(Reader: Latless Susan) Excerpts from my Transceived Life: Birth to Age 5


Reader Post | By Latless Susan

Unparalleled Transmission of Latless: Enhanced Human Radio (Backstory: Birth to Age 5)

Birth to Age 5: Conceived early fall 1958, I was born Wednesday, 27 May 1959, 2:54 PM at Washington Hospital Center, DC. The attending physician had nineteen years prior delivered my dad to his mother, and would also deliver all my siblings. Her medical practice was on Nichols Avenue (N/K/A Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue), near St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (St. E’s).

Five close relatives of mine worked at St. E’s (between 1930s to 1980s) in the capacities: Attendant, Groundskeeper, two Psychiatric RNs, and a Psychologist.

One of my relatives, who worked as a supervising psychiatric nurse at St. E’s, would stop by on a day-off to pick-up her paycheck. I’d sometimes wait for her in the Dorothea Dix Pavilion. “Eight Ball”, the cussing parrot, was regular entertainment, and was also a clever distraction for inducing missing-time episodes. Posing as well-intended doctors and nurses, I’d somehow be caused to follow them to the hospital basement.

It felt like I was gone for a very long time, but when I was returned, no one noticed I’d been missing. It was as if just a few moments passed. My relative was unsuspecting. Little me unable to fully remember or express at the time.

When I tried later to explain my experiences to some adults, it was suggested that I was being abducted by aliens. Sadly, these particular abductors were all too human, and exceedingly wicked.

Overtime, especially as a result of going through periodic life crises, thoughts would return to those visits to St. E’s, and what may be memories began to surface. I believe I was first programmed and experimented upon as a little girl there. In conjunction with other events that unfolded in my life of a related-nature, I see the beginning of my life as a signaled and sent (remote-controlled) enhanced human radio rooted in events at St. E’s in the early-mid 1960s. 


[Note: I add the word “enhanced” to my self-descriptor (“enhanced human radio”) as I conclude all human beings are radios / satellites / transceivers to some degree. Info in (learning/stored knowledge); Info out (call upon previous stored knowledge for application to task or respond to matter at hand). Nikola Tesla was well aware of human transceivers; humans as programmable and controllable radios.]

While much public information to the contrary, I believe that one of the doctors operating out of St. E’s, when I perceived I was being abducted, was Josef Mengele, the Nazi “Angel of Death”. I cannot prove this. I was a child. But had many inner promptings to research this as I got older. I later found sufficient information to conclude he was there, and that my memories may be well-founded. For myself, I am satisfied that my memories contain enough truths, even if I am unable to verify all of them.

Some of my observations may be from exiting my body during procedures and observing activities while floating around out of my body. (Never intentionally sought by me, spontaneous exits from my body happen. I learned that it is possible, while out of the body, to travel and witness events. And, as a woman of God-ward faith, you can imagine the theological hurdles I had to jump to contextualize these experiences, and the information gathered thereby.)

At the least, my brain was being mapped for enhanced signal processing for a life-time of remote control and psychic manipulation. I also believe that there may have been some type of genetic (DNA) insertions for data transfer and/or deep hypnotic type programming. Purpose? Signal control of undetectable and expendable couriers, slaves and spies.

[Expendable can mean disappearing a person, i.e. via death, wrongful incarceration, institutionalization or discrediting. More often it means one-off use, i.e. courier has no idea they were used and are either never used again or not in the same context, so no one suspects, can’t be connected/traced back to source or receiver of information–used and expended. For myself, I remain surprised that I was used as much as I was. Grateful to God to have been rescued, survived and overcome.]

It is my own belief that the evil, eccentric and egomaniacal aspects of those doing these horrid body and mind violations would prompt some of them to be inserting their own DNA into children as a way of keeping their information alive as well as somehow energetically syncing us to others of similar electromagnetic signatures.

Why me? Well not just me, but others of my family lines too, which I’ve deduced from conducting decades of family history investigations. It has to do with genetic predisposition coupled with genetic enhancements for which the baseline genetic inheritance makes one a better candidate than some others. That is my current understanding. Since I share genetic inheritance with some historically prominent family lines. I remain curious about others’ experiences in this regard.


Mengele and most of his cronies are well-known for their abominations, especially concerning children, during WWII. My own sense was that I wasn’t being harmed in those well-known ways. It seemed more of obedience training for control, while also having my intellect and capabilities enhanced, and somehow being enabled to cross boundaries of time and space.

Moreover, while I can detail hundreds of beyond probable events in my life that fit or are better understood (have higher explanatory power) by what I’m trying to express. Not all of my life experience has been bad or dark. In fact, I can cite many positive, life-affirming achievements and experiences too, but these are of the type one puts on a socially acceptable curriculum vitae or resume.

[My purpose here is to speak about what I’ve felt muted about my whole life. If anyone is helped by this information, it’s worth any further harassment I may come to endure.]

To be continued . . .

Appendix: Infancy Narrative Recall of Latless Susan

I once had a dream about being a baby at hospital. It was so specific and extremely vivid that it felt more like a memory that had pushed its way forward. It occurred when I was about 41, having recently been extracted (rescued) from a very difficult situation of a highly sinister nature.

In it, I was lying on a metal table in a medical examination room. I could hear the sounds of water rushing as if out of a spigot being run in a deep metal sink behind me. The room around me was in a haze. I had the sense that there were several people in the room talking among themselves. But I was vividly aware of only one other person besides myself. This person was a beautiful blond woman, very tall, standing over me, smiling angelically. She could have been a medical professional, even my mother, but there was an otherworldly aspect to her.

I did not have the sense that the others were aware of her presence. But she was saying things to me as if I was a fully matured cognizant person; as if I would have the understanding of an aware adult even though presenting in an infant human shell.

I do not remember her exact words, if they were even spoken. It seemed as if she was speaking directly to my mind. She seems to have been there both to comfort me and to give me some type of instruction. I felt she was trying to assure me that the difficulty I was presently recovering from was not unanticipated, and that I would survive and thrive more fully afterwards because of having been through it. Then I awakened.



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