You are the Savior you are Waiting for!


Source: Operation Disclosure | By Gary Goodman (GMan757), Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 25, 2022

YOU ARE The Savior You Are Waiting For!

Merry Christmas, everyone!  This is the time of the year for JOY to the world, peace on earth, and in the Christian world, to celebrate the birth of Yeshua bin Joseph (Jesus).  

So, I gotta ask You; Yes, I am  speaking to YOU, along with every other human on the planet. Why is so much of the world suffering, and why in the H E double hockey sticks did Q finish two of his most recent posts with the word Ascension on a line by itself?

Until you can connect the dots on that last sentence, you wont fully awaken, and you will just go on a “sufferin”.  Letter 17 GETS IT, the Maestro GETS IT, so why don’t you?  It is because you have been programmed to be-lie-ve (thank you Mr Gilliland).that someone external is required to come and save you, be it Jesus, the Maestro, the Galactic Federation, etc.

Notice how I pointed out the lie in your beliefs.  James Gilliland  is fond of pointing out the lie in beliefs in that way.  Ra, in the Law of One series, calls it a distortion to the actual reality, introduced by you through your beliefs or perception of reality.
As for me, I am danged tired of waiting on YOU!  And that is my distortion on our collective reality.  You see, even though I get it, the Galactic Federation get it, and Q and DJT get it, those guys are bound by some combination of Karma, and possibly NDAs.  

That prevents them from overtly disclosing everything.  I am bound by neither!  I do not have any inside sources that would require me to have a NDA.  What I do have is a finely honed sense of Intuition backed by about 8,000 hours spent researching everything under the sun.


So, what is it that we get, that the rest o f you do not, you might ask?  Note that I am going to forego my usual wordy prose,  and cut to the chase as briefly and succinctly as I can:

We Humans are Powerful beings.  So powerful, in fact, that our dark controllers are terrified off us awakening to that power.  To paraphrase a quote attributed to Jesus: “Wherever two or more of ye gather in my name, there shall I be also”.  That statement had nothing to do with church, but does not preclude a church assembly.

Yeshua incarnated on this planet to teach humanity of their power.  That is why disciples referred to him as Rabi, which means teacher.  

My intuition tells me that letter 17 put ascension in his posts in order to steer everyone away from their fixation on politics and other 3D control structures, giving us a hint that we would be better served by spiritual thoughts instead.

So, the bottom line is that while I be-lie-ve that not only is DJ T still our president, he will be the first leader of the entire planet after ascension.  As Ra would say, this is my distortion on observed reality.

So, connecting the dots, as these powerful beings that were tricked into manifesting a reality that led to so much suffering, it is up to us to immediately stop living in fear and start having loving THOUGHTS of life without pain and suffering.  

Thoughts and words are very powerful tools, and are the source of much of our power and ability to manifest!.  A famous statement, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” had a hidden (occulted) meaning.  Ever ponder the meaning of that statement?  


It really meant that without a bunch of the population living in fear, the dark controllers had no control over humans.  And thus they tricked us into manifesting a negative 3D reality, complete with Wars, and much pain and suffering.

Dear friends, I know that my soul is eternal.  I fear NOTHING any more.  Therefore, who among you will join me and manifest a better world today, Christmas day, 2022?  Cobra, Dr Ali, and others are big on reciting mantras as part of their mass meditations.  

Yet, I say to you, it is much simpler that that.  Simply THINK IT AND IT IS!!!  So, I ask YOU again, who among you will join me today?  Simply spend a part off your Christmas Day, 2022 in prayer and meditation, thinking happy thoughts and dreaming of a new life without fear and suffering.

I dearly Love ALL of you.

Gary Goodman (GMan757)

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