Nazi’s, Devils Triangle, Lost flights, and the Cabal Deception


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Submitted on February 8, 2023

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Nazi’s, Devils Triangle, Lost flights and the Cabal Deception.

When you think of the Bermuda Triangle, images of ghostly ships, lost planes, and whole swaths of people vanishing into thin air are probably the first thoughts that fill your head. After all, this 500,000-square-mile section of the western North Atlantic Ocean between the coasts of Florida, Bermuda, and the Greater Antilles, also sometimes called the “Devil’s Triangle,” is thought to be plagued by dark and perhaps supernatural forces and that reputation didn’t just arise out of nowhere

The Bermuda Triangle has a long history of travelers mysteriously going missing once they pass into that section of the ocean, with more than 70 airplanes and ships that are believed to have disappeared inside the triangle since the mid-19th century, so it is no wonder why it has attracted a reputation as a rather haunted place. One of the most infamous disappearances to have ever occurred in the Bermuda Triangle is the still-unexplained disappearance of Flight 19, which mysteriously vanished on December 5, 1945.

The Truth about Missing Flight 19


The disappearance of flight 19over the Bermuda Triangle is finally solved!
U.S. Navy Pilot: George H. Bush was really a foreign born Nazi Spy: George H. Scherff Jr!

It wasn’t strange phenomena from the Bermuda Triangle, Aliens, bad weather or pilot error
that caused Flight 19 to vanish without a trace. It was sabotage by the Nazi Spy:
George H.W. Bush & the U.S. Navy covered it up!

George H.W. Bush Was a Sabotaging Nazi Traitor. He Wasn’t Born in America Yet The Fascist,
Corrupt Secret Service, F.B.I. and the [Cabal Created] C.I.A. Illegally Allowed the Foreign Born Nazi Bush
to Become a U.S. President!

Treason, Traitor’s and Sabotage

In 1991, a group of treasure hunters seemed to have finally solved the puzzle when they stumbled upon the watery graves of five World War II-era Avengers near Fort Lauderdale [with magnets planted near their directional radio compasses].

These were the lost flight of Grumman Avengers, the Navy cover up came from the top corrupt Nazi collaborator’s.

George Bush was found before the ill fated flight milling around the Grumman Avengers, and questioned by a security guard.


The Nazi traitor “Sabotaged the Plane by placing strong magnets hiding them under engine cowling, thus sealing the fate of lost patrol.  

Most of the Grumman Avengers from that base: encountered various problems, navigation, Mechanical, unplugged connectors, Wiring insulation cut and the bare wires shorted causing unexplained fires.

He also planted a bomb on one of the rescue PBY’s flying boats; that mysteriously disappeared without a trace 20 minutes into the search.

This Sabotage was a Navy cover up from the highest corrupt brass, George Bush, and the Cabal Military industrial Complex.

Recently according to the white hats and before his Rommel death; during interrogation he admitted in part sabotaging the Avengers to destroy pilot and crew confidence and morale; on this platform.   

From beginning to end; his life time of Treachery was legendary~!  [The “Q” factor]

[Erwin Rommel, a German Field Marshal during World War II committed suicide by taking cyanide after being implicated in a plot to assassinate Adolf, Hitler.]

Nazi Spy; George H. Scherff Jr. aka: George H. Bush was the son of Nazi Spy: George H. Scherff Sr.,
He was an illegal immigrant born Austrian who worked for Dr. Nikola Tesla as his accountant!

A massive search was immediately launched but nothing was located. No bodies, no aircraft – at least that’s what the official story states. There have been several independent investigations that have attempted to locate this missing flight but all efforts eventually reach a wall of silence. 

One such “wall of silence” was encountered by a lawyer out of Florida by the name of Graham Stikelether in 1963. While hunting in a Florida swamp, Stikelether discovered wreckage matching the aircraft from Flight 19. Not only did Stikelether find the wreckage, but the deceased crew of the aircraft was still on board. After reporting the wreckage to the authorities, Stikelether reached out to a contact of his at the Pentagon who instructed him to drop the case. 


With the government closing the door on this case in the manner they have, appears something is amiss and screams cover up. 

Flight 19

It began as nothing more than a routine training flight. At 2:10 p.m. on December 5, 1945, five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers took off from a Naval Air Station in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The planes—collectively known as “Flight 19”—were scheduled to tackle a three-hour exercise known as “Navigation Problem Number One.” Their triangular flight plan called for them to head east from the Florida coast and conduct bombing runs at a place called Hens and Chickens Shoals. They would then turn north and proceed over Grand Bahama Island before changing course a third time and flying southwest back to base. Save for one plane that only carried two men, each of the Avengers was crewed by three Navy men or Marines, most of whom had logged around 300 hours in the air. The flight’s leader was Lieutenant Charles C. Taylor, an experienced pilot and veteran of several combat missions in World War II’s Pacific Theater.

