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Source: Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 2, 2023


I was invited to a business meeting at an art gallery in Moscow in 2019 and after it was over there was a concert going on at their auditorium where they asked me if I wanted to listen to the famous pianist which I did. After the performance was over a piece was played in my honor as an act of friendship between American and Russian people and then I was asked to say a few words.

I had just passed the Pushkin statue that day in Moscow so I chose that as a topic. The statue was unveiled at a dedication by the famous Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky.  He focused his dedication on the eight chapter novel in sonnets by Pushkin entitled Eugene Onegin. Here Dostoyevsky relates the story about the trip from Saint Petersburg to the estate of the uncle of Eugene who is dying and he is the heir.  His uncle dies but Eugene while he was there meets a fellow who becomes his best friend and a young aristocratic girl named Tatyana falls madly in love with him but seeing that she does not have the sophistication of Saint Petersburg he is not interested in her. But not only does Tatyana fall in love with him but her sister engaged to his best friend throws herself at him. He feels it his duty to warn his friend who is incensed at the charge and challenges him to a duel where he dies. Eugene is distraught and goes traveling around Europe for a few years trying to forget all of this.

Finally, he returns to Saint Petersburg and attends a reception where he sees a very sophisticated young beauty, and asks his friends about her, and she turns out to be married to an old general forty years older than she who shows a great deal of wear and tear. He asks to be introduced and is shocked that she is Tatyana.  He now falls madly in love with her and asks for a private meeting. Here he asks her to run off with him but she refuses saying I love you madly but my honor is more important than anything else and my vows to God in marriage.  I cannot run off with you and I cannot see you again. You must go. Eugene is crushed and leaves.

Dostoyevsky then says that Tatyana represents the soul of the Russian people and that the novel should have been named after her rather than Eugene.  I have come to Russia to honor that soul.

What happened was nothing short of amazing. The entire audience rises shouting Hurrah! Hurrah! And the elderly women to the youngest girl were crying. The old ladies said you have the soul of a Russian. And from that time forth, and I was in Moscow six months, those who attended if they saw me in Moscow came up to talk to me.


I was later invited to the Moscow Peace Conference at the Duma on July 2, 2019 where the introductory speech was made by Vladimir V. Zhirinovsky, The Member of the State Council, and the LPDR Leader, and I was selected as the first speaker to address the assembly after him and about 29 followed. I left after my talk which is in the next link where I predicted the Ukrainian War and offered a peaceful solution to avoid that war which was for Russia to break relations with Germany and the EU which was preparing for war against Russia, and redirect all their natural resources and trade to China. In order to facilitate this transfer I brought 700 billion dollars which is referred to in the second link. This solution is not taking place in the time of war.

Genoil Discussions With Top Putin Aid For $700 Billion Infrastructure Investment

We understand that the Russian monetary expert Sergei Glaziev is working on a gold based currency for all other nations excluding the US and Europe, and such a gold base will follow the Gresham Law that good money drives out the bad money which is presently the fiat base of the international monetary system which uses the fiat dollar for 88% of one side of each transaction in all world trade.

In the absence of effectively enforced legal tender laws, Gresham’s law tends to operate in reverse; good money drives bad money out of circulation because people can decline to accept the less valuable money as a means of payment in transactions.

As to the fiat dollar of the US Voltaire has these comments:

Voltaire is a known 18th century French philosopher, from a time when France produced some legendary names in arts, literature and philosophy. It is said that Voltaire hypothesised paper currency’s value eventually will always return to its intrinsic value, that is, zero. In other words, he saw paper currency as worthless.

It is interesting that when the North Vietnamese forces surrounded Saigon the dong (Saigon currency) went to zero but gold maintained its international value.  Karl Marx wrote that the fiat money essentially was a modern form of transubstantiation and that the jealous God of money ruled the world though in its substance it was valueless or intrinsically worthless.


This peace plan was rejected by Vladimir Putin so now we have war.

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