Is Japan’s Dragon’s Triangle an Underwater Alien Base?



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Submitted on February 13, 2023

Is the Dragon’s Triangle an Underwater Alien Base?

[The Dragon’s Triangle]

The Triangle Is Conveniently Located In the “Devil’s Sea”

Contrary to what you know, the Bermuda Triangle isn’t the only location that’s been deemed as “dangerous” by both sailors and pilots. Even though the Bermuda Triangle is the most popular of such notorious triangles, there are other relatively less known triangles in the world. Two of these are Alaska and the Nevada Triangles that present similar mysteries to the human race. Interestingly, all of these regions can be mapped as a triangle.

Even though this claim has not been proven scientifically, many people claim that the Bermuda Triangle and Dragon’s Triangle are geographically connected. In fact, it is said that if one travels from the middle point of the Bermuda Triangle straight in the opposite direction, it would lead them to the middle of the Dragon’s Triangle, and vice versa.

The Dragon’s Triangle is a stretch of the sea just off the coast of Japan that has collected a myriad of stories, myths, and seemingly many legends throughout the years. Given the area’s turbulent history when it comes to disappearances and strange phenomena, it can often be challenging to separate the myth from the fact. Amidst various studies done up until the 1950s, scientists gathered plenty of information, but have no definitive reason for why this area, in particular, sees so much action.




Along with dragons, alien life has also been blamed for the unaccountable activities in the Dragon’s Triangle. In fact, there are a whole lot of conspiracy theories that seek to explain the existence of alien life in this region that leads to ships disappearing into thin air. There’s proof associated with UFO sighting by Google Maps.

This area experiences a lot of weather and tectonic phenomena. Chinese legends dating back to 1000 B.C. claim a giant dragon inhabits that part of the world.

“Kublai Khan” never saw it coming, but two storms in 1281 supposedly protected Japan from being conquered by Mongol hordes.

The Japanese legend says that kamikaze, or “divine winds” called upon by the emperor of Japan, sank a fleet of 900 Mongol ships carrying 40,000 soldiers. The fleet left from mainland China, and it was supposed to meet a southern fleet of 100,000 troops to overwhelm Japanese defenders.

Kublai Khan’s typhoon likely came from Philippine Sea; the loss of the Khan’s fleet remains a Japanese legend to this day. Had Khan succeeded, Japan might be a very different place today.

Instead, Kublai Khan’s forces fought to a stalemate after 50 days, and the Japanese repelled the invaders when Khan’s forces retreated and many soldiers deserted.

In 1944, a Japanese pilot had a weird experience in the midst of heavy combat against U.S. forces. The 1950s were a decade when many Japanese military vessels went missing in the Dragon’s Triangle. Even an official search operation could not find a trace of these vessels which was a huge question mark on the ability of the government to protect its military assets.




Toshiaki Lang claims that he caught sight of a huge sea monster as he traversed the Devil’s Sea during an aerial battle. He said the serpent-like monster swam through the waters quickly and held its head aloft. The serpent had two huge triangular wings that helped it navigate through the churning waters. The creature was, supposedly about 150 feet long.

in 1952, the Japanese sent a vessel into the Dragon’s Triangle to investigate disappearances of ships near the Bonin Islands, also known as the Ogasawara Islands. They form the southeastern tip of the triangle.

The ship, Kaiyo-Maru No. 5, with a crew of 31, was dispatched by Japan’s Hydrographic Office to check on the area surrounding the Bonin Islands. It sank on Sept. 24, 1952 with all hands lost.

At first, scientists offered no explanation as to why the ship suddenly vanished. The legend of the Devil’s Sea continued to gain prominence.

700 people lost their lives in the Devil’s Sea between 1952 and 1954.

The biologist Ivan Sanderson attempted to explain the unusual activity of Dragon’s Triangle with reference to higher than usual electromagnetic activity in the region. In fact, Dragon’s Triangle is one of 12 such sites marked as ‘vile vortex’ by the famous scientist.

The Dragon’s Triangle got its name and that’s due to the Chinese origin of the stories that go with it. In 1000 BC and the years following, ancient people believed that dragons and sea serpents were very real. These local legends eventually evolved into an explanation for the “fire” they witness coming out of the ocean, which was more likely a sub sea volcano in the process of erupting.

The Mariana Trench is the deepest point in the earth and lies close to the Devil’s Triangle.

Among other strange facts about the Dragon’s Triangle, geographers have attempted to explain the mystery of Devil’s Triangle through the Mariana Trench and the undersea environment created by it. Hence, it is possible that methane discharge and tectonic activity in this region might be the cause of the Devil’s Triangle being such a death trap for ships.

Electromagnetic Pull Is Stronger In Areas Such As These:




Over 700 people have lost their lives or gone missing because of the Dragon’s Triangle and it seems that we’re much closer to solving this mystery than we were decades ago. This area, along with the other 11 vortices found around the world, has been noted as having a much stronger pull than the rest of the world’s oceans. This is due to the electromagnetic currents but is also attributed to the fact that this area is a volcanic hot spot. The combination of fierce currents and volcanic activity causing seismic reactions, including earthquakes, make it a nightmare for seafarers.

