cousin preceding me, and distinctive weird feeling: Why could we access the roof of the WTC unencumbered?

1989, Stafford, VA: Visiting my family’s rural 14 acre densely wooded property: One night, about 2 or 3 in the morning, having fallen asleep on the front-room couch, was awakened by the loud sound of marching. Before I could react, a large contingent of men in Civil War garb marched toward me as if the house and I were not there. Before I could catch my breath or process what was happening, they literally walked through me and continued on. Then everything went silent.

[Had a similar experience when visiting Dachau, the former concentration camp, the winter prior, at which I could hear screaming and conversations from the past, as if occurring around me in the present. I’d learn that powerful emotions produced at one point in time create energetic forms that do not fully dissipate unless something is done to clear them. Echoes (recorded on frequencies that perpetually float) through time.

On occasion I’ve prayed for healing of the contexts surrounding specific locations without actually going there (by-proxy prayer). Rarely do I return to a specific location of carnage to pray. Did go to Gettysburg, PA several times, as if commanded to release prayers for some bound to the site in an other-dimensional realm so they could be rescued and set free. I cannot prove what I did mattered, only that I knew I had to go and say specific prayers. When finished, I had peace, which was sufficient unto itself.]


If someone else slept where I did, would Civil War soldiers have marched through them? Do we just have to be in the right (or wrong) place at the right time? Of such musing, I’m reminded of philosopher Karl Popper’s notion: We cannot prove a case that never occurs.

31 July/1 August 1992, Point Barrow, AK, Arctic coast (near DEW Line)/Las Vegas, NV: While on an organized tour of Alaska with my husband, I, and thus “we”, left the tour briefly from Fairbanks to go to Point Barrow. Civilian “tourists” were not the main traffic then, perhaps 40 a year visited Barrow according to Fran Tate, owner of Pepe’s North of Border restaurant there. Flight up was noisy, a bit rough, about 16 persons in all, with non-human cargo being flown up clearly more important than we few souls. In the ‘what are the odds’ category, two persons we encountered on this flight were an adjunct professor from NYU, where my husband and I were then affiliated, and his wife. Unsure why they were there. Their explanation unclear. Never saw them again.

Following Alaska trip, went directly to Las Vegas, NV to attend National Academy of Management meeting. Stayed at the Sands Hotel, which has since been demolished. Hotel was overbooked the first night, so a university colleague we did not know well ended up staying with us.

c.1993, Rome, Italy: My husband and I stayed at a friend’s home on Via dei Riari, Trastevere (near Vatican), while she was away. We heard something drop in the mail slot and a scooter drive away. It was two passports. So far as I could tell, they were not for my friend. I called the US Embassy which resulted in my husband and me meeting for coffee with a man who socialized with us for a while, him weaving in some questions and eventually collecting the passports from us. Unsure what info he was after or who he really was. Informal and confusing. Very Rome.

c.1993, Manhattan, NY (Georgette Klinger Salon and Bobst Library, NYU): Had appointment with same Georgette Klinger Salon facialist (immigrant from former USSR) who had immediately just serviced prominent US political figure (a future US President hopeful). Claudia’s facials were always very relaxing, often zoned out. Can’t remember whether it was before or after that specific salon visit, but during same period, my husband and I sat a few rows behind same political figure in audience when François Mitterrand came to NYU to speaks.

Mid-1990s, West Point Military Academy, NY: Learned Pork Chop Hill (PCH) programming was operational there. Discovered when my husband unintentionally controlled a MP’s behavior with a phrase, to our surprise. My husband was a wonderful person who managed to succeed in life despite being tortured throughout it by the fall out from (PCH) programming done to him while stationed with US Army, Fort Carson, CO, during Korean War. How many soldiers, who wanted to honorably serve their country, have suffered from being programmed without consent?

To be continued . . .  



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