(Reader: KW7.0) Response to Charles Janson “Regarding the 118th Congress”



Reader Post | By KW7.0

Your post was Great! But there are More Talking Points To “Behind Scenes to This Week’s Voting TO Add, Through Kevin’s Video Postings, as well as, Trump’s Own, “After Meeting w Dirty/Corrupted MSM Press Conference Held which We Knew by Trump’s lead, “Would Report All there, While Eyes Away From SCOTUS-Brunson.”

Kevin Said “Trump is VERY INFLUENCING”

MEANT That Kevin “Capitulated/Surrendered in Background!” Now A Turn-Coat to Save His Life a little longer before GITMO’d ..Trump Made This Clear as a 7 year Bell to My Own Ears I this Mission..

info was “Backed Up/Supported” Thru Operation’s Intel in sorted reporting, over this web.. “His Plan” to End Criminal CONGRESS was to End with chiming in of SCOTUS/Election Fraud via Brunsons .. JAN 9th!     

< by the way in sacred geometry/numbers.. “9” is An End of something evolved >

Anyway, Trump  ALWAYS Puts the “Invisible Dirty Working” Enemy in front of viewers watching for Re-Educating Their Brainwashed Past Mindsets to SEE the True Reality of their colorful lies!!  HE did it to “Fauci and others, as you may notice! Why We Spend A Specific Amount of Time, watching them TRY To Take Painful “stealing” Risks to do more harmful demise to humanity; NOT Only in U.S. But In the World? IS To Re-Program/RID The Mind AND Instill a positive FUTURE of THINKING “How it is to be OF Individuals, AS Of Unity in Family,” That For Damn Sure-WE WILL NEVER ALLOW These Political A-Holes or Secret Societies or Celebrities OR, Incorporated Giants n MSM News ect ect BE ALLOWED TO Skate By Our Watching AGAIN.. Also, Just as Important IN Unity Identifying and Stopping This From Entering THIS Nation-As For The Entire World? “INDIVIDUALLY” We Will Turn To Use our greatest potential Intelligence,We Evolve with, TO STAY AWARE Of Any Business Dealing on Major Financial Level we do.. NEVER Rush to Sign Anything New without Taking Info Home And Review w Another under Constitutional Practice OR, in lesser Biz… Don’t sign until anything unless Read Entire .. Let Biz Wait on You! Also Any Sales Must Be Fully Transparent! Don’t Do that? Leave and go elsewhere!! This/these Lessons are why things take so damn long in this War because “Everyone Reacts Differently and

In Their Own Timing Ways!! Hello!!! 




 However, Thank God- It’s About Change-Overs in January! The Military Has Been Following Him in our background! 

WE ARE to Continue Jan’s watch as THIS IS The Full Swinging Turning-Point FOR the PHASE OF NESARA Law Implemented/Activated, JAN 9/10Th < 10= “1” and it always signifies a New Beginning or Evolutionary Spins that come-in> 

In that direction, there will be LOTS of things halted from Continuing as Crime on Border; Old Fed Notes are removed from Streets; Olegards SWIFT System stopped Dead that Also Dominoes To Crash NYSE Market; NWO Running On $USD Fumes A WW3 Across seas FIZZLES OUT Thru Trump As Peacekeeper In Whatever These Evils think they can Muster in last Battle to Control Us DOES END by Summer-Fall,  2023 AS CV19 Dies Too.. rotting Education/Transhumanism Dies Too.. lots of different things as NESARA Goes to Help reshape Everything New Out ..

SO Congress week in Voting “Kevin” was a w Stall/Planned TIMING W SCOTUS Decision for Monday .. Deliberately Stinging Here~

Per Operation/made clear.. 

*Whether SCOTUS Calls Rightful Decision or Not ITS Also Timed That “Military Ordered & Will  Formally Step Into View.” Basically to Run Our New Govt In April’s Voting.. 

