(Reader: Sheri) Oh Come Lord Jesus and Save us!


Reader Post | By Sheri

There’s a huge need people have but are often very blind to.

They seek it half-heartedly but never seem to find it.

It’s not in the churches, or other peoples faces.

They seek and seek but cant seem to find it.

Dont know where to begin, how to start,

His Book is so big, seems to have no end.

And all the screaming and shouting and pacing of preachers cant conjure it up.


This world seems a zoo.

Are you unable to obey, believe, trust?

Or are you traveling a path that only leads to your shoes being covered with dust?

Today, in this world, who can you trust?

Have you looked to authorities, scholars, philosophers?

Have they let you down? Feel you’re going insane?

Truth is actually very simple and plain. We must simply repent, say were sorry to God not some man, then obey!


But it isnt that easy, or so said Cain.

And look at the mischief his attitude caused. Wouldn’t want to be him and face Jesus. I’d faint.

He didnt so what God had requested, was resentful, and selfish, his anger began to fester.

God said not to kill, and what did He do?

Well, he did that and lied about it too.

[God laughed too].

Stupid. That’s what it was. And look where it led to. He’s been mocked.

That’s not the way things are going to work

Then what’s the solution? Obey and confess.

Stay true to Gods laws, dont carve another path.


We cant be obstinate, demand our own way. What God wants is trust and our vow we’ll obey so He wont have have to shout like thunder down some high mountain, or pound with a rod in anger on some rock, when all He asked for was a light little knock.

Hes looking for a few who can trust and obey. He’s looking for leaders who will follow His orders.

He wants them to rule with a crown and live beside Him.

After this parts all complete, He’s got grander designs for all of His children, a new planet!

A totally recreated Garden of Eden here on earth with much greater landmass, less ocean, no stickers or thorns or dangerous animals. (Isa 11)

And no more demons to taunt and harass. He had this plan written down by Ezekiel 37.

That’s when everyone’s eyes will be opened

We will get to experience what God always intended.

The problem today is we have to many aliens. 

They dont understand what obedience is, except to put people in pods and exist in their skin.


Then they hijack their life and dreams, and live out their own personal schemes. Then when the poor human body “expires” to them it’s just “mission complete”! Then go back to wherever they came from and do it again!

The secret is that Gods spirit is a gift that is given.

Maybe in this life or if not now, in the next.

No one misses out. God loves all His children. It’s just that some are better leaders.

The debate revolves around how we are living. Are we able to believe, OBEY, and trust?

Or traveling along the path filled with dust.

Do you want to live? Is it life you are seeking? No need to fear, Gods got you covered.

There is no amount of money we can trade or go buy,

Gods spirit is a gift, and if He gives it to you, you’ll cry. Your tears will be tears of joy not of sorrow. 

If you wait long enough, Gods God got you covered. Never give up, especially if you die. For that indeed would bring tears to my eyes. I know you’ll live again, I just dont want you sad. God wants us happy, thankful, glad!


You just must agree to never look back. He wants us to obey and trust. He only needs a few leaders to be steadfast and trust.

To then will be white robes, new names, and crowns and special recognition. They will reign with Lotd Jesus together in His Kingdom and they will have found,

A treasure so priceless, rare, and so GREAT

Oh Come My Lord Jesus! I can hardly wait!

ps. The secret key is to keep His Sabbath = obedience, shows your attitude!

And that’s what Gods eyes are roaming earth looking for!

I pray you are so blessed. My heart will be with you if not me in person.

I’m seeking too, and now must endure.

No turning back once we’re sealed and about to be delivered!

I have heard stories told, how martyrs went to death with smiles of joy on their faces. We will too, when we go through our paces. For Angel’s and God and Jesus will be there, waiting to wipe away tears of joy and touch your hair.


Now if your bald, dont worry. God got lots of love, there’s no hurry.

A family reunion occurs the Last Great Day of the Feast!

And we will never again worry about any beasts!


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