(Reader: Latless Susan) Excerpts from my Transceived Life: Ages 18 to 25


Reader Post | By Latless Susan

Unparalleled Transmission of Latless: Enhanced Human Radio (Backstory: Ages 18 to 25)

Miscellany of Some Memorable (1977-1984)

1977-1978, Arlington, VA, Melody Fair Dinner Theater: Performer: Sweet Charity. (Owner/Managers: Ardith and Lawrence Cavallo).

c.1977/1978, DC: Szechuan restaurant, Sixth & I streets, NW, once there when President Carter and entourage were. 2nd encounter, c.1992/1993, Manhattan, NY: President Carter guest of graduate school where I was enrolled. Hosted at admin building.

c.1977/1978, DC: Attended Cappa Chell Modeling & Finishing School (Owner: Gladys B. Davis).

1977-1978, Woodbridge, VA, Lazy Susan Dinner Theater: Performer: Cabaret; My Fair Lady; Mame; Camelot. (Manager: Mr. Gates).

1978, Burtonsville, MD, Burn Brae Dinner Theater: Model/Performer: Funny Girl; Showboat. (Owner/Managers: John Kinnamon and Bernie Levin).


1978, Maryland: Car Show Model: Tucker ’48, purchased by Liberace.

1979, Manhattan, NY: Experimental Theater performer: Billy Stars and Kid Jupiter.

1979, DC: Experimental Theater performer: Time Steps (Playwright/Director: Bill Bremer).

1979-12-31, Manhattan, NY: New Year’s Eve, from Cuban-American restaurant in Times Square, taken by limo to observe human fare at “The Mansion”. Think it was on 14th Street. Things got hazy. Slept for almost two days straight following.

1979-1980, Manhattan, NY: Experimental Electro-photography (Kirlian) model.

1979-1984, Manhattan and Catskills, NY: Nightclubs, Variety act performer. c.1980-1982: Singer: 5 person a cappella group “Grand Avenue Rhythm” (Manager: Randy Jurgensen, Ret. NYPD detective, whose imparted wisdom I attribute to later helping me survive a horrendous life-threatening situation); Frequented resorts in the waning Borscht Belt, e.g. Grossinger’s, Kutsher’s, Concord, etc. in regular entourage of comedian, Jackie Mason (1928-2021), who encouraged my entertainment pursuits and, perhaps more importantly, taught me some about Jewish spirituality and religious tradition owing to his former rabbinical studies, afforded me the opportunity to attend synagogue where one of his brothers was presiding rabbi, the data gathered of which would be of great help to me later when God took a stronger hold of me, rescued and redirected my life.

Sum 1982, Manhattan, NY, Upper East Side: Held hostage at gunpoint. Later tied up, left behind. Other hostage didn’t make it.


Spr 1982, Manhattan, NY, Upper East Side: Executive Assistant, Intercontinental Assets Group.

1980-c.1983, Fire Island, The Hamptons (East, South, West) & once to Montauk, NY: Visits, typically invited guest.

c.1981-1983, Martha’s Vineyard, MA: Brief. Don’t remember who or why.

1979-1982, Manhattan, NY: Participated Feature Films: Vigilante; Paternity; A Little Sex; Fame; Prince of the City; So Fine. Television: Joe Franklin Show; Influenza PSAs; Born Beautiful; Saturday Night Live; All My Children; Ryan’s Hope; Another World; As The World Turns; The Doctors; Texas.

1980-1982, Manhattan, NY: Regularly attended Weist Barron School of Television.

1981, Hampton Coliseum, VA: Girl “tattooed” with broadcast radio station call signs (live promo) at Rolling Stones ‘Tattoo You’ concert. (via Lester Lewis Agency, Manhattan, NY). Makeup Artist: Leo Yoshimura. Makeup applied at nearby hotel. Was trucked to venue—had to stand up in back of truck, held steady on the way so makeup wouldn’t smear. After that, it’s a blur.

1980, Manhattan, NY: Briefly attended Circle in the Square Theater School.

1980, Manhattan, NY: Lived Lexington Avenue between 64th and 65th streets.

One morning, headed out to an audition at a studio around 57th, near Carnegie Hall. As I set out, almost immediately I was somewhere else, no longer walking on the streets of Manhattan, but in a field with no apparent beginning or end. It was perfectly quiet, not a sound. There were no trees or other visual landmarks. I knew I was alone. I do not recall feeling frightened, but remember being confused about where I was. The field was mainly faded greenish grey tallish grass slightly blowing as if a wind, which I could neither feel nor hear. The setting was not pretty or ugly. It was not, in fact, stimulating in any way to the senses.

Kept walking as if I had a destination, but there did not seem to be one in this place. Then, for no apparent reason, I was back on the streets of Manhattan about to turn a corner and within a block of my audition, having walked some 8 or 9 blocks with no idea of how I’d gotten there. No recall of crossing streets, dodging vehicles or hearing car horns, nothing. The day went on as usual. The only thing I can say about the experience afterward is that it was peace-inducing.


c.1979/1980, Jacksonville, FL: Sheraton Hotel (via Lester Lewis Agency, Manhattan, NY), booked as variety act performer. No recall beyond coming and going.

Winter 1980, Manhattan, NY: Cast as “Cinderella” for humor short to be broadcast in Italy via RAI/TV. (Filmmaker’s father journalist for Italian newspaper. Think it was La Repubblica.)

To be continued . . . 

[Appreciation: Remembering Bill Bolton (1901-1982), WWI veteran and attorney, Fredericksburg, VA, who, when I was a teen, shared his wisdom about reading law and taught me how to do title searches, which came in handy later when I began family history and genealogy research.]


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