(Reader: Doug Duff) There Oughta be a Law


Reader Post | By Doug Duff

You’ve heard it said, “THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW.”

Well, I’m calling “Meadow Muffins” on that, 100%. The last thing we need is another “law.” How many “laws” are on the books? No one can tell. Is it thousands / millions?

O.K., how many is “too many?” I can tell you right now, any number over 2 (two) is too many. Someone said the 10 (ten) Commandments. Well, that’s good, but had you considered that our Elder Brother and Kinsman Redeemer (whom you refer to as Jesus) had reduced that to 2 (two)? And, if you don’t know what those two are, read no further. Search and determine what those two are, then continue life from there.

Back to why I called it “Meadow Muffins.” Do you realize that your most “sacred” right is the Right To Be Let Alone? That’s a fact. On the other hand, there’s always someone, well, MANY some-ones that are trying to tell you what to do, what you can’t do, and how it better be done. They’ll tell you promptly that that is the way Society has to run.

Well, I’m telling you that the only way Society can properly function is when people determine to “do no harm” and tend to their own business (rather than trying to “control” people by way of “laws”). That’s what I said. The intent of most every Law is to control someone else.

Hey, I’m not a lawyer; however, most every “law” is designed to induce harm to someone else, primarily to steal/rob them of something they possess. And, the greatest thief is the entity, or entities, that attempt to GOVERN you. I mean government. I, also, know that most government operations are “Malicious Vexation by Legal Process” and/or a “Cloak To Disguise A Collateral Undertaking.” This is nothing short of Commercial Rape and a Master/Slave Relationship.

Let’s get back to basics. There are laws limiting what any “Person” can do and what they cannot do. There are countless laws that, essentially, say, “grass is green” or “water runs downhill”, but there is not a single “law” in their “Legal Diatribe” that says what a Living Man (inclusive of womb-man) can or cannot do. All those “laws” are for control of how one corporation deals with another corporation (entity vs. entity). A “Person” is a legal entity signified in CAPITAL LETTERS. A bank on the street corner is a person; a corporation is a person; and JOHN Q. JONES is a person. Did you ever wonder why our Heavenly Father said that He is not a respecter of persons? Now you know.


Let’s build on the last paragraph. The Living Man, an Elector (at his prerogative), is a Living Parcel of Landed Soil, a Landlord, made of the dust of the earth whose weight by volume is greater than fifty pounds of weight by American Engineering Standards, and is the Beneficiary (whose liabilities have been previously dispatched) of the Trusts; said Beneficiary is not a Person, but has various Persons to do his bidding in commerce. The role of the person as commercial entity must not be confused with the role of the Man as sovereign. [See last statement for definition of Sovereign.]

Reference to the Man, and not the person, is made at Genesis 3:19: “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” This depicts that the body I possess is made of Creator’s substance (substantive), earth/land/dirt/dust, which is material extant and not artificial construction. By the way, only Substantive Law is enforceable.

I, a Man with life, being present in the flesh, sound of mind, able and willing to transcribe this document with full intent to invoke Powers and Authority of Yahweh (Almighty God), Creator of all that is, do set my hand to establish full intent to follow example and orders of Elder Brother and Only Begotten Son, Yahshua Ha’ Mashiach, my Redeemer Kinsman (whom many refer to as Jesus, Galatians 4:4-7) with the help of Ruach Ha’ Kodesh (The Holy Spirit). In so invoking the authority of Heaven and Nature I do succumb to all Natural Law and the Laws of all natural Creation, yielding no part, nor venue, nor jurisdiction to any fiction or creator of lesser entity (entities) in the governance of society. Hail Elu Yah.

I, expressly, claim and retain all sovereign native [birth] rights through the devolution and/or transference of rights and/or qualities of [Biblical] government to a successor.

Correction of mistake requested:

There has been a mistake made by various fictitious and factitious corporate and political entities by way of assumption and presumption that I am a person of the corporate realm. Such a false claim is an exaction against my own demeanor. I am not, in any manner, a name, a person, or a corporation. No entity holds political jurisdiction or venue over me. Clearly,“a mistake” and “wager of law” has been made against this living man.

