ChipChat’s Notes on Phil’s Live “Continuity”


ChipChat on Phil’s Live “Continuity”

Part 1 of 2

Phil was wearing a St Louis cap and a long-sleeve T with an American Eagle and the U S Flag. In the background was a Mr. Pool plaque, the Letter G, a picture that looked like the Tree of Life and two lanterns (very symbolic). There was a picture of another tree on the wall. There were two stuffed characters, one on the couch behind him and one in the back corner. He began by saying 2023 is going to much better than 2021 and 2022. He also explained the problems he had the other evening with the internet going out. He still has a bad cough. Let me say here that you will have to watch this Live yourself. There were a lot of information posts that I am not able to write about. It is too involved. It was good to see the old Phil again. He was upbeat, and yes, he is funny. The solemnity that was present in his last Live was not to be seen tonight. If you felt this Live was not what you thought or expected, then I bet you have not followed him for very long, or you are judging him by what others have said about him. This was an excellent Live. He gave all the credit to Derek for his Live tonight, and Phil wanted to make sure that we understood the gravity and reality of what is going on behind the scenes. It truly is a military operation, one that has been in the works for years and even well before Trump took office. The purpose of tonight’s Live was reassurance and the necessity that you understand the significance of what is going on. 

He mentioned that Silver and Gold have increased in value, and this was supported today by Robert Kiyosaki. Because of the passage of the 1.7 trillion Omnibus Bill the stock market decreased in value because of inflation. Phil doubts the Gitmo story involving the U S military. I do as well. Also, the execution of Nancy Pelosi today at Gitmo cannot be confirmed. It may have occurred, but we just do not know. He showed the familiar video of Trump and Kash Patel from a year ago explaining that Trump is not going to wait until the end of Biden’s term to resolve the problems. The general overtone of the Live was that things are definitely happening behind the scenes, and it is not going to be much longer. The detailed analysis from Derek confirmed that we are in Devolution and COG (Continuity of Government). Everything is not as it seems has all been designed by the White Hats, and we got a conformation that what we are seeing from the Biden Administration is all under the direction of the White Hats. If you think about it, it is pretty obvious. I really wonder if we will ever find out who has played these Deep State characters.

Part 2 of 2

Some thoughts. As we get closer to the Reveal, the information will most likely be more confusing. That’s only expected. We are not in control.  Let’s face it, it has been impossible trying to figure it all out. At least we now have a better understanding of the role misinformation and disinformation have played.  Whether purposed or not, it has been essential in keeping the Plan intact. Just remember how much effort you put into keeping secret a surprise BD Party! The birthday boy or girl must be completely shocked or you failed in your mission. The same applies here. Not only the Deep State will be shocked, but we as well. Know this, that as Phil again pointed out, we are living in the greatest time. We are witnessing the most strategic military operation in history. Don’t let it escape you. Remain confident. We have all been frustrated at times. Phil has and I as well as many of you. That is only natural. Time wears on us all. Are there more rough times ahead? I don’t know, but I do believe the time is short.

Godspeed, Chip



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