(Reader: Theodore Colon) The Great Archon Deception and the Three Ark’s of the Covenant


Reader Post | By Theodore Colon

Please use discernment to find a version that resonates to you.

This came a few years ago thru a channeling or a telepathic session; this knowledge came without asking.

“The Great Archon deception and the Three Ark’s of the Covenant”

Jewish and Christian tradition presents the Ark of the Covenant as the physical manifestation of God’s presence and supreme power. Ancient Israelites marched the Ark into battle and brought whole cities to their knees. The Ark was so sacred that touching it meant instant death. And once it was laid to rest in Solomon’s temples holiest chamber, only the high priest was allowed in its presence and only once a year. Then Babylon sacked Jerusalem in the 6th century BCE, and the Ark disappeared. In the thousands of years since, its fate has stymied readers of history. Perhaps most famously, it inspired film Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Finding the Ark’s real location involved an adventuring archaeologist and secretive Nazis, and the Vril but what do we know about the Ark’s final resting place? 

The Ark of the Covenant was a sacred artifact to the ancient Israelites and was said to contain the Ten Commandments. The Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler, believed that the Ark would give them power if they could find it and so they sent out archaeologists and soldiers to search for it.

We cannot consider the occult aspects of the Third Reich, without the Vril considering the religious and occult practices of the Jews.

Hitler, and many in the völkisch movement, considered the Jews to be the creation of a ‘lesser God’.


The Ark was ordered to be constructed by The ‘Demiurge’, masquerading as the Jewish “God” Yaweh, was said to have communicated with Moses.

Thereafter, the gold-plated acacia chest (externally it would have looked like an elaborate and very luxurious and costly Egyptian storage chest) was carried by the Levites some 2,000 cubits in advance of the people when on the march, or before the Israelite army, the ‘host’ of fighting men.

When the Ark was borne by Levites into the bed of the river Jordan, the waters were said to have parted as God had parted the waters of the Red Sea, opening a pathway for the entire ‘host’ to pass through (Josh. 3:15–16; 4:7–18).

This concept of a ‘lesser God‘ was derived from ancient mystery cults and the writings of the Gnostic Neo-Platonist philosophers.

The ‘lesser God’ was known as the ‘Demiurge’, a ruling Archon that had emanated from the ineffable ‘ONE’, before the creation of the material planes.

The Demiurge had subsequently set himself up on the ‘earth plane’ as the one, almighty ‘god’, and had, through the miscegenation of primitive humans with non human species had created ‘sub-races’, from which he demanded worship, (blood) and obedience.

To communicate with the ‘chosen race‘ from among these mongrel races, the Demiurge ordered the creation of a communication device, which was known to the ‘chosen people’ (the Jews) as the אָרוֹן הַבְּרִית‎‎ (the Ark of the Covenant).


This ‘Ark’ guided the ‘chosen people’, both physically and morally, and was held sacred by them until 70 AD – when it mysteriously disappeared.

The Ark alone cannot do what the Jewish scripture claim it can, – at least not according to conventional science.
‘High demiurgic technology’, however, can explain everything.

According the Pleiadian’s this Arc was found by the Nazi’s in a chamber deep under temple mount, and rendered inoperative by explosives while trying to open it, and was shipped to a secret warehouse in the USA; during the operation paper clip era, and is still their to this day [broken until someone can restore or fix it]. 

Arc of the covenant number two was found deep under the Sphinx, as per Egar Cayce, the sleeping profit during a channeling session still sealed and fully functional and hidden in “Saudi Arabia”.

Was given to Vladimir Putin and he transported it to Antarctica, where it sits today.

Arc of the covenant number three, is located off world safe and in reserve as a contingency if the DNA, ever needs reseeding on a Pleiadian, spaceship.

The third seeding of Earth’s Human Race started 850,000 years ago. The Sphere of Amenti was removed from Earth’s core and placed into a secure location to be protected by the Arcturians and Pleiadians, whereby, the Sphere of Amenti was hidden in the Andromeda star system. The Andromedeans did not agree to military involvement with the Anunnaki as they did not support the Treaty of El-Annu. A Portal Bridge between Earth’s Core and the Sphere of Amenti in the Andromeda Galaxy was constructed to assist with the reseeding on Earth. This Portal Bridge was called – the Arc of the Covenant of Palaidor and was also known as – the Arc of the Covenant.

