(Reader: Empyyrean) Grammy’s Performance was Not Satanic


Reader Post | By Empyyrean

Hello readers,

How many of you are falling for the trap?

If you say Satanic this, Satanic that, Satan this, Satan that, then the evil ones still have you fooled.

The pure Christ Teachings explain clearly that Satan was a female, the female side of the soul atom Satanuk.

Satan died in Vancouver, Canada back in 1993, she was never evil.

The ritual you seen performed at the Grammy’s was not Satanic, it is was the practice of BAAL.

All the child eating, adrenochrome, sex slavery, human trafficking, transgender, homosexuality, etc, etc is all BAAL.


BAAL is not an entity, it is a practice.

BAAL came from the 500 Black masters of Alpha Draconis, so logic and the Pure Christ Teachings, show clearly that its Draconian not Satanic.

The Black Masters and their practice of BAAL is what caused Atlantis to fall, this is what corrupted the leadership class known as the Son’s and Daughter’s of the Solitude, plus the majority of the population of Atlantis was droned by the Dracos.

As long as the sheep and the so called awake keep saying Satan this, satanic that, then you are still ASLEEP.

The Draco/Grey empire still have you ALL fooled if you believe what you saw was Satanic.

The Draco/Grey empire are using Satan as a scapegoat, as long as you look here, they are safe over there.

It was a BAAL ritual you saw, Baphomet, Moloch, etc, etc they all practiced BAAL, not Satanic.


Satanic doesn’t actually exist, because Satan was never evil, but the hatred of mankind was placed on her as a distraction to the masses to keep the real ones behind the scenes pulling the strings of humanity safe.

Sure she took Lucifer’s manifesto to the worlds and it helped start the Luciferian rebellion (service to self) instead of Service to Creation.

But when she died in 1993, she took all who followed her back to inner creation and received abolition , which means forgiveness.

Essentially she and her followers were duped.

Stop protecting the Draco/Grey empire and their BAAL practice.

EVERYONE who says Satanic that, Satan this is an accomplice to the conspiracy against Satan and humanity.

Lucifer was not evil either, its all BAAL, Started with the Draco’s from Alpha Draconis, then the Greys hopped on that bandwagon.

There are very few Black masters left, this is essentially their last stand.

Wake up people, even the ones who think they are awake, are still in a coma.

The pure Christ teachings clearly explain this seen here:


It would be wise to study them as its your crash course guide book to actual ascension.

Are you going to ascend into the 5th Dimension without this knowledge…not a chance.

Ascension is not about dying and going to heaven. As explained in the pure Christ teachings ascension is about transfiguration of your Carbon 12(666) body and it turning into Carbon 7 so that your outer projection can be in the 5th and your ego is silent and under full control of your higher self.

Christ Micheal proved this when he transfigured at the temple mount when he was 33.

Wake up…. wake up…WAKE UP!!!!

The information presented in the pure Christ teachings is considered grade school information for the 5th dimensional, your higher self and up, they know this stuff already.


many blessings,

Will serving Creation



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