(Reader: Stefan) Anything is Possible! – Part 2


Reader Post | By Stefan

Good to have you back for the second part, dear patriots!

Maybe the Alliance wants us to stop dealing with the outside and wait for it to finally start, but maybe it wants us to deal with our tomorrow, to put our focus on that?

The plan is written and will be followed, we rely on that, but do we have to wait for every move that is made? Do we have to cheer every success? The Alliance also has plans for afterward, everyone who fights wars has them. But how many of us are in on it? And how many fall by the wayside because they don’t care, only their projects or their wealth. How many are so focused on the day of the event and fail to consider the bigger picture with all its important developments? If I want something, I express the desire. The HOW has nothing to interest me and is not important. The HOW only calls again the mind on the plan, which tells me that it is impossible. If I want to have a peaceful world with free, sovereign people, in which there is no more suffering and poverty, then I order it so. Do you think, in smaller child worries about how Santa Claus fulfills his wish? Never ever! It writes a wish list and trusts in the fulfillment. Maybe children should be in power, right?

There are more and more people who believe the impossible is possible. And that is good that we really rethink in this relationship. Let’s take it one step at a time:

You want to help poorer countries. That’s OK, because they are still poor. I’m thinking here, because I have contacts with corresponding projects, of Thailand, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and other countries of the still existing “Third World”. Why are these countries poor? Well, because they were exploited by the Deep State! Will the countries remain poor or will they be allowed to use their natural resources and their assets themselves in the future? They also get funds, they also get NESARA, they also get new governments that are no longer corrupt. So what do those who wanted to do projects there do when they are no longer needed? Because the countries catch up with the other “industrialized nations” from one day to the next? The people in these countries can cope with it, what do we presume to be able to judge, what they can cope with in terms of wealth or what not? That is not impossible for me for a long time, the news, which slumbers there everywhere at values are for years in the circulation.

Next example is environmental pollution and renaturation, and there it already goes a little bit in the direction of impossible. We’ve done projects on how to get our planet clean, how to take down unnecessary buildings, factories, manufacturing plants, and then have forests or meadows thrive again. How to clean the oceans, how to reclaim deserts and how much money we need or must have for it, we think big with as many zeros as possible. But what if all this is already planned? What if there are unknown technologies that can do all this? Without money and above all much faster. This has already been written about and we even know one of the technologies that could be used for this. The replicator. It can not only create, but it can also dispose of and repair. And it is supposed to exist in different sizes. So why not also in spaceship size to free all oceans from dirt? It knows what belongs in the oceans, there are blueprints for that, so it dematerializes only what doesn’t belong and repairs what has been destroyed, for example coral reefs or crippled aquatic life. Even the smallest plastic particle or drop of oil is caught with it.

And so I could go on in a tour. What if we don’t need retirement homes at all? No children’s homes? No homeless shelters? I don’t see the seniors anymore, what are we getting med beds for and stopping the aging process. How many couples want a child or families want one more child in the whole world? They are all healthy and there will be plenty of money to give them everything. And so we need children’s homes? Why are there homeless people? Because they don’t have money. If they get money, or if they get a house, if they are made healthy, a beautiful future lies ahead of them. Yes, I can hear you, loud and clear I can hear that all this cannot happen overnight. And I only ask: Why not? What is impossible about it? What do you know something that I do not know? I wrote it above: HOW is completely irrelevant, it only brings the limiting mind into play. Our heart can think big and the impossible becomes possible. Hey, and if you can’t or don’t want to believe that, that’s OK. I can do it, others can do it. Everything is possible. I don’t see such a thing as transitional times anymore, I used to believe in that too. But the day we are all equipped with free energy, with a free Q-Phone, with a free Internet and free QFS account, a free replicator, and it’s all possible, it’s over with transition times.


Why should all the bad things that have now been painstakingly destroyed over the last three years be rebuilt for a transition period? But hey, whoever wants it that way should order it that way, I am no guru, no leader, no mastermind. Everyone in such a way, as he developed. Thought-provoking impulses are what I want to give. Thinking bigger in relation to everything. For me there is no spinning around, everything is possible. Very many of us deal with science fiction, its movies, series or even documentaries, so it is natural that we deal with space, with galaxies and also with other planets. With space travel, spaceships and yes, also with a possible settlement of other worlds. Since a few days, the background picture of Elon’s Twitter account does not let me go. Together with his T-shirt, which he once wore, on which “Occupy Mars” was written. If I add to this a few movies, like “Total Recall” with Arnold Schwarzenegger or “John Carter – Between the Worlds”, how should it not be possible that Mars is greened, gets seas and an atmosphere and we can colonize it? Who tells us that? Or who can say otherwise? They show it to us in movies, there I can’t just pick out what fits my thinking, I have to consider EVERYTHING.

I’m coming to the end now, otherwise there will be a third part. And I’ve been told that people don’t like to read. Oh yeah, why? Because listening to a video or texting saves time? Then what do we do with the time saved?

I know from contacts, many want to get back to nature, preferably still without technology. To this I can only say that there will be no restrictions at all. Whoever wants to do that, will be able to do that. It already went without technology, why should it not go again in such a way. The primitive people didn’t perish because they didn’t have a cell phone or a refrigerator. The first season of Picard showed us that technology, i.e. replicators, teleporters, spaceships, can exist very well next to a vineyard or next to homegrown tomatoes. An acquaintance from a TG group wrote the following, which I liked very much and which sums it up: “It doesn’t matter if we dream the same future or not. Whether we are few or we are many who imagine this future. All that matters is that we do!” A good friend of mine said a few days ago that he can imagine packing up his family, taking a star cruiser and setting off into space, course “To infinity and much further.” I can imagine moving to Mars and trading between the two planets, or even further afield with other civilizations of the galactic federation. And yet, I would love to have a log cabin next to a river or a lake. Where that is, I don’t care by now, because I want to keep as many options open as possible.

So do yourselves a favor and don’t limit yourselves and don’t let yourselves be limited. We are all needed because we are all unique and valuable. We are big, we are strong, we have grown from many tasks. And we can, each for himself and also together, achieve everything and make the impossible possible, if we stick together and continue our ways side by side, equally. Whoever wants to turn, should do so. Whoever wants to go a different way, should do so. But always keep in mind that apart from our Creator (or Creatress) , no one knows how things will continue. And that, as a result, turn-offs and other paths could well lead to dead ends.

There is one more thing I would like to address. There are those who say we should not rely on the new thing that is coming and make changes now. For example, with nutrition, which is certainly not good just because there will be med beds. We should change it now. But can everyone do that? Should they all? Do they all have to? And what is right? Who judges that when he doesn’t even know me? Then there are those who say they do nothing at all, lay their hands in their laps and wait for salvation. Is that right? Even if they feel they are powerless, can they put dreams into the field? Or in the morning and in the evening, with one sentence, they can withdraw the energy from the 3D system. Speak loudly or softly, believe in it and then they can go to the couch for all I care. Everyone can make his contribution. Above all, this leads to a return of personal responsibility. And once I have it back, it won’t be relinquished again so quickly.

I know that a great future awaits us. For everyone as he dreams and hopes. With two restrictions: Not at the expense of others and not as an elite. So let’s dream without thinking anything is impossible, there are no limitations.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!


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