(Reader: Latless Susan) Excerpts from my Transceived Life: Ages 11 to 17 – Part II


Reader Post | By Latless Susan

Unparalleled Transmission of Latless: Enhanced Human Radio (Backstory: Ages 11 to 17 Part II)

II. Involvement with theatrical arts:

We make plans. God orders steps. Meet extraordinary persons en route. Always interested in performing arts, though my strengths, apparently, were more suited to quiet (low noise) analytical activities. Through the agency of a local dynamo who was at once a church and community choir director; founder, manager and artistic director of General Washington Dinner Theater (GWDT), Fredericksburg, VA (He cast me in 3 productions.); and well-connected civilian engineer at the Naval Surface Weapons Center (NSWC), Dahlgren, VA, I met interesting persons. Once privileged to meet Mr. Kissinger. If memory serves, at the Shoreham Americana Hotel, DC, invited by Mr. Wehman, while his choral group performed for the American Revolution Bicentennial. Brief encounter.

[Musical history: Eagles’ album “Hotel California” released 1976. Enchanting times. Intricate relationships. Interlocking minds.]


My opportunity as a pre-college engineering intern at NSWC was facilitated by my high school guidance counselor who also performed in shows at GWDT. We were in Oliver together.

I was one of only two young women selected that year into the program. The other was assigned to another part of the base. Days of wire wrap guns, Fortran, and stacks of keypunch cards to process simple formulae. Often busy interpreting confusing schematics and building microprocessor boards, while also taking basic engineering and first year college courses on the base.


Odd times then: Me working alongside all men; mentality then toward women trying to follow traditional male-oriented paths. Lived in the female dorm. Had my own room. Shared showers and kitchen with military women, who, for the most part were courteous, but never enjoying any genuine camaraderie owing to my civilian status. Occasionally jarred by loud sounds or ground shaking from weapons testing. Drudgery of working in a dumpy old airplane hanger, etc. Suffice it, before my first year was up, whatever may lay ahead, the world I was in then and what is required to be effective within it, all was out of sync. Gave notice. Moved on. (The other girl in the program had already left.)

NSWC, Electronic Systems Dept; Systems Effectiveness Div, Systems Compatibility Branch, Dahlgren, VA, Pre-college student trainee (Gen Eng), 1976-06-21 to 1977-04-30. Worked on HERO (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance) out of Hanger 42. Suggest the acronym (concept) HERO may have another meaning. Perhaps “Human Enhanced Reconnaissance Operation”. It was my impression that aspects related to human remote control activities, not unlike those thought to occur at Montauk, NY. Suggest these activities not only at Dahlgren, VA then, but also Patuxent River, MD and San Diego, CA, the latter connected to a Tijuana, Mexico underground system. Places I visited.

Dahlgren Experiment: I was locked in high security vault under the guise of me working on an assignment to write an introduction to a manual on electromagnetic compatibility, with little knowledge on the subject. Seemed odd even then. The material I worked on was not coded as sensitive at any level. It appeared an unnecessary security measure. The purpose may have been to test the ability to traffic information through a human radio’s presence in a secure vault/safe room, typical of those then used in intelligence settings, which should be impenetrable to any type of outside influence or illicit listening. (Based on my present understandings, I suspect high level security vaults are of little use when well-tuned human radios are present.)Possible Dahlgren Experiment: Anechoic Chamber: Given personal visit. Only remember being taken into it by a man, but don’t remember by whom. Remember being there and what it looked like. Can imagine experimental purposes concerning human radio development, but remain unsure of anything else connected to me and that particular visit. [Anechoic (no echo / absorbs sound). Anechoic chamber is a shielded room that has radio-wave absorbing material applied to the walls, ceiling, and floor. Can’t see radio wave energy directly, so it can be measured with radio receivers and antennas. Can pattern human radios electromagnetic frequencies.]Got sick for several days (flu like, but not flu), unclear what was wrong. Can’t remember when in my time at Dahlgren that occurred. Dad drove out to check on me.

Remain thankful to God for what I learned during this period, though not appreciated at the time.

To be continued . . .


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