(Reader: Victor) Wake up… Everything is a Lie


Reader Post | By Victor

Everything about everything that has ever been told to you has been a lie and a deception. CAN YOU TAKE THAT TRUTH?….That is the only point you need to reach and see and take into your BEING….because that is what will save you.

Or….”YOU ARE THE ONE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR”…Meaning only you have to accept the actual condition that you are living in and are in. NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS…..why?

Why?….. is very complicated and also very simple. On the so called “OPERATIONS DISCLOSURE LEVEL”….it is all lies and deception because who and what HAS BEEN  running this world is not from around here or ever working for you.

That means that there are no white hats and no Trump or bumbling Biden will ever help you….since dead men can not help…..(but you do not even know that?)…. or the world in any way. BECAUSE…..Both sides are controlled by the same controllers and ALL THEY DO IS LIE…..and have always lied for thousands of years. The game here is very old.

Which means that you and everyone you have known has been MK Ultra brainwashed or programmed. That programming started at home and in the womb because your parents were brainwashed idiots and did not know it and then …..THEY MADE YOU INTO A COPY OF THEMSELVES…..and you do not know it and reproduce the problem over and over each day.

LOST SHEEP WHO BELIEVE THERE IS NOT BAD WOLF…..that is the world we are in……when all there is are bad wolves here. Which means no SAVIOR IS COMING TO SAVE YOU….and never will because THAT IS NOT HOW THE GAME OF LIFE IS PLAYED.



The Controllers know that and what they are doing and know all about YOU….and what YOU ARE…..WHEN YOU DO NOT….THEY KNOW……more than you know because you don’t know WHO YOU ARE….. mainly  because they have always told you who you are first and THAT WAS ALWAYS A ….”LIE”.

You were a commodity to be harvested on many levels and THE MAIN ONE…..was your,,,,ONE LIFE ENERGY….. Just like in  the Matrix movie. The Game is also always disclosed to you….BUT YOU DENY THE TRUTH….even while it is  told to you right in your face!…..

That is why it is always up to you to wake up because you  are the one choosing to sleep and even God will not interrupt your sleep if that is your first love? 

You were harvested and raised in a prison planet because…..YOU HAVE THE ENERGY OF LIGHT OR GOD AND THAT IS VALUABLE TO THE DARK SIDE….It seems you life as the fountain of Youth which the dark does not have……they don’t have much LIGHT ….but you do….but you do not know that and are asleep to WHAT YOU ARE. So you get used and abused.

The Dark side stole EVERYTHING FROM YOU AND EVEN MODIFIED YOU… where you are now only a distorted brain washed cow waiting for a …”false Savior” that does not exist for you and is never coming unless YOU WAKE UP AND SEE THAT YOU ARE THE “ONE”.

Which means Jesus is not coming and your religion will not save you because IT WAS CREATED BY YOUR CONTROLLERS AND MASTERS…..All to keep you away from YOUR POWER AND WHO YOU REALLY ARE…..because they have been here a long time and the battle of dark vs Light is very old. You are the only young one here due to your ignorance and gullibility programming…..and because you have been modified to live short lives in order to harvest your life force like a dumb chicken….which you have led to believe that you are.

These very disturbing things are ONLY PART OF THE LIE…..The lie is so huge and complete that you will not be able to take it and make it…..unless THERE IS A MIRACLE?


Do miracles happen?…..Well they do….but you have to put yourself in the place where they happen to YOU……YOU HAVE TO CHOSE IT….because YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE HERE!

YES….YOUR THE ONLY ONE HERE…..get that line and you’re out of the Game.

Now when you figure out you are the only one here?….then you can accept and see that ….EVERYTHING IS A LIE AND THAT YOU ARE A LIE… you knew yourself to be in the past.

HAAA……..what fun!…..So don’t expect any RV or Trump or any government false Savior to ever help you. That is never coming from your enemy and captors…..on the controllers side of the theater of War. Made that way so that……YOU NEVER WAKE UP and see THAT YOU ARE THE ONE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.!


What will happen to the other sheep….The sheep?….Who knows?…..Maybe there is a collective Miracle coming?….It’s possible?…May say it’s happening now?…And I would think that would be the only way the collective sheep would ever see?…..THEY NEED TO LIGHT TO HEAL THEM….FOR SURE!…..But then if you wait for that?…YOU ARE WAITING FOR A SAVIOR OUTSIDE OF YOU AGAIN?…RIGHT? Better take charge and NOT WAIT…..because waiting is what this theater is all about….so that you SLEEP TO YOUR DAY OF SLAUGHTER….for the liars profits from your death.

It’s better to take care of the problem where the problem really is. THE WHOLE WORLD PROBLEM AND ANSWER IS …..”IN YOU”……SEE IT AND GET OUT OF HELL…..IMO



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