Is the Dragon’s Triangle a Now-Defunct Underwater Alien Base?

UFO’s, USO’s, Aliens, and Aquatic-Extraterrestrial Life?

It Has Been Suggested; that there are under sea bases hidden by the Ocean’s extreme depths.

Among the different sights and sounds that are reported in this region are reports of unidentifiable lights and noises, especially during the night. Such reports date back to the Ancient Chinese period when Chinese vessels plied these waters to conduct trade.

People have reported ghost ships in these waters as well as strange lights above the water surface. Many a time, the ships crossing this region have had their equipment malfunction all of a sudden without any rational cause.

Closely related to the sea-dragon myth is the theory of unexplained submerged objects or USOs which might be what the early witnesses mistook as dragons under the sea. There is some “documentary evidence such as photographs support” the view that objects resembling UFOs were spotted in the waters of the Dragon’s Triangle.

Conspiracy theories will always be around to explain things that science can’t immediately explain. Although we have legitimate and well-researched reasons for the phenomena that occur in the Devil’s Sea, there are those who will always believe there’s something more to it. Extraterrestrial life is yet another explanation that people turn to in order to explain mysterious disappearances and missing ships. Some believe this is alien life staking its claim or that this area, in particular, functions as some sort of hidden grounds for inter-dimensional life.

The Mariana Trench is the deepest point in the earth and lies close to the Devil’s Triangle.

There have been claims that the inexplicable loss of time might be proof of the presence of a “Portal to a different dimension”. In fact, people have frequently entertained the possibility of a [black hole] existing beneath the Dragon’s Triangle.




Even though a large number of ships have gone missing in this region, those that have managed to return safely have reported the navigational equipment going awry. In fact, while passing through the Dragon’s Triangle, the compass and radio of the ship failed to perform their normal function. This has largely been attributed to the effect of electromagnetic waves in this part of the Pacific Ocean.

Some Believe That the Dragon’s Triangle Is Home To the Lost City Of Atlantis

The story of Atlantis will always be somewhat of a novelty to the world since there has been no proof, even to this day, that it exists anywhere. While many have their own theories, some believe that the enormous underwater world is actually hidden beneath the Dragon’s Triangle. Due to the fact that it’s too dangerous to conduct any significant underwater research here, this theory will likely never be proven right or wrong. However, some believe that this is even more reason for why the lost city must be hidden in this location.

New Islands Appear and Disappear All the Time

Due to volcanic activity with the triangle being in such close proximity to Iwo Jima, this causes tectonic plate movements. Everything on the sea floor is intertwined, which explains why islands appear and consistently disappear. This has nothing to do with folklore or legend as many people believe; as one plate shifts, land can either be moved up or down, causing some sea floor to rise in elevation or simply “disappear”. The triangle being so close in proximity to the Mariana Trench explains this quite well.

With all of the stories the Dragon’s Triangle has collected over the years, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s located in the appropriately named “Devil’s Sea”. This area is no stranger to horrific storms and unexplained weather, as well as natural water phenomena that seemingly come out of nowhere. Things such as rogue waves and even maelstroms — naturally-occurring whirlpools — have been reported by sailors. These would explain why so many have set out in good weather and suddenly disappeared without a trace.

After the decade of lost ships, the disappearance of the Kaio Maru No. 5 crew was the last straw for Japan. They decided that no more lives would be lost in an effort to investigate this unexplained string of events, and deemed the area completely unsafe. They also said it was too dangerous for transport as well as sailing, and efficiently ended all of their efforts to explore the area. Any investigations that were still open were immediately closed, their work halted to prevent any other ships from falling to the same fate.

Its Rough Waters Have Earned It the Term “Vile Vortex”

This is not the only vile vortex in the world. There are, in fact, 12 in total that were given these titles by a Scottish biologist named Ivan T. Sanderson. He noted that these vortices happened to fall in areas with electromagnetic anomalies were much higher and happened in much more frequent rates than the rest of the world. He was also able to draw a pattern between these sites, connected them with somewhat of a diamond grid. Each of these locations has an influx of mixed water temperatures that cause their electromagnetic phenomena.

Notable Maritime Events Date All the Way Back To 1274 AD




Japan was to be invaded several times during the 1200s and two of those attempts, by Kublai Khan and Genghis Khan, were foiled via none other than the Dragon’s Triangle. Due to awful conditions, the sea claimed the lives of 40,000 crew members. They also lost their ships in the process and both were due to seemingly unnatural typhoons in the area. Any further attempts were halted after the realization that these seas were, in fact, merciless to those who traveled them.

Two Decades of Silence

After the loss of the Kaio Maru in 1952, almost no research or investigation was carried out for nearly two decades. This has created a dearth of scientific data on which today’s researchers could have carried out more detailed studies and investigations about this region. This has been a huge loss for researchers and has resulted in the perpetuation of more irrational ideas and myths about this region.

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