(Reader: EJ Poorterman) Response to Thinker2 “Can you Handle the Truth?”


Reader Post | By EJ Poorterman

Dear Editor/Thinker2,

Ha! Clearly American nonsense again. Can I see because Enki is slandered…and that’s the good one (for mankind). Also Apollo is bashed and Apollo is Ra and Marduk and Ares and Mars. Eldest son of Enki/Ptah…so then you know to turn the claims 180 degrees. They turn everything around and lie and cheat…

The Taurus cult is ancient and Tao also refers to it. The letter T is the head of a bull T and Tao in my original language Kwando becomes TA.U.> with the meaning: ‘to hoist-deep well’, or to rise from the deep well. That refers to its journey around the SUN because we are talking about the second star of our system: RA. The brown-red dwarf star with its four planets.

In the time of Mu, Tau is worshiped. That’s the Taurus… the Taurus RA. Tao and Tau refer to Taurus and Torro… and that last word again refers to Tor and that is loosely translated opening and gate and door… because the second star RA opens and is the ‘opener’. He is the gateway, the door or entrance to other dimensions and other solar systems. Tao = TA.U.> and that… looks like this in reverse: U.AT .<, meaning: ‘deep well-old/father’, or the old Father rises from the deep well and once arrived in our solar system, after a journey of 3600 years , it rises in the asteroid belt, between the planets Jupiter (Iopiter in Latin, meaning: ‘father of Io’) and Mars. There is his passage.

Another ancient Vader is Enki. The creator and Father of man. How can that be bad?! That can only be done in the eyes of the ‘opposing forces’ (Enlil and his clan below ground and the Khazars/Tartars above ground). We also know Enki as Ea, as Ptah, as Zeus, as Wodan and Odin and as Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) and he became after his death… born as Jesus. Enki was the Father and Jesus his Son. Father and Son are one and the same soul and soul power! Those are two different lives. During his life Enki was the other gods mentioned, because they were given other names in other cultures and with other peoples, they were and remained the same deities! Often those names were… a reference to their action, their task and/or event. For example, the Egyptian deity Ptah (Enki, who was also Ea) fled to Greece and built a house in the dead volcano Olympus. The name Zeus refers to that: ZE.US .> with the meaning: ‘secure-house’, or a ‘secured house’… whether it was safe enough to live in.

In the reversal we then see SU.E.ZET.< with the meaning: ‘move far away/south-body/house’, or in this case ‘put deep house’, or build a safe house in the volcano. So Jesus was NOT Zeus and Apollo was indeed Ra, the eldest son of Ptah. Apollo and Ra are the same as Marduk and Ares and Mars, eldest sons of Enki, Zeus and Iopiter… with the Romans and Thor with the Teutons as the eldest son of Wodan. Apollo is then the same figure as Ra. That’s right. Whether they are the anti-Christ I doubt, unless they distance themselves from Christianity as part of the Holy Roman Church, the diabolical and Satanic church that was founded in Rome. As good gods to mankind, I expect them… against the forces that serve Evil, that want to destroy creation, that want to see everything good, beautiful, soft and sweet destroyed. I had to deal with it last night: opposing forces that wanted to disrupt the harmony between me and my cat Maus. We celebrated the fact that she has now lived with me for five years… and we sat together…

as so often and then the disturbing of the harmony began. TV cut out four times. Just when it was exciting or interesting and just when Maus fell asleep peacefully… and that has happened before (happens way too often – presumably ‘anti-powers’ but then I curse the whole place and I damn the black forces…), but… this time I immediately felt what it was all about. Disturbing peaceful harmonious coexistence. I thanked them and asked the Infinitely Loving, the Infinitely Creative Power, represented in All, in All The All, In All That IS’… light, love, strength and energy for the genes that wanted to draw me into the dark.. … to reward them with lots of light.


Free from the Cosmos. All for free… just because it can and there is plenty of it… so I asked to shower them with the golden power of light, viscous and fluid like honey, nourishing and fulfilling and more than they needed, for I wanted not that they would run out or be short… and then it was quiet. But then Maus was… already gone upstairs to sleep. I could tell from her words that she understood. She herself has experienced it several times that ‘demonic’ forces make her pee in the house against my books. Back to the story and my reaction.

Jesus was a rebel and not the founder of a world religion. That’s right!

He just wanted to educate the people and tell them the right way… and how corrupt the people/world were and how the facts and history were twisted. Apollo was/is not a liar, Lucifer is not a murderer and both are one and the same and neither is the anti-Christ…because they are born as Jesus in a later life.

The is the well-known reversal: here good and pure forces, which do not shy away from the light, are portrayed as the ‘opposing forces’. I have dug into Zecharia Sitchin’s books quite a bit and even though he is a 33rd degree Freemason, what he writes about the second star RA (which he first calls Marduk and later Nibiru and sees as a planet…) I have … researched and much true. The main lines certainly and the details largely, except for a few things/issues that he had to keep unclear, because a Freemason should never tell the whole truth in one book or article. So he deliberately made mistakes. You should be able to see through that. His story about the AN.UN.NA.KI .> is correct. There are also claims that there are… yet another large star in our solar system. It is coming and it is a matter of years, months, weeks, days and hours. What the ancient Sumerians (Sumeru) told about the phenomena that occur is correct. Forty years before his arrival, the climate changed. That is the case. Shortly before his arrival, fierce winds, heavy rains and… floods and floods ravage the planet. That’s right… and then you know that HE, the Lord of Heavens, the Heavenly Father is very near… and then the ‘anunnaki’ get very restless… because they want to consolidate their power for after the passing of the second star RA. Their star system… and now the Khazars/Tartars also know that they… their plans, ordered by the bastard Enlil, can no longer roll out over the planet and humanity. They are pressed for time… and then what they do is put the clan of Enki in a bad light. But All EVIL comes from the clan of Enlil and from the hat of the Khazars. I am responding to a message that I believe is from an impure source. I couldn’t help it…

For the sake of completeness: the word/concept God comes from the Sumerian word GUD. And GUD means: ‘wild bull’. It is made up of the words GU. and UD.. GU. means ‘star’, ‘strong’ and ‘bull’… and UD. stands for ‘trotting out’ and ‘breaking loose’. So GUD means ‘wild bull that broke out’… and that’s its behavior as it passes the planets and the SUN.

His job becomes erratic. It goes wild in its orbit… and the smaller planets like Mars, Gaia/Terra and Venus will experience its passing firsthand. This second star, say the second SUN, is the bee-Sun, the bi-Son and so the American Nativs called their large prairie cattle Bison (Bison versus Gud). Snappy!

Kind Regards,
Evert-Jan Poorterman,
Netherlands, the land of Enki/Marduk.



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