As Most Now Know: There is A LAST Counter Strike Coming By way of “Nuclear Fear-MONGUERING Setup To Begin In European War Theatre and By which MSM has been GAS Lighting their Nefarious Crime Here, in sorted News … Their Bullshit Run will Appear Real But Can Not Play Out!! NO ONE Has Any Real Nuclear Warheads of Alarming Value since benevolent Entities Of Beyond Earth Has Been helping to Remove/Thank You, Galactics.. 




That’s Another Story To Open up, Down the line From Whence WE Get To Watch SOME OF Highest Swamp Creatures, Over GITMO TV (Telegram) Get Executed.. Provided by Delta Army There~  

So-Readers: Understand That While Kevin’s House Speaker and May or not, make a mess of himself and all those criminals in THAT CHAMBER Coming forward .. The Crapped Matters Will Go into Change IN Background By Our Real President Trump having Installed Specific Orders, Previously Under Constitutuional Law & NESARA directorates “Already Signed Under Duress During Clinton Admin Era”  (that STILL Stands as Affective And Trump Will Release All NEXT …Before 22nd passes over (God Willing and Protected as This..) 

*Alot Is Moving In Background To GET Going On Activating New Economical BANKING SYSTEM and New $USN Notes Out to Public by 15-22nd; going by Operation.. Last Battle Comes As “In That Window of Crashing heads.”…

WHY, Right NOW- That Last Optics before MSM taken over by QFS/StarLink…SPACE FORCE..Ground Military HAVE TO Still MAKE SURFACE DATA/NEWS APPEAR In Their Favor for Bringing CBDC Into The Banks IS Going on, Too!!  but Reality IS “They Lost all Their Authority of Power and Our Last Countermeasures ARE Being Positioned and Doing final Tests ect ..SO ITS TIME Next For 9th/SCOTUS To Enable “Removing All Dirty Playing Swamp Creatures That Trump Made Sure we see their faces!! THEN The Countdown in 120 Days To New Elections Go By Way Of QVS!

You Have Got To Read NESARA If u can:

IRS- April 15th Will Not Exist!! But Be TIMED Roll Thru Coming Bond & Foreign Redeeming Event, Waiting for NEXT WEEK and Further for 15 to 22nd’s “General Public’s Restitutionto New Banks.. Those Banks that didn’t have 100% real Gold backing assets in them WILL Start Closing or Merge With a Bank that did have (Basel 3/4 and Must be finished in paperwork TODAY/ Midnight, Jan 8.. 

**The Printing and Old Fiat $USD/Money Laundering Schemes ARE Synchronistically STOPPING last Rothchilds-Rockerfellers Fed Reserve NOTES Halted In Mex-Can-US to Crash Frauded NYSE ..Around the World, Already Done Deal Last Prev Months (Why [redacted] Barked Up Biden’s Tree for More Laundered Tax Dollars for supporting their fake war). NO Money Printed Anymore in USD.. How Is Any Biden or Congress Criminal Really Gonna pay? Nope-Nada-Can NOT transact at all! 

***Trump Activated 1 Million Nat Guard Are Positioned to Meet Any Violence As We Continue Squashing DS/FBI..others. WE MAY Be Last One Battling Another Event Before March Ends.. Maybe in Jan?? NOT For Any Mild Manor Citizen To Know Exactly when IN A WAR! But Do Know President Trump IS SO Genius And Biz Minded To Protect our Hard Earnings for Future new Banking and Economy Sudden Booming-HE Is So Masterful In Making Sure We We’re ALL Educated to BE Extremely Aware of any of our own Biz in future~ DONE SO AS All or Most “Appears Like Nothing Ever Happens!” WAS DELIBERATESo We Could Continue To Ignore CV19/Fauci-CDC ect < when the NYSE Plug is pulled out by Republic’s Free China? All The Incorporate Giants/Big Tech/Big Pharma will Failing into Bankruptsy that Closes them down; Seizes Their Assets; Heavily Fines and Jails the Bastards who Supported NWO/UN and Yet, bc we r used to the NAMES.. Expect AUCTIONS Commense Thru QFS Monitoring to Ensure NO More Criminals can Own .. Cool, eh?! 🙂 

