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[OpDis Health Disclaimer: All information presented should be considered as speculation and not fact. What you do with the state of your health is your decision and your responsibility.]

I thought I would take sometime to go over things. Since more are dying from the Covid shots, the protocols, and the other agendas thereof. Isn’t this long overdue to provide real healing, hope, and relief, not hopium? Earlier this month my Mother and I went to an Energy Enhancement System session and will state what this really is about and what you need to know. Don’t appreciate the deceptions, lies, psychological operations thereof. Enough is enough! Mass noncompliance is only part one of how to end the tyranny thereof. Not everyone will wake up the way so and so wants them to, if so and so won’t wake up now, they won’t due to the years of conditioning and more as they would enforce tyranny because they are under the conformist mindset and will obey orders no matter how evil the actions are. There is no one else to blame but themselves. There’s only so much each of us can do, but not everyone has the means nor the resources to do everything. Forget the 80% awakening level and moving the goalpost gaslighting BS, more lives are on the line here, it’s not just the battle of good vs evil, it’s principle. Quite frankly, real information and healing should be freely given and freely received. What about setting the examples of what Jesus Christ would do instead of operating the doctrines of man who are consumed by control, greed, and power. Philosophies never change.

COVID NARRATIVE REVELATION & NEED FOR REAL MEDBEDS: What is being done to reverse the damage done by the vaccines and other poisons thereof such as the Covid shots? Besides, there are more marketing campaigns promoting more mRNA shots to children and babies. While combining Covid, Flu, and RSV into one poisonous kill shot, the level of evil is outstanding, yet some of those still go along with it because they under the conformist mindset and are conditioned to obey authorities and will chose peaceful slavery.

Recently Pfizer executive testified at a Covid Hearing that the shots were never tested from preventing transmission, they more than they truly say. How the Covid clot shots are increasing the failure of Organ Transplants, including blood donations as the spike proteins continue to cause more suffering and deaths of the vaccinated. Look at the damage the vaccine and the Covid clot shot did to this multi-generational family, still there are plenty of other programmed to believe the authorities, trust big pharma, and overlords, the mass psychosis runs deep. Marvel’s Avengers partnered with Pfizer to push boosters in children. That’s in addition to Murder Inc’s still pushing Boosters in children with nothing to back up their so-called science. There are no depths to which these psychopaths won’t sink. French Politician and Ex Presidential Candidate, Jean Lasselle said the Covid Vaccine/Bioweapon nearly killed him as he had four other surgeries and so forth. He stated those such as Macron and others faked their VAX status and received fake VAX passports to promote the plandemic, part of the disclosure? Moderns is developing a new mRNA injection to supposedly repair the heart muscle after a heart attack. Talk about more poisons that benefit Pharmakeia. All that you need to know is anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree.

Don’t forget the Fifty other questions regarding the Covid response and the lack of accountability. At least there was a latest roundtable discussion on Covid-19 led by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI). Those present at this discussion was Dr. Peter McCullough who concluded that in order to prevent future harm, all COVID-19 vaccines need to be immediately withdrawn from the market. Those who did survive from the Covid jabs could ‘sterilize an entire generation’, drastic personality changes, and lead to 26% higher mortality rate, as this suits control and depopulation agenda, all part of the revelations being revealed. But there were a few things that were missing from the round table discussion is the fact the Covid-19 weren’t isolated under Koch’s postulates, many countries have proof of “no virus isolates”, reveal all of the safety data regarding the Covid shots with no redaction, end the testing, shutdown the centers giving the covid shots to the populace, and mass arrests for crimes against humanity. Don’t forget those such as Johnson, McCullough, and Malone are financed by big pharma in various ways from stock, to profiting from the testing kits and monoclonal antibodies that are tied with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Despite Malone and McCullough’s twitter accounts being reinstated from suspension are more distractions. Beware of the controlled opposition thereof, research and question everything.

Remember the Criminal Death Center “recommended” these death shots to children’s vaccination schedule, does not mean anyone has to go along with their evil wicked plans. As these evil doers continue paying homage to their gods Mammon and Moloch. Including the latest excuse for Covid-vaccine-induced death is “black hairy tongue”, you make this up! BTW, the new organ donation protocols advocate for murder by cutting off the blood flow to the brain that causes brain death. But of course suits organ harvesting that makes big $$ and suits depopulation agenda. It gets worse, more mRNA shots are being made for RSV, Covid, and the Flu all-in-one death shot. While RSV mRNA shots are being marketed for children, as this is next level of evil, child abuse, and mass increase of immune failure, the immune system and neurological failure for all of those who took the Covid shots and other shots as well. Amazing how the Australian Health Officials reject the third Covid booster for all ages, while they do the opposite and pledge $50 million to the World Bank’s new global Pandemic Fund. Question everything and whatever the government, the media, etc. tells you what to do, do the opposite.

