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Date: Thursday, 12-Jan-2023 06:39:23

MrOxygen’s INHALE Newsletter #11 PLUS BONUS

Mr. Oxygen’s FREE BOGM Newsletter #11 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

For over 40 years We Have Always Had Your Critical
Answers Exactly When You Have Most Needed Them
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So, if you are GETTING OLDER
Then In Our Well Researched Opinion


Please accept this, our sincere offer, and our attempt to repay you, by giving YOU Your Own Most Needed Important Emergency HELP EVER!


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Today’s 1/11/23
Happy New Year update newsletter:

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Special Spiritual BONUS ARTICLE for RMN Readers:

We have to reprogram our subconsciousnesses.
That means to stop subconsciously, unconsciously spending 90% of our time just automatically without noticing batting away Source’s All Pervasive Everywhere Inner and Outer “You ALL Already Have ALL Abundance Energies Specifically Given To You.”

Source always reminds and informs us that – You Deserve All Abundance NOW Because You ARE MY OFFSPRING!
You can tell yourself that over and over to reprogram your programmed un-chakraed & closed down meridians little brain unconscious self.

The automatic batting away of Source’s constantly freely given to us all healthy ABUNDANCE (that we eventually at some point end up begging for) is an alien twisted programming of Natutre’s life saving survival skill for the purposes of human control. Their programming is embedded into us and is coming out of our DNA.

They want us to pray to them as gods. They aren’t. Source never judges. They do. Source always gives us free will. They don’t. It’s always control and force with them.

We are fooled into thinking these powerful urges within us ARE us. Or our feelings are, which come from the artificial genetically engineered mind we often mistakenly call soul. It is not. We are Neutral Spirits and much higher than that and we are now temporarily resident in a duality trap we have fallen into.

The unconscious emoting tapes that automatically and invisibly play in a loop all day and night inside our heads are what gets generations after generations of US to produce enough emotional loosh so darkness can survive by eating all of it. This deep core embedded control mechanism is WHY we keep ourselves down here in the self created prison. This is WHY so many choose to get addicted. They give up.

DNA is the most valuable thing cultivated in existence here. Invaders have deeply sullied our paradise. Time to show them our taillights,


We humans agreed to carry the DNA burden like a backpack while here, just like everybody else here – so our Spirits could be able to manifest here by color and light and sound frequency matching.

This setup we collectively created eventually is mainly so we can gain the experience of discovering for ourselves the JOY of helping the rest of our Spirit selves even while we are both surrounded by severe limitation. The “Brings tears of joy to my eyes…” melody just went through my head. Everybody sing along. “It’s gonna be all right…”

These opposite automatic self defeating repeating beliefs I speak of, like; “I’m not good enough. I’ll never be good enough.” are what most in this dimension can usually choose to secretly repeat all day and night to themselves. Or NOT! Makeup sales and wigs depend upon them, The trans agenda worships and grooms for them. Sales of most things count on these beliefs.

Every agenda has at it’s core the belief in lack of something! People are raped because the rapist wants to be closer to their Creator by using the victim. You can get stuck looping in lack loops for eons not able to realize or know you need rescue.

You don’t have to get stuck. When you finally realize you are in over your head, just ask for help.

You are already permeated with ABUNDANCE, remember? Just ask, IT’s already closer than your breath. Source IS Waiting for you and not ever violating your right to choose.

These artificial lack energies that we all carry were programmed into our energy bodies by aliens and their minions. They are working deep inside our minds and using their advanced technology to twist our natural survival skills to their advantage.

The twisted natural skills that we all have were created into us by ALL our ancestors! They fell under the alien and other mind control by making their choices, and they are causing most of us to pile on and keep creating even more darkness ourselves – while being here in this life form. WE CAN DO BETTER! WE CAN BREAK FREE!

We instead would be much better off, and IMO, need to instead, create only Harmonious Energies And Blend Them With Our Inner Child’s Heart and Spirit/Source Energies to gain a lot more complete understanding of the truth of Life so we can help others better. Come On, Understanding!!!

“I NOW Accept All The Healing Abundance Personally Meant For Me, That Source Already Surrounds ALL Of US With In The Inner And Outer. I NOW Release All Belief Errors. I Ask SOURCE To Remove Them From Me And My Physical And Invisible Bodies NOW! And To Replace Them With Pure True Light And Sound SOURCE Energies, In Right And Proper Ways, NOW!”


– Directly quoted from MrOxygen, The Elder of The Breath of God Ministry. All Rights and Remedies Reserved, International and Intergalactic and Interdimensional Copyright 2023 by BOGM Elder Ed McCabe.

Know that we love you all.

Thanks to your generous hearts from the bottom of our
family’s and my heart in our recent time of real need.

Love, Ed – Mr. Oxygen.


All Rights Reserved Copyright and Trademark Breath of God Ministry 2023

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