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Reader Post | By Milton D Williams

Life Over Smart Energy is what needs to be stressed as more and more of these smart meters are being put in, no one will tell you the risks and dangers these devices bring and what we don’t know, we lose. Dominion Energy will not tell us that these meters are a danger to the ones who install them and the people in the houses where these are installed. Smart meters carry radiation yet lack the labels to identify that. They will not tell us that these meters are most detrimental to our youth whose brains and bodies are still developing and people with preexisting health conditions. That homeowners who have a pacemaker are not required to have a microwave yet devices that have shown to carry as much and more radiation are being put in without a moment’s notice. 

Despite the fact it’s supposed to be a choice, Dominion Energy has shown to install these meters even under homeowner’s noses. The rollout for these meters has always been a debate between Dominion Energy and the government as many times before their smart meter plans have been rejected due to the benefits being too speculative and uncertain because it’s a large expenditure and a large cost for the customers. The State Corporation Committee has rejected the plan twice for a reason as the cons outweigh the pros from an economical sense but this goes even deeper as the cons could include the risk of future or present health problems yet Dominion Energy has gone ahead with its plan, ignoring these risks and not providing enough substantial evidence that it would be useful. It’s not only the customers being affected but the workers or subcontractors too.

Dominion Energy does not let its own workers swap hot energized meters for safety reasons, instead getting subcontractors like Aclara and its workers there to do that which is a violation of safety and health guidelines. I was one of these workers replacing live meters without the use of safety gear and doing this in any weather because the production to get these meters rolled out was at a demand by the company. This is a violation as I and the other workers there were not licensed electricians and the guidelines of OSHA state that no one should work on live circuits unless you must work on de-energized parts. It took one customer who said some words that got me thinking and doing my homework on this matter and after it all, this knowledge had me feeling guilty that 

 I was putting such devices in houses blissfully ignorant that it may affect a homeowner’s home life. The place we sleep, eat, and call home is not even safe when a surge of energy is being constantly put inside our homes and bodies. I want to bring awareness of the lack of transparency that energy companies have shown to push their agenda of making more money while taking it from its customers who are also being put in danger because of it. 

L.O.S.E. was created to shed light and make sure nothing is swept up under as these can have negative lasting effects for generations to come and it’s problematic that we were oblivious to this as we put our trust in our company that gives us light yet hides its intentions in darkness. Our children should not grow up with health problems, the sick should not get worse or find themselves out of remission, the elderly should not find themselves suffering at an old age, and we as people should not be left in the dark about things that will affect our lives I want to bring awareness I want to live a healthy and safe life as much as I can. How can this safe life come to be if the legislature is siding with Dominion Energy ignoring the outcry of the people. This was shown on Monday January, 30th 2023, L.O.S.E. along with Virginia for Safe Technology and with the help of Senator Amanda Chase filed a bill to stop Dominion Energy from installing these meters without citizen knowledge or consent and also to be able to opt-out by keeping your analog meter. 14 to 1, the bill was shut down and all I can think about was how several months ago, Mrs V Johnson told me that “The People are more Powerful than the People in Power” and I want this to become a reality. We need to make that quote a reality and take our power back and that comes after forcing our hands. Now it’s our turn to show we the people can set forth a change.

Milton D Williams 

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