While ten Republican Governors and two Democrat Governors refuse to mandate the Covid shot for children, what does that tell you? These evil ones want you consent in order to fuel enslavement and genocide. Without our consent, they lose their power and authority. No surprise as to whom benefits from these experimental gene therapy depopulation weapons, as these poisons continue to cause mass suffering, sterilization, and death. These tyrants are nothing not without your consent. Don’t have your kids continue to be guinea pigs on the altar of Pharmakeia. Our bodies are our pharmacies as created by God, not Pharmakeia. What’s really being done to stop this and to help those affected by the jab and the murder mill protocols? Don’t forget the conditioning of the protocols have been going on for decades because they felt they had to under the conformist mindset. What the Covid-1984 did was expose all of the evil followed by more disclosure and eventual accountability thereof.


Comes as to no surprise after an article from “The Atlantic” suggests “Pandemic Amnesty” for “Pandemic Authoritarians”. Accountability is the main factor….forgiveness is over when it comes to crimes against humanity. That applies to the evil doers, their minions, and the order followers who knew better, but chose to obey tyrants commandments and doctrines. Righteous anger was necessary in calling them out from the removal of civil liberties, implementation of the lockdowns, the draconian mandates, kicked out of places for noncompliance of wearing masks and more, the murder mill protocols, denial of basic human rights as seeing their loved ones, treated as prisoners using fear for more authoritarian control, ad hominem attacks, de-platforming, demonetization, debilitating gene therapy injuries and deaths, shut down of small business, increase of the fascist surveillance state, internment for the unvaccinated, implementation of Digital ID central based Digital Currency that suits the Great Reset, crimes against humanity goes unpunished, and much more. As political parasites such as the Democrats (part of the one party system) want to be rehired after they obeyed their globalist masters and continued to implement draconian rule. Those who continue going along with the tyranny and the psychological operations are the ones deceived by the very elect. We will never forget nor let this story die, nor let those we loved and lost to be in vain.

Then, there’s propaganda that is laughable at this point of a study coming out of the University of Toronto that 72% of the time if you dare miss your Booster Covid vaccine, then you are consider Unvaccinated and could cause higher risk of traffic accidents. While these ignorant and psychopath nut jobs who conducted that study will do anything to demonize and punish the unvaccinated. When in fact taking more mRNA depopulation weapons increases risk of traffic accidents and much more that suits control and depopulation, normalized as good. In this incident that took place in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, a 64 year old woman experienced a medical emergency and led to a massive accident with three killed, including the driver in 10-car fiery crash. Did she take the Covid shot, you decide? Would not be surprised they will jack up our insurance for compliance purposes.

This Australian Doctor Kerryn Phelps, who aggressively pushed the Covid vaccines and a former President of the Australian Medical Association recently confessed the “vaccines” caused significant injuries to both her partner and herself. Adam Exton, the Canadian Health Director of Parliamentary Affairs who led the Covid-19 response team and the shot rollout died suddenly at age 35. When it comes to their loved ones or their mortality, only then would they question what they have done and speak out against the narrative and the corruption thereof? Reality is not everyone will wake up because they’ve been conditioned to obey authorities and will do so until it’s too late.

Speaking of which, Karen Kingston did an excellent job finding these mRNA vaccines/depopulation weapons were designed to cause diseases and are antibody resistant. Because there are no big money $$ in cures that Big Pharma and the Overlords can’t control. All that you need to know that anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree. More are still dying suddenly, and the sheeple will never get it. Even those who continue to die suddenly as this 28 year old American Journalist Grant Wahl and TV photojournalist Khalid al-Misslam died suddenly in Qatar covering the World Cup.

I would recommend “The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal” for those with an open mind. As with the latest wrapping up genocide part 26, is an overview showing and telling, makes you question about the Covid shots, the use of the frequencies and more. Including How bad is my batch, the Covid blogwe the patriots USA, and wine press news. As with the Died Suddenly documentary by Stew Peters was more like died already and yes Peters did plagiarize a scene of pulling a blood clot from a heart procedure and never took any responsibility for it, that one of many issues with the documentary having several errors, including not giving credit to Dr. Jane Ruby who found the embalmer and the connections of the blood clots in the jabbed. To those such as Trump promoting these Covid shots under Warp Speed and will not apologize for misleading people into submitting to the altar of Pharmakeia. The result are millions of men, women, and children worldwide are suffering from these Covid shots, the shedding, and other poisons, or are dead.

