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Reader Post | By Dawn Peterson

Good day,  

I really need this info to get out & get assistance for us all living in HUD dwellings such as Section 8, Public Housing, Senior Living Housing, Disabled Living Housing, & I believe there is one more category that I can’t recall.  

I reside at a HUD/Public Housing Authority unit in Denville, NJ- Morris County.  During my years of research via case law/histories & articles I found out so much.  It really is gut wrenching that this fraud is still going on & people are suffering & going broke!  It is hard to get legal representation & not be told to keep quiet!  

I left a homeless shelter & became a tenant at Morris County Public Housing Unit in Denville, NJ 11/2006 to present.  I was given the lease to review & sign.  I supplied all the documents the PHA requested.  HUD FORM 50058 gives the breakdown of income.  I saw that my income & child support was grossly over from what I had submitted, $12k+ over (range differs each year).  I requested that this be fixed accordingly since I handed in copies of my pay stubs, child support order, and income tax return from previous year.  3x I was denied.  I didn’t want to go back into the homeless shelter so I signed the lease.  Well, each year thereafter it was the same thing with HUD asking for more & more info. 

I made a fraud complaint with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office where the man interviewed me. I showed him my documents & the discrepancies.  He spoke with someone at PHA & came back to tell me I was mental.  I was fuming, my blood boiling!, said words & left disgusted.  I received a letter from him stating that there were no findings.  

I went to Senator Bucco’s office for assistance in the matter. I had an interview,  I show my documents & discrepancies.  A phone call was placed to MCHA & he spoke with 3 different people.  Each one said there was a special formula to calculate the income.  We have that formula here & I am not getting the same results that you have.  Can you explain how you got this figure?  Now the Director is placed on the phone. Same info passed. Refused to answer any of the questions other than it will be corrected within 24 hours.  After this retaliation started by PHA & harassment.

Recertification of lease 1/2016 PHA demands a copy of car insurance/car registration.  I said, you can’t ask for this.  It’s illegal.  A big smile on her face she replies, yes we can.  We broke for lunch.  I went directly to Denville Police Station, filed a report & was advised not to give it.  I came back & the PHA asked for those 2 documents.  I told the PHA I made a police report.  Her eyes got big, mouth dropped, stuttered IIII be right back.  The PHA comes back acting like everything is fine & says it’s ok.  Well, each year thereafter it has been requested & I refuse to give them my car insurance/car registration.  Senator Bucco’s office has to make a call to the PHA saying it’s illegal they 


can’t ask for these 2 documents.  Well,1/ 2019 was the last time I had assistance from Senator Bucco’s office because he expired that morning.  His son took over the office & refused to help.  1/2020 recertification & same thing.  I handed the PHA my documents & she asked if I included the car insurance/car registration.  I said no!  How many times do you have to be told it is unlawful?  Senator Bucco has told you time & time again. The PHA said unacceptable & threw my papers back at me saying I will be evicted. Then came threats & harassment by PHA about eviction, demanding you to leave premises via mail & envelopes shoved in door daily.  I contacted Gov. Murphy & CDC to make a complaint.  I was informed that with COVID landlords can’t evict.  I signed the lease.  PHA was sending letters that I was in violation of the lease because I didn’t give them a copy of my car insurance/car registration. January or February 2021 PHA sent me a notice they were changing my lease terms from 30% income based to flat rent.  I thought to myself, I signed the lease which expires 4/30/2021 it’s a done deal.  I ignored those letters.  Then 12/2023 I receive a letter from PHA attorney, PHA, Courthouse that I am to appear Monday 1/9/2023 for a hearing.  I called to adjourn it so I can find legal representation & was told I can’t.  If I don’t come its a forfeiture & the PHA will be awarded.  I can’t even get an attorney to take the case let alone get contact with  Legal Aid services. This is a joke!

In the meantime, I see they changed my rent to flat rent (beyond my income level), charged late fees for rent (I have no signed lease) totaling $30k yet my income is $8k & now child support has terminated I have 0 income).  The PHA took advantage or shall I call it embelzzlement or money laundering from COVID rental assistance in the amount of $18k.  All this done fraudulently with inaccurate numbers!  Due process 14th amendment is not honored here nor is the other law violations!


So, here is a link that shows a case file but it is from NY (it contains the exact same situation I am in).   Tenant sue NYCHA for system-wide rent overcharges, wrongful eviction proceedings against tenants who cannot afford illegal rents.

If you need more info just email me.  I was hoping you can get this to JAG so more arrests can be made.

Keep up the good fight,


Dawn Peterson


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