(Reader: Theodore Colon) Camp-Hero: Referred to as the “East Coast Area 51”


Reader Post | By Theodore Colon

The Montauk ~Projects, Camp-Hero, a black-budget installation,  for top secret, crashed UFO reverse engineering, aliens, mind control and unconventional Projects, often referred to as the east coasts Area~51.

Montauk NY is a picturesque, Oceanside resort community on the tip of Long Island, where the rich and famous have fun in the sun.

Montauk is also known for Camp Hero, a decommissioned Air Force base.

Camp Hero’s roots are traceable to the Revolutionary War, when it was a facility to test military cannons. During World War II, the base was an important coastal defense against potential Nazi intrusions.

There were things going on there back in the 1940s and ’50s — that some level of government activity was taking place out there. The fact that we had an Air Force base out here in Montauk, which was a very remote area during that time, and the fact that it was set up in such a way as to disguise it as a little fishing village so that it wouldn’t appear to be what it actually was, an early version of Area 51.

The under ground is a Swiss cheese maze of tunnels and one linking to Brookhaven National Laboratory,  about 60 miles from the Montauk base, is run by the US Department of Energy. Both are home to an inter-dimensional portal-vortex, or a ‘gate’ into a different dimension, heavily involved in the study of Quantum theory and mechanics.

Conspiracy theorists and people who say they have spent time there claim Camp Hero was once used for bizarre, secret experiments that included mind control, time travel and a hole ripped in space-time.


The rumors first emerged sometime in the 80s when a few men, now in their 70s, came forward claiming that they were subjects in the so-called “Montauk Project”, a black-budget continuation of the mysterious Philadelphia Experiment.

There were things going on there back in the 1940s and ’50s — that some level of government activity was taking place out there, he said. The fact that we had an Air Force base out here in Montauk, which was a very remote area during that time, and the fact that it was set up in such a way as to disguise it as a little fishing village so that it wouldn’t appear to be what it actually was.

Preston Nichols, an electrical engineer that once worked on the base, once stated that the facility was built in order to train psychic spies out of young boys, using technology gathered from wrecked alien space craft.

Alfred claimed he was a programmer who designed sequences where kidnapped boys were experimented on to become psychic spies and he said he was part of these psychic manipulations.

Beatings, a lot of torture, electrical shock, burials, and near-drowning — they’d bring you to the point of death and then they would save you, and the person doing this would be your rescuer and would say, ‘I’m the one that saved you and remember that. And that became your handler. Brilliant mathematician Ted Kaczynski took part in a “purposely brutalizing psychological experiment” as part of Project MK Ultra; years later he would embark on a domestic terrorist campaign under the name of the ‘Unabomber.’ In one facility in Kentucky, volunteers were given LSD for a consecutive seventy seven days. Other experiments in ‘mind control’ would use electro-shock therapy, hypnosis and radiation. 

Nichols, like Bielek, was an electrical engineer. He says he worked at the Camp Hero location and that he also saw extraterrestrials there. We had the little grays and larger grays as well as a variety of reptilian beings, said Nichols. The large grays didn’t want anything to do with me. … When I entered a room, they would leave.

Nichols claims that among the experiments performed on the secret base were projects that intended to master time travel, experiments that he says were successful when they culminated in a “whole ripped in space-time” in 1983., a “Creature escaped and  started destroying equipment and killed some scientists”, resulting in shutting down and decommissioning  the base. 


Even more disturbing, the CIA would often drug US citizens and conduct experiments on them without their knowledge or consent. One subproject of MK Ultra was codenamed ‘Operation Midnight Climax’, where the CIA went so far as to set up fake brothels located within agency safe-houses in San Francisco and New York, equipped with two way mirrors and recording equipment, where sex workers would drug customers and the sessions would be recorded for study. 

That legacy of secrecy continues to this day, but something’s still are forever linked to the Montauk~project, camp~Hero, Einstein, and Telsa.

 The U.S. Government admits to performing experiments in quantum physics, mind control, and psychic warfare at the Brookhaven Lab during the Phoenix Project. Albert Einstein had suggested the U.S. Government perform experiments in time and space manipulation.  Einstein had worked as a consultant for the military during World War II.  According to Einstein’s Unified Field Theory space-time manipulation is possible.

The crew of the S.S. Andrew Furuseth did claim to see a warship appear in front of them and suddenly disappear in Norfolk Harbor in 1943.

The U.S. Government claims that Camp Hero – Fort Montauk is completely abandoned, however, Camp Hero – Fort Montauk still emanates electromagnetic fields.

Dr. John Von Neumann was the alleged head of the “Phoenix Project” and the “Montauk Project.”  It is a known fact that Von Neumann, Nikola Tesla, and Albert Einstein all worked together at Princeton University’s Institute for Advanced Study conducting experiments on quantum physics.  Von Neumann is best known for his work on ENIAC, the first computer that could store information.

Nikola Tesla, attempted to build an international radio transmitter at Wardenclyffe, Long Island.  It was so controversial that Wardenclyffe changed its name to Shoreham!  The tower was intended to amplify radio signals that could be broadcast worldwide using a huge device similar to the Tesla Coil.  This is certainly consistent with the ideas of the “Phoenix Project.”


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