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Reader Post | By Sheri

Commit to Memory:

“We Stand in grace
Walk by faith
Believe in hope
Live in love

Go into deeper meaning of words. Ex; Grace is a gift. It is the very spirit, substance of God. It is given in tiny measured increments starting at adult baptism. It is who He is, His essence, His power, strength, love. It is not ethereal, it’s real! He exists. You are His children and will transition into a renewed earth and have another hundred years of life on earth without satanic demons or lies. Guardian Angel’s will be visible and you may communicate with them. Animals will again be friendly like when they walked in the garden with Adam and Eve. Ez 37, 

Isa 11

There is no TRINITY, no holy ghost. Every bible has a section that gives every known error or mistake in translation and where it originated.

Study this section of your bibles.

Compare bibles.

Advertisement is the Original Order Bible. 831-637-1875.

It has gone through every error in probably almost all bibles, corrected the meaning, and incorporated only the truth in each.

It’s something that needs spreading.

Truthers today need the facts, the LAWS of God, the Truth. We need the truth about where the errors are, who our Creator is. Every bible prints this info, the errors in their own texts.

 Afaithfulversion has made all corrections and printed only the truth in this updated version! There are about 300 pages included explaining things and describing truth, and how errors came to be, etc. Plenty of research and proof has gone into this version so we could have the truth.

Its second edition was published in 2009. Most up to date with great attention to detail re: historic accuracy, language accuracy…

Prove things for yourself. The truth included and referenced will take you to the sources so you can find them and see for yourself.


Every bible has their list of errors included in it. This bible puts them all together, complete references, so you can prove it with your own eyes for yourself and know what the actual truth is. It’s a good version.

We are a people who come from a generation that lost truth, in which there are so many lies or inaccuracies and misleading errors. This let’s you decide.

Each and every last human on earth now has the ease to accurately prove right from the source and decide for themself if this bible is a good one and accurate.

All individuals can take time to do their own research. How? It’s made easy, simple. Every single bible must have a page or chapters on errors within their bible giving the exact source.

This book is the best book on earth to lead us into truth about our awesome Father!

Completely honestly researched and referenced for transparency of truth and readers ease for accurate study. Why?Because this bible has gone over all the known errors and includes almost 300 pages indicating where to find all the errors, all the sources, and made the actual corrections.

Every bible has to have and does a list of its errors. This bible references them all. You can use this bible to find all the other bibles errors too.

The entire bible has been estimated to contain about 3% error. Not this one. It’s the best bible today.

But even if no one had the entire truth, and we still had only 3% lost, we would still have had 97% correct! Dont let anyone fool you. We have it all today. God wants us to know before His Son returns. Our Father loves us and wants all the lies to stop right now!

Truth was never lost! It’s always been here. And now it is and its easier for the reader to find and examine than ever. This book has all books back in their provable original order too. The best translation of the Hebrew and Greek is in it with explanations. It’s written in clear, plain language, is not in Shakespearean English of centuries gone by, but up to date, easy to read. I suggest the 10 CD set that goes with it, and the smaller paperback version. 


The leather is very heavy and very large but beautiful. The paperback is plenty big enough and goes well with the CD’s. It’s easy to take a few notes in it too.


Aliens may not like the truth. You need to prove it for yourself. Dont let them fool you.


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