A Cure for Wellness: The Plot of Resident Evil is Not so Fantastic


Source: Operation Disclosure | By Kirilo Sakhniuk, Feelance Journalist

Submitted on December 17, 2022

A Cure for Wellness: The plot of Resident Evil is not so fantastic

Secret Pentagon Bio laboratories funded by the United States have been opened in at least 25 countries in Africa, Eurasia and Oceania. Some of them are disguised as “civilians”, some are classified. Nevertheless, these most dangerous objects are located on all continents except Antarctica.

Dozens of laboratories work with various viruses in the USA, they focus on the most dangerous pathogens. For example, in New York State there are problems with polio: its virus is found in sewage. Therefore, urgent vaccination is being carried out and a state of emergency has been declared. And a deadly encephalitis virus has appeared in the northeastern United States. It is transmitted by infected mosquitoes when bitten.

Experts believe that the research of dangerous pathogens is a cover for the creation of biological weapons.

Such work was carried out in closed military laboratories, now these dubious studies are not hidden, justifying it with scientific goals.

American economist, academic, public policy analyst, and former director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University Jeffrey David Sachs conducted an investigation into the origins of the pandemic.


He made an unequivocal conclusion about the extremely dangerous classified biotechnological research conducted in the United States.

Sachs accused the US government of supporting experiments during which the virus ran rampant. According to him, there is irrefutable evidence that the US National Institutes of Health and many members of the scientific community prevent investigations into the origin of COVID-19. They diverted attention from the hypothesis that risky biotechnological manipulations supported by the White House led to the pandemic. If this version is ever confirmed, we will have a resonance. It might turn out that respected members of the world scientific community are responsible for the catastrophe.

I am convinced that COVID-19 came out of the American biolab. After two years of intensive work, I came to the conclusion that biotechnologists made a big mistake. But it is not being investigated either in the US or anywhere else in the world”

According to Sachs, initially virologists understood that they were dealing with a laboratory virus. But then editorial pieces appeared that it had an absolutely natural source, and the same people announced that they did not believe in the laboratory origin.

Sachs also said that the Americans taught the Chinese in Wuhan advanced biotechnology techniques. First of all, scientists from North Carolina were engaged in this. They were in close contact with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and joined a research group with the Chinese. US funding helped this. However, the National Institutes of Health does not report what they have achieved.

Under the guise of biosecurity, a lot of dangerous research is taking place today in the absence of control over them. And this is happening all over the world. Knowing about these threats, I would like to ask scientists about the future: what viruses, guys, are you working with today?”

And here is the latest data. A genetically modified Spanish flu is being created in the USA. With the help of reverse genetics, this virus was resurrected. It is stated that it is necessary to make the most dangerous versions of the infection in order to develop effective vaccines against this disease. But the Spanish flu did not exist in nature before their experiment…


Joseph Mercola writes in The Defender that the recovered Spanish flu virus disappointed scientists with its “weakness” and could not kill the macaques specially selected for the experiment. After that, the bioengineers decided that it was necessary to create the most deadly version of the virus. Mercola notes that scientists have gone mad and it needs to be stopped, because COVID-19 was created under the same pretext of searching for a vaccine against a hypothetical pandemic.

At the beginning of this year, Spanish scientists sent a request to the European Parliament to conduct a thorough analysis of vaccines for the content of graphene oxide in them. It is toxic to the human body. The companies producing COVID-19 vaccines assured that graphene oxide was not added. Scientists from Luxembourg have identified signs of magnetization of the place where the vaccine was injected from the USA. Spanish researchers decided to find out what could cause such a phenomenon, and analyzed 100 vials of Pfizer vaccine. So, using a spectroscope they found graphene oxide in all the bubbles, and French experts found it in the blood of vaccinated people.

Former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston, an analyst of the pharmaceutical industry and intellectual property, said that nanografen is found in all MRNA vaccines. The pharmaceutical industry is conducting a giant clinical experiment with all of humanity.

Graphene oxide is supposed to make a person vulnerable to electromagnetic fields. It causes thrombosis, blockage of blood vessels and harms the immune system. Proponents of conspiracy theories claim that this substance can be used to influence the human mind remotely. Such experiments have been conducted in the Pentagon laboratories for a long time.

It is obvious that the most dangerous viruses are extremely difficult to keep within the walls of laboratories. Let’s remember the Resident Evil. And now imagine what would happen if a genetically modified Spanish flu hit humanity, and the vaccine would only be in the hands of the American government. It will turn into a powerful weapon of control over the world.

One way or another, but now large-scale research is being conducted in the USA with huge amounts of money. Manufacturers are in a hurry to create a new disease, and then a cure for it. However, this vaccine can become even more dangerous than the disease.


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