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Reader Post | By Danlboon

If Trump and the White Hats want to go by the book on everything then they cannot have these 16 foreign states vote on anything or have representatives in Congress till they are admitted into the Republic Union.

These are NOT Republics; 1863 West Virginia, 1864 Nevada, 1867 Nebraska, 1876 Colorado, 1889 North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, 1890 Idaho, Wyoming, 1896 Utah, 1907 Oklahoma, 1912 New Mexico, Arizona, 1959 Alaska and Hawaii.

When Congress Adjourns Sine Die March 27th 1861 with seven Southern nation States of America walked out of the Second Session then there was no more Constitutional government! Those seven Southern nation States of America ended up being seized by President and CEO Lincoln into the US CORP and not having their own Nation, thus that has to be covered in talks.

What I am saying here is going by the facts of the US Constitution yet by some it appears to be pessimistic. The true definition of a citizen is ‘property’ of the owner/government, yet We The People are to be Constitutionally Sovereign. I have the citizenship papers from 1865 from two of my foreign ancesters who did not become US citizens, but became citizens of the state where they domiciled back then.

Why is there to be elections within 120 days per NESARA if we already have officials already elected into office by these present day US CORP elections when the US CORP is debunked?

When it was time only the Constitutionally approved members of Congress voted on NESARA over 20 years ago, so why is it now everyone 18 years and over from all 50 corporate states and members of the BAR can vote in our Republic government officials? Arizona along with those other corporate states’ votes do not Constitutionally count!

None of the 50 states can comply with the 19th Amendment and 26th Amendment as these do not exist in the Republic US Constitution. According to the US Constitution the people in these 16 states and the rest per the 19th and 26th Amendments cannot have their votes counted in the 2020 or any other elections.


Those members of Congress that were re-elected in 2022 that are members of the BAR and are not a party to the 385 that are to be removed by the Brunson case, can they still hold office in the Republic as their Oath is to the Crown? I would think not!

Can Dual Citizens hold office in the USA when they have an Oath to another Country as well? The last I heard is over 100 Israeli Citizens as House Representatives. That is 25 percent are foreigners! They are NOT Ambassadors and Ambassadors cannot pass Laws.

One short way of completing this transition is to have the elections be completed in the states and for federal offices at one time, but their votes do not count till their state is admitted to the Republic Union and the proper Amendments are again ratified from the 13th Amendment in 1819. But they must comply with being a American Sovereign like the rest of us are to be.

The long route is the 34 Constitutional Republics can take it step by step to have authorized male representatives of Congress voted in per NESARA, as well as the other 16 states vote their male representatives in their state. In 1860 there may not have been any females elected into office, so we go by those laws from then.

When they have those Constitutional state representatives in office then they can vote in a referendum to become a state and send it to Congress where when it is approved they can vote in representatives of Congress. This continues for each state in the proper order they were admitted into the Corporation Union and they do not have to spend 96 years doing it.

At the same time We The People can have the proper Constitutional Amendments voted in order when the proper states had voted on them, yet we would not need to have the present 13th Amendment as the wording there made everyone slaves to the corporation and did not free the people.

The wording of the Amendments can be changed to better fit today’s Republics or just not be included, as the 16th Amendment in 1913 on Taxation will be removed as it only had 4 states ratify it, yet even then they changed the wording before they sent it back to Congress.


The 18th Amendment in 1919 for banning intoxicating liquors and the 21st Amendment in 1933 for repealing the 18th Amendment can be removed as they are contradictory.

The 22nd Amendment in 1951 on presidential term limits can be removed as it should be open for Trump to be in office for more than 10 years.

So who is going to go on this campaign to get this done or are we just going to go with what we have which is NOT Constitutional? Maybe two Military generals from each state follow thru to make sure this is done correctly and all 100 coordinate together to get this done maybe within a year. We are under Military Rule already as before Trump left office.



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