****In my County alone-3 weeks ago, Kern County SHERIFF in Bakersfield,CA WAS ARRESTED as my neighbor informed me-  and of course, “Youngblood” was on local News Ranting he’s “gonna Sue Back!” LOL  w that buddy!.. they are “quietly Thru the Mfr’d Weather of HAARP and Dead Cold in the Nights..REMOVING Every One, By Sudden RAIDS done of these Evil Reptalions and Their Draconian Empires seeded on earth!…includes in Kern County Sheriff Dept AS HE And Other Police Officers Supporting Themselves AS Freemason-ILLuminati Factos.. Infiltrates Within the good side of policemen & women! Antifa & BLM White & Black “Nazi Clans”.. and ever NOW Known 1913’s Fed Reserve/Private Company built HAD Organized Crime In Their Pockets To Dream Up and Create Our Nations Agencies, such as These were~ Protected Service Creeps TO A Corrupted Govt That DIDNT EVER Follow The Right Laws Of The COMMON but, Follow the British MARITIME Rules in Courts That Understanding Reality Says “Guilty Before Innocent… No American Due Processing, really goes.” 

As a Probation Officer of Domestic Violence Class, Once Instructed, “System Created To Act Against All to Fail” ..that Outta tell u everything on this side of Biden and Previous Presidents, IS/WAS Entirely Shit until The CB ARE Switched From Their SWIFT-Debt System To QFS/CIPS/Ultra VPN System… Shares with Starlink and Free Energy (Electric Plants; Oil & Gas Will Become Extinct in The  New Earthly Planes As 6,000 Nikola Tesla’s Patents Are Released .. shooting for Anti-gravity Flying Vehicles and Replicators And 3 Types Of MedBeds For Mid-Jan but???? We will See and Space Force IS ONLY Official Bring TREATMENT Remain Free! Don’t buy into Any DS Mirroring NESARA That Require U Register and Pay Anything!!!! 




Per NESARA via Trump Orders:  HAS TO End IRS Taxation BEFORE April 15th Filings and I Believe what I added into Charle’s, Points in that direction Are ON TRACK as u can imagine, from above additives to His.. Either, ONLY 1 Form of Taxation Stays in the World And That’s through Major Financial Purchasing NEW Home or Car in 14/15% Agreement made.. Nothing Else..Everyone WHO “Works and Has Bank Account Open Will be Tied To QFS Protection, to Receive Restitutional PAY BACK In $USN-Dollars ..AGE Matters for “Sliding Scale”.. And As Some or A Major % of Elderly DONT Give a Rats Ass About Living anymore or Going Thru MedBed Repair.. “They Get Highest Payback OR/And Extra Social Security Benefits, Adding to the Recent 8.7% under Biden liar-“11 Years ..11% SOC Security Total”… The Younger Aged and Middle Aged ..Logically,  IF The New Treasury has negotiated this deal out of underlining Fighting in Past? Scale IS NOW Made In Synch To be A Fair & Leveled Playing Field to Begin! IRS Abolishment’s in Reform Can Not Extend into 2024 Once Actively Rolling Now!  ..THE Very Last Place That Must Act In all this? State Dept of TAX & FINANCES! They Must Balance And Close Out All Nations Spending And Buys that created The Gross Debt Ceiling in America! Between Govt’s Own Bank Books and The Public’ Individuals Books.. All Has A Timing Sequence in this war, too.. To Collect All Auditing included For 2022 Frauds that Go BACK To  TO Where ever Negotiations Settled To Call… Ok/Could Be Back to 1930 first Census done here; back to WW2 or, Also just use 11 Year Scale that Matches Connection To 5D Ascension Period on Earth, Flashes.

