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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

In the crazy times we are in right now, it is getting harder and harder to focus on what is really important: Our future. The media are overlapping, distracting, confusing, exaggerating THEIR topics, presumably according to script, so that a few more soulful people will awaken. It seems to be working, even if we don’t notice much of it in our small environment. Trump leads everyone around by the nose, trolls and triggers, and still everyone falls for it and falls into his traps. Probably also according to plan, because that the alliance, the White Hats have everything under control, is for me beyond doubt.

In addition, there is the front man Elon Musk, who makes nails with heads out of the specifications and finally, finally shows visible changes for the better. He’s the man for the rough stuff, and he’s coming on the scene just in time. Any journalist in the MSM who is now still pushing the leftist, misanthropic state propaganda can soon warm up. Presumably, it will now be quite quick for everyone (perhaps scripted) to take a swing, at least to neutral. But it may also be that the established media will simply disappear without a sound because no one believes them anymore. I’ve read that consumers are more likely to trust Twitter again than the MSM. That’s a good thing and probably a point of the plan.

Still we can’t see behind the curtain, still we walk around in the fog and sometimes we wonder why we don’t get more or bigger breadcrumbs from the White Hats. At least those who are obviously longer and also better in the subject of this war. Who, like me, are running a channel, enlightening, taking people into confidence or “keeping them in line.” Some of my acquaintances even consider the White Hats to be presumptuous, because they don’t seem to trust us to grasp or understand the next steps. Sometimes I agree with them a little bit, because just now, when the fog is lifting, we enlightened people could do with a little backing. Not only to wake up better and more, but also to distance ourselves from the gatekeepers, who unfortunately still exist and are rather counterproductive, because the awakened still run after them in droves. I also lack understanding in places, especially when we are still being harassed here by the dying FRG corporate construct. By stooges, systemlings of the Deep State BRD. Clearly, the system dies, because the heads are gone, but still mercenaries of the company Constellis (policemen) have the weapons. Still “tax offices” and other “offices” can block accounts or even imprison. And without money and without freedom it will be difficult to wake up others or to keep them in confidence.

This is a very grotesque situation and many are tempted to say that the White Hats may be a bit out of their depth or even not yet in the position of power they claim to be. This criticism should be allowed, because it would be quite easy to provide the few real truther with documents that give them immunity. I write this because I know that such a thing exists. It has already been practiced. Such a regulation would not be leaked to the outside world in order to jeopardize another plan, if necessary. The holder of the immunity must keep his mouth shut (NDA) and the “authorities” concerned will certainly not bring something like this into the public.

Folks, maybe it is no longer necessary, because we are very far advanced with the plan, and so far everything has gone more or less well (at least I hope). Nevertheless, we are allowed to criticize, even if more and more positive things are happening now. I’m curious to see how things will go on now, even if I only watch the show a little on the outside. For me, the time has come to look at the future. I’ve talked before about the new technologies, the six that we know about. These six patents are already completely turning our whole world upside down and actually showing us what we no longer need. What will the other 5994 patents bring then?

And we have to deal with them, otherwise we run the risk of missing the train to the new world, and then the only thing left for us to do is to repair our old world. Do we want that? Or don’t we rather want something completely new, which we are also allowed to help shape? And these thoughts have nothing to do with our current consumer behavior: Get rid of the old and always get the new. No, that’s not what we mean. Why should we take old things, which have actually always annoyed us, with us into the new world? Just think of rules and regulations. Or to contracts, insurances, declarations, applications? Especially when it comes to the RV, the exchange, the GCR we are confronted with rules, regulations, conditions. We should do this, we must do that, if we don’t do this, we will only get that. You know it, after all, you read it every day. And this is supposed to be our new world? Apart from those who still say there is an elite, chosen ones, without whom the others will never get money? Without their projects the new world will not come. With it only those are “picked up”, which consider themselves anyway already for something better. Folks, hand on heart, that’s the way it is. And yes, there are exceptions, many exceptions in fact. I’m not making the mistake of lumping everything together. But we should all keep re-examining what the motivation is behind what we want to do with the RV and the GCR and what we want to have in terms of wealth.


Basically, almost all of the ambitions of the people I’ve met like this are in the direction of doing good. Hey, and that’s world class. Animals, children, seniors, the homeless, single parents, the sick, the disabled, poor people, third world countries, in fact all those in need need help, need others to do good. Our planet must be cleansed of environmental damage, we must be cleansed of poisoning, these are all good points, important points that someone should have in focus if he wants to do good. But I can’t for the life of me imagine our Creator (or Creatress) putting this on the shoulders of a few and even making them an elite. Do you know how hard it would be to get down from that pedestal? Once you have power over others, and, folks, those privileged ones would, would you ever give it up? I dare to doubt it and that’s why I don’t believe in this “elite”.

We have worked out projects to do good. Many are constantly working on them. Improve it, correct it, change it or even leave it as they see fit at some point. On one hand it’s good because they stay away from the distractions, on the other hand they take themselves out of what may be important for our future. I make choices every day. What do I read, what do I watch, what news do I engage with? With me, because I run a channel. So I research as broadly as possible, but I also get news sent to me, which means I’m inundated with information. And to pick out what is really important, sometimes there is no time at all, you know, the days just fly by. But what happens is that what I really need keeps coming back, even if I accidentally scroll through it. And so, out of many different bits and pieces, a whole picture comes together that I wouldn’t be able to see if I just focused on one particular corner of the picture. So often others and I have pointed out that we should keep our distance, go into eagle perspective. However, very few “followers” do and they get quieter too.

If I follow only one, whether guru or “truther” or organization founder, what happens? I tend to believe only what is said or written there, don’t I? I calibrate my tensors with one measure. How is that supposed to work and how am I supposed to remain objective then? And above all, what happens if the person disappears all at once? Do I then start all over again and look for the next “one” or does this make me more cautious? In Germany, a channel operator has been “gone from the window”, i.e. arrested, who had over 120000 subscribers. How many “followers” are now in a deep hole and no longer understand the world? Especially because, of course, they have split from all who warned them. Division, as it is written in the book. And it will not be the last “gatekeeper” to be exposed, that’s for sure. The net of stooges has been very big and it is not gone yet. So we really should always act to have as many options as possible, and that also means getting out of the comfort zone of having only one informant. The white hats are very adept at this. They’ve caught many long ago and replaced them with clones, CGI or actors. Of course, I don’t see that when I’m blinded to someone and only see their words as the real thing. That’s why Alliance also exaggerates the characters or what they say. But I only notice that with distance. Once I’m in a cul-de-sac or a traffic circle, I can’t get out of it any time soon. And everyone else passes me by.

My point is simply that we think everything is possible, even the impossible. In this regard, we really need to think big. This is what is really meant when we talk about thinking big. It’s not about zeros behind a one when I exchanged. It’s not about how many zeros there are in the bills I exchange. And it’s not about the biggest sums I get for my biggest projects. I don’t have to think big on that. Especially not when I haven’t been able to think big at all. Just look at lottery winners. How many of them are still set after two years? Less than five percent. The rest are heavily in debt after that. And now we want to save the whole world with maybe a million people who have exchanged their money? As the new elite, as the chosen ones? That’s why we should perhaps rethink, or ask ourselves whether we could handle enormous sums. And we should also rethink in the direction of whether it is not better to simply wait and see how everything develops. Because one thing is absolutely clear: NOBODY knows how things will continue. A lot is told, whether with or without “military sources”, whether with or without contact to the alliance. NOBODY knows anything!

At this point I take a break. I will continue in the second part. Sorry, but the article got a bit long, there was a lot of input piled up.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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