According to Ed Dowd: 7500 Americans are disabled or killed everyday as a result of the Covid shots and under the decivilization assault. The over 10,000 flight cancellations from Southwest Airlines is a result of vaccine mandates and high amount of employee absences, and mass die offs that would lead to collapse of the airline industry, as the controllers don’t want us to travel freely.

Doesn’t one think those who received the Covid shots need the real MedBeds as well? Whoever determines who gets the MedBeds first are no different than those putting people into the lifeboats on the Titanic/Olympic. Isn’t that discriminatory? Don’t we all need real healing, hope , and relief? Doesn’t one think that real healing should be free and doesn’t create customers that benefits the few at the expense of many? But at least Big Pharma are showing signs of collapse, because more don’t trust the vaccines. Can’t say for those who know better, but continue to submit to the vaccines and more anyway due to consent.


There are ways to remove Graphene Oxide in the body, such as Glutathoine IV therapy, NAC, Quercertin, Ivermectin kills the spike protein levels, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Melatonin, Black Seed, Astaxanthin, MMS, Magnetic clay baths, Corcyceps Sinesis (boosts immune system and strengthens kidney function), Systemic Enzyme Therapy, and other means to improve blood levels. You have to find what works best for you and in the long-term. Would like to see more of this free energy device that you place your arm of where you got the Covid shots as frequencies are applied to get it out of your arm, along with liquor poured onto the arm, and the use of the Bible on the forehead depicted as a modern day exorcism. But it’s the long term damage that is of greater concern, especially with the shedding of the spike proteins, immune system, neurological, cardio and mobility as well. Those MedBeds could really come in handy right about now. With four more reasons of why the Covid Narrative is falling apart, but again questions of accountability and real Nuremberg trials against the evil doers and their minions. This exposed our system and our people’s true colors as they didn’t have the discernment to see through the tyranny, but instead went along with it under the conformist mindset they felt they had to. Some have repented and others haven’t.

WESTERN AUSTRALIAN GONE FULL TOTALITARIAN, MEDICAL KIDNAPPING IN NEW ZEALAND & DENYING LIFE SAVING ORGAN TRANSPLANT DUE TO COVID POLICIES: There’s more coming out of Western Australia Laws of Government Slavery, Extortion, Labor Camps, Gas Chambers, Drugs, etc. I found that from a channel called Tim Truth, he can be found on You Tube and on Odysee. Tim, does reports of the increased mortality of the Covid mRNA jabs and more. When you have the Corporate Death Center (CDC) who claims aluminum adjuvants are safe, even though another study shows it causes asthma in children. Three months before the Covid Plandemic appeared, the DoD issued “COVID-19 Research” contract to [redacted] company called [redacted] How this is tied with the plandemic and fueling the KM’s in [redacted]. No coincidences. Kaiser admits your risk of getting Covid increases with each shot, thus the pandemic of the vaccinated. Expect more plandemics thanks to fake Biden’s EO advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing for the supposed sustainable Bioeconomy.

As Governments continue for example, medical kidnapping due to disobedience to authorities. In New Zealand, the Government just took the baby away from his parents (medical kidnapping), as the parents demanded Unvaccinated blood for heart surgery. To save this baby boy Will, who needs a heart transplant and the hospital won’t comply, please check out Save Baby Will to learn how you can help as Pureblood/Unvaccinated blood is in high demand.

“Numerous unvaccinated Kiwis volunteered to donate their blood for the infant, but authorities denied the request and insisted the blood come from a sanctioned blood bank.

While the child was being taken away, the parents were told he would be returned after he recovered from surgery.”

The good news if this is true that baby Will’s parents stated from legitimate sources that people did donate blood that were not injected with the mRNA Covid shots. The only other update, was baby Will was medically kidnapped from his parents and was given vaccinated transfused blood and so far is okay, otherwise no news is good news. But still, medical tyranny must be fought at all costs.

This is the consequence of using Covid vaccine-tainted blood transfusion. Sacred Heart Hospital murdered this Newborn baby boy Alex. They lied about losing the donor blood. They had always intended for the baby to get the blood of the vaccine, in defiance of the parents’ wishes. How many more lives lost will it take to wake anyone up? If people aren’t going wake up now, they won’t get it until is too late.

While a New Zealand Scientist, Dr. Carlton Brown has written an open letter called on Government Officials to investigate Covid vaccine failure, toxicity, and “irreparable vaccine-induced harm”. In North Carolina, USA at Duke University, a 14-year old Ukrainian girl is being denied a life-saving kidney transplant over non-compliance with Covid-shot protocols, even though in their own paperwork states “recommended” and/or “required”. The same hospital are pushing the poisonous HPV vaccine along with the Covid shot as “requirements” for a kidney transplant. This organization we the patriots usa are standing for liberties.

