(Reader: KS Patriot) Response to TruthIsUnbreakable “Can’t Wake up the Conformists”


Reader Post | By KS Patriot

Good read and many pertinent points to contemplate….thank you!

It really comes down to 3 things….1. question EVERYTHING and EVERYONE   2.Free Choice and 3. Faith

The evil and corruption was deep and pervasive. Infiltrated into EVERY aspect of our lives. A massive undertaking to try to clean up and reverse to the good.

The cognitive dissonance in the population helps the behind the scenes battles and skirmishes as those people are OBLIVIOUS to what is going on, yet it also horribly prolongs this war and the associated suffering, pain, loss and death. 

I think the populations fall into a few categories. 

1. The awake (and even here we have people that are open and listening, yet still afraid and still not doing stable reasoning.)

2. The pseudo awake. They voted for Trump, are patriots, but will not accept anything without stated facts and still believe that Biden is real and this will just swing back to better government like it always does. Politicians will be Politicians, yes, they are corrupt, but they always have been and there is no way they are Satanists that [redacted], [redacted] and [redacted] the [redacted] of young children. 


3. The total oblivious. The “I don’t pay attention to politics”, don’t watch any informational tv, go about their daily lives like an automation. A lot voted for Trump if they could be bothered to go to the polls, but many more said “why bother” and 

4. the rabid, mentally unstable, stupid, programmed freaks, that scream and throw tantrums and refuse any truth but their psychotic mantras.

I know people in all 4 groups. 

Group 1, the revolutionaries, will hold the line, believe and follow certain truthers, are informed and have a handle on what they think is going on. They believe there is a war, it is good versus evil, and are ready to fight or provide whatever is needed.

Group 2. all these would wake up fully under a mass info flood, like an EBS. They need it written in stone and shoved in their faces.

Group 3. This group must have an EBS and all regular life activities to STOP to get their attention. 

Group 4 is hopeless, need put down if they riot or cause trouble, and hopefully most of them took the “vax” and will be eliminated as there is no bringing them back to a sane and worthwhile contribution to society


I think we all have to learn to be patient. The Deep State was embedded DEEP. If they need the time to root them out and catch these POS traitors and money whores, then more power to them.

However, if we are waiting for Groups 2,3 or 4 to wake up, things need to fast forward. Look at other countries where millions and millions protest while Americans trudge along blindly in their daily lives. If these groups haven’t gotten a clue by now, they are not going to with another pandemic, with losing their money, or with a nuclear incident in some other part of the world. They will only have an epiphany when THEIR normal life STOPS and the TRUTH is shoved down their throats and even then Group 4 is still a lost cause. And I don’t mean some of the truth, I mean all of the TRUTH. If they can’t handle it mentally, then we will help them.

To continue to dribble this out via Twitter, even some changes in the MSM, or even with a nuclear or UFO incident will only confuse the issue more. It will even make it more apparent that no one knows what is real and what is not. What is true and what is disinformation. Who is a good guy, or a good guy playing a bad guy who is playing a good guy. Who’s dead and who’s alive, who’s fake and who’s real.The confusion just becomes worse not clearer (even for us Truthers)

Now people are throwing out that this will go on months from now, years from now, this and that happening. Everyone I know says they will not vote in 2024 since 2020 was not fixed and 2022 was just a more blatant repeat of 2020. These reptiles don’t even try to to hide it anymore…they put right in front of your face and laugh their way to power, prestige and riches. 

In conclusion….back to Group 1. We are the fighters. We are the nonconformists. We are the rational thinkers. We have sacrificed our friends and our families to try to warn and protect the other Groups only to take insults, ridicule and threats. We realize we aren’t going to convince any more others as long as things are as they stand now, but we stand ready to inform and help those who will need our steadfast and reasoning guidance. We must be patient to finish the job properly, but insist that prolonging it for the other groups to get on board just ain’t going to happen at this point.

We must keep our faith. Faith in God, but I was raised that God helps those that help themselves. You must contribute, as just sitting around waiting for God to save you isn’t going to cut it either.

and finally….have faith in Trump and the white hats. Trump has proven himself to be with us and for us over and over. As he did with the mafia to bring them down in Atlantic City, he had to play a part and infiltrate them, to learn their ways, their contacts and their corrupt avenues. IMO, this is why he was a Mason and used Illuminati symbols and played in Hollywood. He had to run with them and give off the “right vibes” to learn their secrets. It doesn’t mean he is corrupt or he molested children. Same thing with the vax stuff. He has ALWAYS said we had free choice (given to us by God) and he had to chose between a lessor of 2 evils (or maybe 4 or 5 evils..who knows) and he rushed it so that it could NOT be mandated and it would all be exposed much faster. Why he still praises it, I don’t know and can’t figure that one out. But here is where my faith in Trump comes in. In all things he hasn’t let us down except this. In all things, he has kept his promises. In all things he has been 5 steps ahead of even the best of us thinkers. In this one instance, I think I will cut him some slack, knowing he has proven to us, over and over, that in the future, we will see why he had to do what he has done.

Faith and knowledge. 

If people are informed, and not just guessing, confused or given up, they will HELP. Help bring in NESARA, medbeds, help set up the new technology, round up liars and traitors, help the sick and vaxed. But to help, they must be brought out of the dark. Like TruthisUnbreakable said, we want to HELP. to contribute, to help humanity and find and bring the bad to justice. That would unite us better and faster than anything else. 

Yes, Power Corrupts. Could the White Hats be misusing the power they now have…yes, they could. Could they be making the wrong decisions…yes, they could. Hopefully in the future, we can weed the bad White Hats out also


But think, what was the alternative? Death, Devastation, Destruction, AI, life in internment camps, torture, illness, the list goes on and on. There is no middle ground, not any more. You can’t sit on the fence and see which way the wind is going to blow. People must choose and must be properly informed to be able to choose. There is no going back to how it used to be. It is going to be much better or much worse.

Knowledge is Power and War is Hell. These sayings exist for a reason

Faith in our fellow Patriots,

Faith in Trump and the White Hats and

Faith in God

That is what will get us through this.

KS Patriot


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