(Reader: Latless Susan) Excerpts from my Transceived Life: Ages 11 to 17 – Part I


Reader Post | By Latless Susan

Unparalleled Transmission of Latless: Enhanced Human Radio (Backstory: Ages 11 to 17 Part I)

Ages 11 to 17: In 1970, my family moved from the DC suburbs of Oxon Hill, MD to a rural area of Stafford County, VA, where I attended Grafton Elementary, T. Benton Gayle Junior High, and graduated from Stafford High School in 1976, a year ahead of my class. This period included my involvement at Mountain View Baptist Church, King George, VA; General Washington Dinner Theater, Fredericksburg, VA; and Naval Surface Weapons Center, Dahlgren, VA. [Of the latter two, Ron Wehman, of Fredericksburg, VA, facilitated key opportunities.]  

There’s much I could say about these years, but only so much time and space. My life, like this world’s matrix, is infinity bound. Three aspects of this time include I.) Alternative conscious awareness type experiences of which I’ll share a few; II.) Involvement with theatrical arts, which became a main passion for years following, and intersected with being III.) Guided to an engineering training opportunity at a local military base.

I. Examples of alternative conscious awareness type experiences:

One out-of-body experience, about age 13, occurred while in that state just before waking. In it, I experienced myself floating into the dining room where I watched my parents have a conversation about deciding whether to allow me to go out with some particular friends. Mom was the lenient one and trying to persuade my dad. They finally agreed that I could go.

When I got up, I asked my mom if she and Dad had decided about whether I could go out with my friends. She said that she had not yet spoken to my father about it. Later that day, I overheard my parents have the exact conversation in exact detail in the exact same location of our house, with the exact same outcome for me, as I had observed earlier in my out-of-body state.

About age 14, I had visional type experience of being in a closet as an old man bent over weaving to and for muttering in a language I did not know and handling some type of fabric in my/his hands. I/he was somewhat overweight and wearing black pants and a dull white tunic type shirt with a black over vest-like top. I/he had a lot of grey facial hair. I think I/he was afraid, but I may have imputed that emotion onto the experience later in an attempt to understand it.


This experience made no sense until one day, when I was about 20/c. 1980. One afternoon, having lived in Manhattan for a while, when walking by the area known as the Diamond District. I saw men of various ages and sizes getting onto a somewhat beat up old bus. They wore clothing similar to what I had seen in my youthful vision. At that moment I experienced an inner prompting to pay attention. My memory came back more fully. (Later, 1990s, had transcendental experiences in which I was in the presence of one or two older orthodox Jewish men who were instructing me about something, but I could never recall exactly what they were saying. At these times, I was somehow out of myself, for what I thought was a few minutes. When I looked at a clock, hours had passed.)

I’ve learned that information is always flowing around us, unbound by the time and space of its creation. I also learned that there are ways to receive and transmit information intractable by others. However it comes, it demands much of one’s discernment abilities. My inner dialogue: What is its source? Why was it given? What can be learned from this? Do I share it? If so, with whom?

To be continued . . .

[Three films came back to mind while preparing this Unparalleled Transmission: Stealing Heaven (1988), based on French 12th-century medieval romance of Peter Abelard and Héloïse; The Return of Martin Guerre (1982), based on case of imposture in 16th century France; and Meetings with Remarkable Men (1979), British drama based on book by Greek-Armenian mystic, G. I. Gurdjief.]


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