I am a peaceful inhabitant upon the land using the land by occupying said land with sufficient space to sustain life. If anyone needs my space for military purposes or any other reasonable issue wherein I might be in your way, please make your need known. I have no desire to contend with commercial entities in the Public Realm. Courts are for controversy. If there is no controversy, the courts have permission to settle the account.


I do not claim ownership of any “name” that corporate and / or political entities may want to associate with me. I have never claimed that I own the NAME in question. The proper definition of the word “name” as it applies in this discourse is reputation [title of status]. A “NAME” is a label (codicil) placed on, or related to, an object by the owner thereof. However, the proper agent (agency) has been fully established, the account and status of the name set up properly, to allow use of all necessary utilities (D.B.A.) As a point of necessity I am at liberty to maintain intercourse in all manner of commerce, both private and public, without jeopardizing my standing under proper title of law and equity.

In the course of history provisions have been established for Humanitarian and Educational Endeavors for the benefit of Planet Earth and its Waters, Air, Inhabitants and other creatures thereupon. This Living Man, noted below as “Douglas”, is an auxiliary to a “Body of Believers” (charitable religious organization) whose prime directive and primary actions are particularly suited for the advancement, education, and nurturing care of spiritual and physical elements of said earth, waters, air, inhabitants, and other creatures by way of physical, social, and financial support for said elements.

Nominee to the Prime Resident Position (Office) as Parson is a Man that is known as Douglas-Mac:, born upon the soil of Douglas County on the Republic of Missouri, and recorded into a Pure Trust, provisions of which I am a steward and reviser, as recorded in the Duff Family Bible on the [referenced] date of the ninth day of September, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-four. Said Office of Parson, where, by virtue of [Ecclesiastic, Common, and Equity] law, a person [of the Ecclesiastic Office of Parson] is clothed, not as an incidental or transient authority, but for such time as denotes duration and continuance without limitation, with independent power to control the property of the private, and with functions applicable in the public to be exercised in the supposed interest of the Charitable Trust with said service to be compensated by unlimited access to funds held in private treasury or public depository.

My linage of antiquity is not of the foreign world of words and spell; I/we, are of sound truth, love and justice. Douglas-Mac: the “personage” of my birth, accepted said Nomination and became the appointed Parson upon initial event of Baptism in the waters of Abernathy Creek in the Territory of Washington at the advent from youth to age of reason. A “New Name” was given and recognized post advent, that of Ha’ Shem Douglas (Ha’ Shem means: THE NAME). Douglas, an Israelite, a Son of David, a Son of Shem, a Semite, has accepted the commission laid upon him and succumbed to the benevolent attributes designated to the cause of good.

I have a “choice of law.” I choose the Law of Moses, annexed by the Law of Grace.

I do not recognize any “flag” as mine own. I do recognize a Standard, embedded into the ground of soil, with a White “Flag” of Truce (not of surrender), which is foreign to any corporate entity and is displayed to avail my “self,” a liturgical form, as a non-combatant transient taking usufruct of land by enjoyment of property, as by occupying or exercising said property with benefit or profit of lands and tenements of which the legal title is vested in another, namely, Creator of land, while my “self” (various personages) holds equitable right to such benefits and profits, void of constricting regulations.

In all matters “at law” I am present, in “Spatial” format, “IN THE FLESH” and not in “Person.” I cannot and I do not, nor will I allow another to, re-present myself* (my self, an Instrument distinguishing one actor from another) or any artificial person, artifice, or vehicle. I do not make any appearance on behalf of any corporate entity or paper structure, social or political. I do not consent to any proceedings against my Body of Flesh or any item I may utilize as usufruct under Rule of Necessity.

SOVEREIGN: (adjective) This unique term must be broken down to fully comprehend the meaning of said term: SO means “in this way” – VER means “truth” – REIGN means “rules.” “In this way truth rules.” TRUTH IS SOVEREIGN.


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