(Reader: R U Experienced) We’re Just Mice in a Cage


Reader Post | By R U Experienced

our “government” doesn’t work for us.

wash d.c. (district of columbia) is 10 sq. miles of NOT AMERICA. all of our “government” offices are based, work from there. they all operate separate and independently from “our” laws, which are maritime laws.

why do you think;

they’re all exempt from prosecution?

nothing is ever done about them and their actions?

non of them are ever arrested or even removed from their position (except the ones that go against or expose the corruption)?

they never do anything in “we the people”s’ favor?


because they all work for the financial trap/enslavement system that we’re in from the central bank.

let’s do a quick, shallow dive in review of who they are, and the trap we’re in.

we fought for, and won our independence from england. yay us!  but then they spun around and enslaved us financially with the act of 1871, which turned us into USA “INC”. turning every one of us into a commodity, collateral. to continually bleed us financially, like a leech, for generations now.

then, all of the most monetarily powerful people got on the titanic, except the rockafellers, which pulled out at the last minute. it sank, leaving just them to set up and control the financial system. coincidence?

they quickly set up the fed and irs (not any part of americas’ government or constitution), and started taxing everything. and it just kept getting worse.

fast fwd to today, where every time a dollar moves, it’s taxed.

keeping us in wars, fuels their money laundering machine, which keeps pumping our money into the central bank. a veritable “perpetual motion machine” if you will.


our “government” keeps all of this in motion, and strict enforcement, with ever evolving self made “laws”, self growth, self empowering, continual implantation of “enforcers” (through the guise of “voting”), so that we have nothing to say or do about it.

ya ya, we voted them in with the promise of “I’m going to FIX everything”! but did WE… really?

right wing, left wing, both attached to the same bird. they all have the same employer. all they really do is TALK about fixing things, but nothing really ever gets DONE.

why do think nothing is being done about the vote fraud? 2020, nope! 2022, nope! just talk.

is trump really still the potus, and going to “save america”? still not seeing it.

i keep saying “BS = all talk and no action, and REALITY = what we’re actually witnessing/living through.”

they keep the distractions and conflicts going to stop everyone from gathering in mass to open the door of the cage we’re in. ya, we see the door. we just have the problem of getting the necessary help/manpower, through repression, censorship, and conflict to open it. our only hope is the military. but there’s not much help from them either. remember when when obama fired some 250 generals and high ranking from the military? because they saw the door! now there’s too many that are waking up, and see the door, so they’re now down to wiping us out.

so, here we are. i hope this quick splash of cold water helps people to see the puzzle pieces and put them together for the big picture.


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