EES EXPERIENCE & TESLA BIOHEALING DEVICE: With energy healing centers such as the Energy Enhancement System (EES), is scalar wave therapy that supposedly speeds healing using frequencies from various TV’s stacked up in the room that has different colors and is more like repairing the cells in your body, increasing blood circulation, improved focus, increased energy, mobility, and more. My Mother and I have experienced this recently and have to say there are pros and cons. For one this is very expensive that is $60 per hour, some do the two-hour, four-hour, or the eight hours. Also, you are in a room with eleven other people besides yourself, that is just for one unit and the room was too humid. Towards the end of this you do feel relaxed, but the relief is temporary in the short-term, as the relief lasted only one week after the EES, and they aren’t the real MedBeds. In other words, this is very likely turned into a big money laundering $$ machine no different than big pharma. I did contact the EES and Unifyd Healing by email to let them know what I thought, and of they sent me an email basically letting me know they respect my perspective, but don’t agree with what I had to say. I would’ve preferred to contact EES and Unifyd Healing by phone, but there was no way to speak to a person, as their only contact was by email, just FYI.

You would think the prices would’ve been lower let’s say $30-35 per hour or lower and other payment plans, and offer free services so it least’s it’s reasonable. Just so you know more are going through hard times such as losing their jobs, their homes, and struggling to put food on the table. Unless you are very wealthy or the elite class you can purchases these screens in your homes for the price of a car that is $15,000 or more. Not everyone is that fortunate nor operates the same as the next person. Because those who benefit $$ are these businesses that is why more of these places are popping up in the USA and worldwide. For those who don’t know the EES are promoted by Jason Shurka and The Light Source (TLS), which is a supposed good guy secret group mirrored to the Jedi’s from Star Wars. All that I am saying yes, the EES is a tool to use your energy to heal yourself as our bodies as our pharmacies as created by God. I can sense the frequencies were turned lower for a purpose, but feel they can be increased for faster healing without pain and the relief longer lasting. I stated my review to Jason Skurka in one of their latest promo videos of the EES, why? Because he is the main spokesperson for this system and has direct contact with the inventor of the system Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. Jason did more than one interview with Dr. Michael who created the machine and they claimed the EES technology was superior to the medbeds, which is an absolute lie and Jason never apologized for being wrong. Whether or not they would listen to what I had to say and others who do comment is up to them to make the change for the better and not be greedy. After talking to others on Jason Shurka’s community page who had the same concerns as I had. The EES is very likely a scam. Another thing that I would say as to why the EES didn’t install these devices on cell towers, billboards, and other public venues that would benefit humanity so we could have energy healing everywhere. Think about that.


With the Tesla Biohealing medical device that is a heating pad in a small can that does provide temporary relief from pain, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation. At least they admit their device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, nor prevent any disease. You can talk to a representative on the telephone as well. With these biohealers at least they are portable, flexible, and don’t require electricity that has a shelf life of 36 months. I have two of these to see if this would help with my chronic pain and inflammation, this product has at least helped me manage it better and increase mobility, and didn’t cure anything. Yes, you can wrap these biohealers in a lightweight towel on place this on your body where you need it most. Each of these biohealers are $600 a piece. I wish they were $300 a piece instead or lower. While the two big golden drum MedBed Generators are apparently one hundred times stronger than the small biohealers. The Generators cost $20,000 for two of them. Even with the 10% discount until January 15th they are offering from their own website and channels such as ShariRaye with her code ShariBF10, and these are expensive nonetheless.

With the times we are in as not everyone can afford this and live paycheck by paycheck, struggling to survive, are homeless, are hungry, and dealing with things positively or negatively. Which is why anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree. Isn’t it true that before the real MedBeds come out, aren’t we seeing all of these scammers who pretend these are MedBeds, when in fact they are not, but are using this to benefit themselves. Don’t appreciate the lies thereof. Accountability is in order. More need to stand and call them out for the lies and the psychological operations thereof. Those such as Shurka promote the New Age deception. Do you honestly think that Jesus Christ would charge any amount of $$ to be healed, you tell me? Shouldn’t real healing be freely given, freely received? Because the way things are going, if nothing is done to really heal those affected by the Covid shots, the shedding, agendas, and more. Will there be anyone around at that point as generations are destroyed from the actions of those who enforced depopulation agenda because of following orders and other excuses? Is freedom really free? The sooner the truth comes out, the real healing, hope, and relief for all can come. Jesus Christ’s Kingdom is the one kingdom that stands forever. Would rather focus my energy on finding real solutions and work in the long-term, stand by the truth, live on principle, and don’t tolerate evil doers and their minions. God wins. Am not the only one who is beyond tired of waiting and I don’t have the means nor the resources to do everything, do you?


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