(Reader: TM) The Past, the Present, and the Future


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The Past The Present & The Future…

As The Same “Entities” That Keep Humanity In A Constant Weaponized State Of Duality…

One Can Only Speculate and Wonder , If One Chooses To Do So, On The Lunacy (An Artificial Satellite)
Of It All…

On The Similarities Of Obama/EU/NATO
(Globalist / Nazi / Zionists) In Placing Missiles In Poland And Lithuania In 2014 And The Soviet Cuban Missile Crisis In 1963…

Of The Introduction In Our Amerikan Products And Food Supply That Contain Nano Technology ( More Than 2000+ Products… An Increase Since Several Years Ago When I Was Informed Of It Being 1200+ )…

This Nano-Tech has The Ability To “Break The Blood Brain Barrier” … Which Allows This To Be Introduced Into Our Bloodstream ( Via Injection As Well As Consumption )…
Does This Contain Graphene Oxide And Will The Detonation Of This Graphene Oxide Within The Body and Brain Of Its Host Create … Controllable Zombies ?

On Another Note
On a topic far far away …


” …One hundred years ago there were only 16 American tax-exempt foundations. Today there are more than [16,000 ].

” The US Not4Profit Sector is the world’s [Seventh Largest Economy]. The foundations sat on over $500 Billion UnTaxed and Largely UnRegulated $$$.
Some of the biggest foundations give away more in a year than some nation’s GDP. The power of a few of these foundations rival that of our own federal government., As well as the power of countries like Russia , France and Great Britain.

” We were looking at the foundation world in general, but more specifically at a[ Disturbing Ideological Agenda ]shared by many of them.We Wanted to know how many of these large foundations, started by successful pro-business Americans, had [Turned So Anti-Business and in Some Cases Turned So Downright Anti-American].

Why Were Environmental Organizations Lobbying Washington On Issues That Had Nothing To Do With The Environment?
Why Were Labor Organizations Lobbying On Issues That Had Nothing To Do With Workers ?
Why Were Foundations Funding Pro-Socialist and Pro-Communist Textbooks and Lessons In Schools.?
Why Were Others Supporting The Eugenics Movement and Works Of Joseph Mengele from Auschwitz , masquerading under the Banner of Human Genetics ?
… Follow the money … and the further Down The Rabbit Hole We Went.

What We Discovered Was That Beginning in the 1940’s ,Radical Elements inside the US had recognized that there were these huge piles of money just sitting inside Multiple Large Foundations and Endowments all across the country. ( ie: Access Was Granted IMO to Both Extremes… Ex: Fauci was at the helm of CDC when HIV ( Targeting Homosexuals ??? Africans??? )was Created As Well As All Weaponized Viruses… Corona

These Big [ Government Collectivists, Globalists, Socialists and Communists ]
( ie: Slice off a piece of the Nazi Pie ) realized that if you can get into positions of Power, say on the Board Of Directors… They could steer the money any way they wanted.(ie: Positioning )

… Not only to buy Influence ( ie: also Blackmail )But To Develope and Push Entire Agendas] (ie: BLM CRT )
It was like having a tray of Financial Syringes.Any cause that met their radical agendas Received Huge Injections of Cash. ( ie: FAANG Influenzer Virus)
Any Causes Running Counter To Their Agenda Received Huge Injections Of Poison ( Mockingbird MSM )and found themselves beset by opposition groups with bottomless wells of support.
They Used Their Money To Cozy Up To Politicians,Influence Public Policy and Elect Their Own Candidates…. (ie: All Unions… Communist Created Mafia Enforced Khaza Financiers on top of pyramid ).
…When the Boards Have All Been Stacked With Members Who See The World Through The Same Prism…
… An Intricate Plan To Completely Collapse The USA.( Western Nations and White Washed Past of Stolen Timelines )


Not My Words But With My Opinions in parenthesis.
The above referenced was an excerpt from a “Fictional Conspiracy Novel”
” Full Black “
Who’s Author Brad Thor worked in the US Counter Intelligence Service. Published in 2011

Is Time Being Fast Forwarded??
Time Compression ?
Is The Pandemic Over ? Wait ,Biden Says May 11th … Why Wait Till Then ???
It’s In The Script
Sit Back, Creator’s Got This And Know That This Freak Show Has An Exit Strategy … Relax


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