At first, Flight 19’s hop proceeded just as smoothly as the previous 18 that day. Taylor and his pilots buzzed over Hens and Chickens Shoals around 2:30 p.m. and dropped their practice bombs without incident. But shortly after the patrol turned north for the second leg of its journey, something very strange happened. For reasons that are still unclear, Taylor became convinced that his Avenger’s compass was malfunctioning and that his planes had been flying in the wrong direction. The troubles only mounted after a front blew in and brought rain, gusting winds and heavy cloud cover. Flight 19 became hopelessly disoriented. “I don’t know where we are,” one of the pilots said over the radio. “We must have got lost after that last turn.”

Lieutenant Robert F. Cox, another Navy flight instructor who was flying near the Florida coast, was the first to overhear the patrol’s radio communications. He immediately informed the Air Station of the situation and then contacted the Avengers to ask if they needed assistance. “Both my compasses are out and I’m trying to find Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,” Taylor said, his voice sounding anxious. “I’m over land, but it’s broken. I’m sure I’m in the Keys, but I don’t know how far down.”

Taylor’s claim didn’t seem to make sense. He’d made his scheduled pass over Hens and Chicken Shoals in the Bahamas less than an hour earlier, but he now believed his planes had somehow drifted hundreds of miles off course and ended up in the Florida Keys. The 27-year-old had just transferred to Fort Lauderdale from Miami, and many have since speculated that he may have confused some of the islands of the Bahamas for the Keys. Under normal circumstances, pilots lost in the Atlantic were supposed to point their planes toward the setting sun and fly west toward the mainland, but Taylor had become convinced that he might be over the Gulf of Mexico. Hoping to locate the Florida peninsula, he made a fateful decision to steer Flight 19 northeast—a course that would only take them even farther out to sea. Some of his pilots seemed to have recognized that he was making a mistake. “Dammit,” one man griped over the radio. “If we would just fly west, we would get home.”

Taylor was eventually persuaded to turn around and head west, but shortly after 6 p.m., he seems to have cancelled the order and once again changed direction. “We didn’t go far enough east,” he said, still worried that he might be in the Gulf. “We may as well just turn around and go east again.” His pilots probably argued against the decision—some investigators even believe that one plane broke off and flew in a different direction—but most followed their commander’s lead. Flight 19’s radio transmissions soon became increasingly faint as it meandered out to sea. When fuel began to run low, Taylor was heard prepping his men for a potential crash landing in the ocean. “All planes close up tight,” he said. “We’ll have to ditch unless landfall…when the first plane drops below ten gallons, we all go down together.” A few minutes later, the Avengers’ last radio communications were replaced by an eerie buzz of static.

The Navy immediately scrambled search planes to hunt for the missing patrol. Around 7:30 p.m., a pair of PBM Mariner flying boats took off from an air station north of Ft. Lauderdale. Just 20 minutes later, however, one of them seemed to follow Flight 19’s lead by suddenly vanishing off radar. The remains of the Mariner and its 13 crewmen were never recovered, but it’s commonly believed that the seaplane exploded shortly after takeoff. Flying boats were notoriously accident-prone, and were even nicknamed “flying gas tanks” for their propensity for catching fire. Suspicions that the seaplane may have gone up in flames were all but confirmed by a passing merchant ship, which spotted a fireball and found evidence of an oil slick in the ocean.

At first light the next day, the Navy dispatched more than 300 boats and aircraft to look for Flight 19 and the missing Mariner. The search party spent five days combing through more than 300,000 square miles of territory, to no avail. “They just vanished,” Navy Lieutenant David White later recalled. “We had hundreds of planes out looking, and we searched over land and water for days, and nobody ever found the bodies or any debris.” A Navy board of investigation was also left scratching its head. While it argued that Taylor might have confused the Bahamas for the Florida Keys after his compasses malfunctioned, it could find no clear explanation for why Flight 19 had become so disoriented. Its members eventually attributed the loss to “causes or reasons unknown.”

The aftermath!


Even if the “Lost Patrol” didn’t fall victim to the supernatural, there’s no denying that its disappearance was accompanied by many oddities and unanswered questions. Perhaps the strangest of all concerns Lieutenant Taylor. Witnesses later claimed that he arrived to Flight 19’s pre-exercise briefing several minutes late and requested to be excused from leading the mission. “I just don’t want to take this one out,” he supposedly said. Just why Taylor tried to get out of flying remains a mystery, but it has led many to suggest that he may have not been fit for duty. Also unexplained is why none of the members of Flight 19 made use of the rescue radio frequency or their planes’ ZBX receivers, which could have helped lead them toward Navy radio towers on land. The pilots were told to switch the devices on, but they either didn’t hear the message or didn’t acknowledge it.

What really happened to Flight 19? The most likely scenario is that the planes eventually ran out of gas and ditched in the ocean somewhere off the coast of Florida, leaving any survivors at the mercy of rough seas and deep water. In 1991, a group of treasure hunters seemed to have finally solved the puzzle when they stumbled upon the watery graves of five World War II-era Avengers near Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, it was later found that the hulks belonged to a different group of Navy planes whose serial numbers didn’t match those of the fabled “Lost Patrol.” Many believe the wrecks of Flight 19 and its doomed rescue plane may still lurk somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, but while the search continues to this day,


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