*Future Of Govt Will Collect 1% From This Transitional Event Coming from certain redeemers while Public goes Last is freed…  Then When Public goes to Exchange, Hopefully Our Supreme Commander Is Set us to Cast A MAGAFied Reboot ordering of Whole World and so-called “Expert GURUs” of the Old World of Laying Claims to  Jobs and Money Will End up As the “Stupified Players” – Be Totally baffled n Flabbergasted At “HOW IN The World Did Trump Do This???” FAST WE Flip The Economy and Pocketbooks THE Ever Cleared Announce will Come in~  “We Have No More Debt Ceiling and Are Back into Black/Credit Line for the Nation!!”   

By News out of Iraq’s New Dinar and Some MoneyNews here for NYSE Understood.. Reasons Will Be known WHY Younger Aged Bankers Get Less Than Elderly? 

As New Economy Stabilizes Over STELLAR Platform/Wallet after crashing: 

• Value of Dollars ($1.00) , as Will, other international new Currencies MOVE UP! 
• In Conversion To PRICES AT Grocers and Other Used as GAS, MOVES DOWN!

INFLATION > U Buy 1 Item as example of Eggs… Some Places Already Selling at $7 < that’s bullshit, right?!

FUTURE> “7” Items For $1.00!! 

So do the Young need the same as those still wishing to die off through next 2 Years Recovery? 

NO- Prices/NESARA Directs all to Know That WE Will REACH Back To 1950s.. Think abt Todays Housing ..Just $550,000 for a good sized home? Within 2 Years of Coming Job Boom Expecting in between this roll, too!. We are Watching an Expected FALL Down to $250,000 then $125,000 for that SAME Home being Absolute for Purchasing THEN! Perhaps even falling to an unexpected $55,000 because Construction Materials Add into that.. Employees Working Will Get their Whole Paycheck too, you know~ 

My IMO/Conclusion Here:




I believe While Ole’ Boy, Kevin Is Front.. Trump Will AGAIN Be Going Thru “Official Fed Register” Orders changed by Biden… Doing Everything Possible To Meet CHANGE Resumed Matters bc NO ONE CAN SEE That! Wouldn’t You?? Yes-We All Would Do That… “BACK In Reform For Rebuilding America Programs AS POSS ..Start Early so When this Movie Education Ends, THERE HAS BEEN  NO Real Gap in Starting The Restoration, Processing For Job Boom, After GCR/RV Moves the Public to a New Formed Bank! 

There was over 300 and Truer To That-THEY WILL BE QUANTUM REFORMATION DONE ON EVERYTHING that Changes~

Now: We Are Truely Ready To End The Swampy/Depleted And Lieing State Of All Things  in American Lives..This, Yes-2022 Was The End of This World As We Know It..Ran As “Hell On Earth.. In Front of Our Eyes and Beneath Our Feet!” 

Because WE Were Too Damn Busy And Selfishly Dealing With Our Own Problems During These Evils infiltrating Within Important Positions of Power… Sneaky Name Changes too! About To End As NEXT WEEK ROLLS Forward bc we Are On A Time Schedule To Greet Our New World Be For We The Peoples! We will be Creating A Cleaner, Faster and More Quanitative Society that, SOME Already Understand TO Call it “Star Trek!

Yes-Ascension Matters Of A Micro-Nova Flash has been in EVOLUTION to this War, Too! calculated To “hit Pacific Ocean by Solar Explosive Flaring of CME-Nuclear Elements of Alpha/Omega..Biblical to Revelations BUT As We Seized Up All Sacred Tablets and Records from Arresting Vatican.. Your Gonna Hear that These Powers Thwarted/Changed and Took Out 777 Total Truths from Bible in Books..All these Luciferian kings/queens/Babylonian Catholic Churches of King James times and others DID DO REMOVALS THEN As STILL TRYING NOW to Remove and Change Our Language; Our History and Certain School Books So, By 2030 WE Become So Dumbed-Down and ILL or DEAD That They Can Turn us into “Cyborg Slaves.”


Enough Said-Time To Move On SCOTUS and Kevin!! 

Namaste & Amen, 



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