Steve Beckow: Do the Ends Justify the Means?


Do the Ends Justify the Means?

February 5, 2023

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

I’m not writing this in response to anyone. I’m writing it because I feel a need to be clear, myself.

Posting the Pfizer tapes has raised issues for me that I need to resolve. Hopefully that exploration will resonate with you.

“The ends don’t justify the means.” That is a tough standard to meet.

Clearly Project Veritas violated Pfizer executive Jordon Walker’s right to know he was being taped. Clearly too the exec would not have said what he did if he were advised. So his anger is understandable.

And I’m in the uncomfortable position of supporting the violation of an individual’s right to be informed that they’re being taped.


However, in the most general terms, I think that whether the ends justify the means or not depends on both ends and means. I don’t think one blanket assertion can be made. “It depends.”

If the lives of millions of people are at stake? If the difference between omnicide and omnicide averted were at issue? If the human race were threatened with depopulation?

I don’t have deep insight to say categorically whether the end here justifies the means. I’d look to the Mother to guide me on that one. I can only tell you that, given my own perception that the fate of the world hangs in the balance, I’d volunteer to do the taping.

Preventing omnicide is more important to me than violating the rights of an alleged key conspirator in that omnicide. Especially if so much of law enforcement and the judicial system doesn’t seem willing to do the job.


The global war that’s going on is largely hidden. The weapons used in it cover a wide range, most of which we have no idea of.  (Did you know we can melt rock? Regrow a supersoldier’s limbs?)

Most of its events are unknown. The ones that are publicized are disguised.  It’s the most serious war that humanity has ever fought.

It’s one we don’t want to lose. It’s one that a lot of children in cages underground want us to win as well.


I won’t do anything to weaken or get in the way of the white hats under arms.

So I do have a commitment and I do have a bias. If I were to deny it, I’d be creating knots of tension that go along with pretense.  My usefulness as an awareness writer would go down and down.


May I continue? This issue runs deep; it seems to be basic to something important, which I haven’t identified yet. Some deep vasana.

I was cautioned some time ago that all is not as it seems. I confirm that I heard the cautionary note. But I’m not going to change horses midstream.

Everything is a “go” to remove the people behind election fraud, wars, assassinations, child sex trafficking, weather warfare, chemtrails, food-plant destruction, etc. This is something that the white hats have been preparing for for decades.

They have momentum and success seems certain. Nothing else before has proven able to dislodge the Illuminati, including the Second World War. I won’t impede their efforts.

There’s a great deal of undercover work going on. If there weren’t, I’d want to know why not.

The cabal needs to be defeated and the white hats are the best option for doing that. The question of whether or not they have their own agenda I’ll deal with later.

When we’re on the other side of this struggle, our star family, waiting in the wings so to speak, will give us aid in bringing peace to Earth and maintaining it, expressing freedom rather than denying it.



Once the national emergencies are no longer in place and government has been reconvened, then let’s return to whatever civil rights needed to be violated so that the human race could continue.

One thing the cabal and the Alliance agree on is the desirability, for the moment, of keeping this war secret. As long as they do, everything about the war can be considered as being best done undercover, without prior warning. What war is not conducted that way?

Most things the cabal does are done undercover and violate the rights of others. John F. Kennedy, whose assassination the cabal engineered and which led to the formation of Q, reminded us of the danger we face:

“We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence.”

There will be no secure freedom on Earth until this monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means is removed.

While I’m here, may I chat with you about a second subject?

Spiritual blogs agonize over posting too much boots-on-the-ground news. Boots-on-the-ground blogs agonize over posting spiritual interpretations that will have them be seen as woo-woo.

This problem’s been bothering me for too long.  I need to put the matter to rest given what lies ahead.

When I worked in configuration management, we were tasked with maintaining and changing hardware, software, and document baselines for a national air traffic management system. Phew! Speak of complexity!


I’m used to complexity. This experience left me trained to think in terms of baselines and moving or changing ones at that. That’s serving me as the baseline of events in the world goes back and forth. I’m used to moving with that.

While I’m remaining aware of the moving baseline of events on the ground, I don’t post any but stories that have national, global, or urgent implications. However what’s happening on the ground does impact my commentary.

I’m five times more interested in the spiritual but there is that one time in six where I’m interested in a boots event that does have global implications. The Pfizer tapes is an example.

For the rest, I’ll be writing on the spiritual subjects I love and into which all this fits anyways. And which outlines where we’re going, cabal or no cabal.

This is my latest attempt to find the right mix! I do listen to you when you email in. And I suspect that, behind one who does write in, are ten who agree but did not write in.

Cautionary note to whom it may concern: All those who continue to practice evil will not be able to come with us. This is not religion. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s simply physics.


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