Thomas Anderson: Info Flash for December 31, 2022


Source: Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 31, 2022

INFO Flash

Dear Readers

this could have been our last christmas

Klaus Schwab and WEF are working on cancelling it permanently



a new year is about to dawn.

there are a lot of other things about to dawn, surfacing only one by one and unfortunately quite unpredictable.

again I read a lot like “GCR is on a minute by minute basis to start”, “QFS will start before dec 31st.”

and lots of very good sounding headlines.

nothing happened.






no doubt: a lot of things are about to dawn

but I don t dare to predict which one from which side will come first and second and following.


let us start with the info flash for the last month….

2023 outlook of BlackRock

outlook of Medvedev


Dmitry Medvedev gave a forecast for 2023. Among other things, he predicted the establishment of a Fourth Reich by Germany and the conquest of the western territories of Ukraine by Poland and Hungary. Elon Musk called the prediction absurd.

suddenly there are test kits for covid and influenza.

“as if that would be the same”….


no comment on that.

in the same time Bill Gates is working on the next multi billion dollar revenue campaign

with telling us exactly when and where and what the next scamdemic will be


Bill Gates tells us already now when where and what the next “pandemic” will be about.

SEERS will be the name

starting 2025

in South and Central America

Nueva Esperanza and San Rafael are named cities

similar to the “simulation” of Covid 19 within the project “event 201” in 2019, one month before the pandemic starte officially in China.

while the PCR tests seem to be a tool for cloning industry.

(there is a patent about this link to cloning)(video)

while, again at the same time


the “death spiral” is now not only on people, but also on animals..

everywhere the same picture:

turning looking upwards, turning, fighting, death.


seems that vaccinated people sometimes simply burn down from their heads..


the mandatory vaccination for US army is gone:


in Germany it is still active (but on trial with hopefully a judge telling its illegal soon)

the BIS in Basel seems to have 80 trillion USD in hidden debt.

enough to ruin everybody…

while in Germany at the moment there is a surplus on companies going bankrupt of 25%

NOTE: 25% MORE companies are going bankrupt than normal.

in detail: the largest 10% of those companies represent more than 9000 jobs

plus all the rest from the smaller companies


some pdfs for you to read

and remember always:

there is a channel exclusively for English books for “certain” topics.

recently updated with another 1000 (!) titles…



corruption now official

with some of the people meanwhile already confessing its true.


a lot of things going on there

president now meanwhile in Florida

unpredictable what the next steps will be there


back again…

watch the flag…

electric cars have to fans within automobile industries leaders

and hydrogen cars …

12 have been sold in the UK last year.


5G mobiles? THERE ARE NONE

and what again is the purpose of all the 5G antennas everywhere????

medical devices.

another one surface that has been hidden from us

since 1920 already

no more cancer

could have been

liver of sharks keeping the secret of eternal life?

could anybody finally please work on that officially?

so we don’t have to kill sharks anymore?

couldn’t resist to post this

my personal expectation for 2023:

I think we are riding on a razors edge to have a world war or not

it is possible

and it is promoted and

all is prepared by those in official power

if there will be a war, it will be short.

Germany has ammunition for 2 days of war, the NATO gave significant amounts of their stocks to Ukraine,

so let us simply expect some weeks of war.

however, this war can be devastating.

taking into account or Russian conspiracy theorist Dmitri Medvedev, former president of Russia,

and him telling us that Germany would raise the 4th Reich…


I must smile.

could be.


and when this will happen, this will mean that all those gangsters in power in Germany right now will be either in jail or dead.

both ok for me.

I strongly recommend to not loose your stock of food at home.

keep it up.

be prepared.

especially when you live in cities, not only in Germany but also in the US, in England, in France: have your emergency luggage ready.

have your papers ready.

have your things organized.

have enough cash at home.

etc etc etc

I said all this long ago already.

I said to not let you be in a hurry when its time.

what can we do?

we can pray.

we can meditate

we can try to manifest good times and good solutions.

what else?

we can learn to patiently wait.

things are going faster and faster.

and I think we are close.

not on a minute by minute basis,

but we are not talking about years to come but much less.


be well

take care

we will see soon

I´ll keep you posted.



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