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Reader Post | By Stefan

Good to have you back, dear patriots!

This year is coming to an end and many of us Anons, patriots or even frogs, are not in such a good mood. Didn’t we, already last year think that this will be our year. I don’t mean the gNN, for them every day is THE DAY. Or tomorrow, no, the day after tomorrow, no, but definitely Monday. Because the Reno staff is on “high alert”. LOL, groundhog days in reference to the RV. No, by “our year” I mean the year where everything comes out in the open, where everything gets cleaned up, where we get a tailwind. Especially the latter would have been so needed, right?

2020 was the year of awakening and the year we could review who we were dealing with in the environment, and of course in our governments. That’s when this flu epidemic started, man-made, which probably degenerated into the biggest scam ever. It served as an awakening for a great many people, and that’s certainly why it was allowed to happen. Mitigated and allowed. Not an intelligence test, as many claimed, but a test of how far indoctrination had progressed in all of us. The alliance had to know that, because the whole further plan was built on that. It was always just a question of who resists, who goes along with everything, who leads on the ice, who leads into dead ends, who is a collaborator, and above all, who recognizes all this and gains strength, stamina, patriotism. Basically: Who is worth saving and liberating.

What we have trembled and trembled because of the elections in America, and when we went to sleep, we were reassured. The awakening was a rude one, because everything came differently. Suddenly there was a President Biden, that is, a Biden administration. The election fraud had worked. In the history of election fraud, probably the biggest ever. We know that by now; it’s all been sufficiently exposed. Again, that served to identify for the Alliance who is a patriot in the United States and who is not. Again, what mattered was who was worth saving and liberating. Since many Deep State stooges also operate around the world, the test for all of us was also spread around the world. Corona and the election fraud went hand in hand in 2020, as a test.

2021 was the year of a mix between awakening and exposure. All those who did not manage to awaken in 2020, now had new opportunities again and again to notice that something is wrong and what is wrong. All the actions and statements of a Biden administration, of a democratic party in America, but also of all the worldwide comrades-in-arms of the Khazarian mafia. They were everywhere, and everywhere they showed what they were really up to with the world. Quite openly, but also further covertly. Only the hidden did not remain unseen for long. It was shown quite openly, and each of us had the chance to see it all. But this requires courage and the willingness to walk stony paths. Many, however, simply threw their emerging doubts overboard and took the easy way out. The path of vaccination, the path of masks, the path of exclusion of the unvaccinated or mask refusers.

The comparative images of different politicians around the world who are now just clones, CGI or actors under masks have proliferated. A fake White House was shown often enough, an empty Washington DC was shown often enough, that has persisted into this year. In Germany, the Greens came to power with, of course, electoral fraud, and so they were able to show what their real agenda was and is from 2021. One meme on this topic I love and have seen many times with different wolf images, German or English text: “Wolves would never make the dumbest of the pack their leaders, humans do.” And, believe it or not, in my environment there are more and more jokes and excitement about the Greens, but still everything is accepted and swallowed what comes “from above”. And unfortunately, this is not always only due to vaccination.

Here, too, there were already the first indications in 2021 that it might not be such a good idea to be vaccinated after all. Especially not with vaccines that only had an emergency approval. And, of course, this was permanently extended. Respecting the Alliance and their plan, I still cannot imagine that people have been vaccinated who are still needed in the new era, in the new world. Therefore, I firmly believe that many people have received placebos A power like the Alliance, with extraterrestrial support, which can prevent atomic bombs, can prevent a destruction of the planet, as planned by the KM, folks, that can also neutralize vaccines before the “shot”. I am firmly convinced of this. My argument for this is the compulsory vaccination in the military, which was pulled through in many countries. All soldiers should be harmed? I don’t believe that, the military is needed, it is the only way in many things. My son is also vaccinated, that is of course also a motivation behind it for me.


Now 2022 began, remember? In December 2021 we were still told “The evidence is complete!” And what did we expect again. In spring (april schower, may flower). In summer (hot summer, hot august). In the fall (harvest and thanksgiving). At Christmas. Not to mention all the dates for an RV, and also all the days when the Iraqi dinar was officially revalued. Is anyone still talking about that? Or are we waiting for the next date?

For me, 2022 is clearly the year of realizations. The realization that everything is just a staged and brilliant show. For me, the decisive factor was the [redacted] “invasion” of [redacted]. In the run-up containerful material for scenery, cameras, personnel, crisis actors and “jounalists”. And another stage for the world show. We, who have been there longer, know what was cleaned up there and who and what was done there. We patriots have not been able to be sold an “X” as a “U” for a long time.

Then the realization that it would not have made sense to do an RV before, let alone a GCR. In retrospect, it wouldn’t have made sense to do it in 2022 either. Even if the upper and middle levels of the Khazarian mafia have fled or been imprisoned and killed, there are still the nasty little stooges, in every unpatriotic country, doing what they have always done until the last second: Bully people. Realization on this: The alliance can’t be everywhere at once, as we had hoped and wanted it to be. Through a lockdown, for example. It works according to a plan, or rather according to urgency. Everyone gets a turn, no one can or will escape, that’s all we need to know.

There were certainly many insights for all of us. I would like to mention two important ones, otherwise it would become too long an article again. One is the great importance of the Stellar Network. Something has been created here that will be the future of all of us. In the last months we have read again and again that the BRICS states, China and Russia, China alone or Russia alone want to create a world currency. And this is there! STELLAR! Not only intergalactic currency, but soon the world currency. This is not just my realization, but that of hundreds of thousands who are already involved or starting to be involved. I personally even believe that both the RV and the QFS will run in Stellar. But that’s just in passing, I could be wrong. The second realization is that we shouldn’t bother with the old world anymore, especially the show. It’s not for us anymore. I don’t have to deal every day with vaccine deaths that passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Nor do I need to show, watch or consume the individual acts of the show every day. We’ve been doing that for over three years and we ourselves, personally, haven’t made any progress with it. We have to focus on the new, on tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, on next week. And in doing so, we have to think big and think everything is possible.

I think that is exactly what the alliance expects of us. That we completely finish with the old world and don’t put any more energy into it. For days I’ve been thinking about a new format, I’ve decided on it, and already inputs are coming in, in places already for the next few weeks. The universe delivers, not always what we want to have, but always what we need.

I wish you all a beautiful and peaceful transition into the new year. I’m alone with our dog, probably going to throw a huge party with canned food and water. LOL. From the bottom of my heart, my thanks to all of you for reading my articles, for accompanying me on the path of my/our development, for supporting me. Without you many things would not have been possible. I bow down full of gratitude.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!


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