The Babylonians besieged Jerusalem and destroyed it in 587 BCE. After the siege, biblical accounts do not mention the Ark’s location; however, the location of the Ark after that is unknown. The mystery of the Ark has prompted centuries of searching, despite the fact that scholars debate whether it is real. The Ark of the Covenant has fascinated archaeologists, scholars, and theorists for generations. An artifact without a radio for speaking to God cannot be construed as such.

A 5th Dimensional Seal was placed on the Arc of the Covenant making it a ‘one way’ door, whereby, Souls could descend to Earth but could not return unless they had the 5th Density gene coding – Ready for ASCENSION. The seal was known as the Seal of the Arc.

800,000 years ago, the Serres/Egyptians interbred with the Lamanians. This new Race was known as the Urtites and was called the Priesthood of UR.


By 55,000 years ago in general, the Anunnaki represented “The Law of One” (the Oneness) except for a small faction known as the Anunnaki Resistance (rebels) who were troublemakers. Technological advancements and gifts were allowed by other Stella Races that included Crystalline power generators. At this time, the Arc of the Covenant was located within the Atlantian landmass. The Anunnaki Resistance infiltrated this culture and they nearly destroyed Atlantis.

With the help of the Drakons and Dracos, the Annu were infiltrated and interbreeding between the two occurred. The Anunnaki Resistance carried a Templar Axion Seal and it was mixed in with the Annu genes. The Templar Annu resistance infiltration allowed the forbidden Dracos to return to Earth to assist with infiltration of the Lemerian continent in exchange for a permanent home base on Earth. As previously shared, the Crystal generators were used by Humans an attempt to get rid of the underground Dracos, however, the plan backfired.

The stability of the Arc of the Covenant was breached and subsequently moved to Egypt. The Cerres/Egyptians would now share guardianship. The Sirian council built Pyramid structures all over Earth and directly over Portal regions as discussed previously.

48,000 years ago, the Pyramid structures were a Sirian/Anunnaki trademark. The Giza Pyramid was built over the Arc of the Covenant to protect it from rebels. The Sphinx was built over an Inner Earth Portal library as a symbolic tribute. It served to protect the 5D Ultra High Frequency (UHF) energy devices, which are Antigravity and are known as the ANKH that was used to help build the Pyramids.

The Great Pyramid was used as an active Interstellar Teleport Station from the time of its construction. Throughout the heights of its operation (46,500 BC – 28,000 BC) the Great Pyramid of Giza was also used as an Ascension chamber for the select few who possessed the required DNA assembly and favour of the Elohim. The Great Pyramid was used as a training school for initiates to the Melchizedek/Elohim Ascension program, also for healing, generating genetic assembly and for passage into the Inner Earth Portals beneath the Sphinx.

The Templar/Annu grew progressively more hostile under the Sirian council protection and many relocated to Atlantis that was becoming the Templar/Annu strong hold. Angered that they were not permitted to enter the Inner Earth or use the Arc of Covenant, the Templar/Annu devised a plan to conquer the Inner Earth by using the Atlantian Crystal generators to tear down the Electromagnetic barriers that secured the Inner Earth Portals.

Templar/Annu in 28,000 BC, forced excessive power through one of the main generator Crystals and the Crystal exploded with the force of at least 10 atomic bombs. This explosion in Atlantis caused the Earth to tilt slightly on its axis knocking the Pyramid’s vortex with the Earth’s Heart Chakra out of its previous alignment with the vortex system of Sirius-B and several other planetary systems to which it had been originally aligned.

The Earth was now closely in alignment with the Interstellar Spirals that ran through the Pleiadean system and so the new Pyramid was now orientated to an energetic alignment with Alcyone (the central sun of the Pleiades).

New Ascension Cycle – Earth enters its current cycle. The Arc of the Covenant and the Inner Earth remain safe under the protection of the Sirian Council as Earth began her next natural 26,556 year cycle of evolution through the Inter-Density Time Spirals.

The Guardian Races knew it would be a challenge to prepare the masses for the completion of this Ascension Cycle, culminating in a morphogenetic wave in 2018 /2020AD. When the Guardian Races planned and prepared for the 2018 AD awakening, they had not realized the extent to which the manipulations would distort the evolution of Humanity.


Present day, thank God we are on a different time line now; with almost all dark forces gone and we are mopping up the last at the moment; Maximum, light, Love, and Truth.


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