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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

How I always come up with the titles of my writings? I listen to a lot of music and since it almost always includes Rock ‘n’ Roll, I also listened to “Huey Lewis and the News” during the last days. They did a great song called “Couple days off”, great rhythm, good lyrics and a nice energy I think.

Almost as good energy as the songs in the movie “Back to the Future”, where Huey Lewis himself played. You surely remember, also the good mood music!

Well, and then it starts with a text in the head. Couple days off? Who wouldn’t like to have that, no matter if it’s from the job or from housework or like me from the daily work as a channel operator? I chose that and still it can be exhausting. But at some point the batteries have to be recharged, because I really ask myself many a time where I get all the energy from. Now it’s time to have couple days off, but surely different than you think. I am free from an energy robber.

You have surely noticed, two days ago there was a large-scale raid against 25 or more people who are supposed to have planned an overthrow of the government here in Germany. All right-wing extremists and terrorists, of course, at least according to the official media. The 60 or so people are now also “couple days off”, if they have not already been released. Some are known in Germany, they run channels or websites, tend, like all patriots, to deny the corporate construct of the FRG. Well, since the FRG is a company, there is nothing forbidden about it. What else they all have in common is that they want the monarchy back. Be it as king or as emperor. And besides that, there is supposed to be a parliament whose members have already been determined.

Apart from the fact that I think it was a false flag action controlled by the alliance, it is not exactly democratic to put unelected people in front of a people again after an “overthrow”, is it? So what was the reason for this action? We suspect that it happened for two reasons. First reason is that many slogans came back into people’s heads. “They deny the FRG as a state.” or “Reichsbürger”, even “Q” and the “Anons” are back in the game.

The second reason is that the world has been shown that the Germans can fight back after all. And so massively and violently that about 3000 policemen, heavily armed, had to be deployed against the 60 people. Many of those arrested exceeded the age of 60, there was a trained soldier with them and also a policeman. So really a “concentrated power” that wanted to overthrow the government of over 80 million Germans. Supposedly it was also a secret operation, but today it was reported that in advance the media were already informed about the operations. What about “secret” the executing “organs” did not understand. So it is obvious to the sighted that it was a planned media spectacle, presumably with the purpose of awakening.


Couple days off. We are approaching Christmas, about to enter the third Advent, and many are really preparing for rest and relaxation. Those who are still caught up in the system are planning vacations, buying gifts, thinking about what to put on the table for Christmas dinner. The patriots are waiting for the flip, for the event or for liquidity. Hoping, praying, wishing that it will happen this year. At best, they also allow themselves a little rest and just observe. And still others are still occupied with the outside, give their energy into it or let their readers still believe that there is still an active and powerful Deep State. For me this is also strategy, because in this way the only ones who still really exist from the DS, i.e. the stooges in the lower levels, are lulled into security. Until they are then arrested by the military of the Earth Alliance.

I wish, and I mean this completely seriously, that the soldiers of the Earth Alliance can clean up everything in the coming days so that they can also have couple days off and be with their families. We don’t know, of course, but how long have the soldiers’ deployments been going on? How often do they get to go home? How long have they not seen their families? Or do they take turns with each other? Well-established teams? I can’t imagine them all being without family. That’s why I wish. Couple days off for the soldiers! They more than deserve it.

We ourselves can cope with the current situation for a few more days or weeks, it doesn’t matter now, so close to the goal. We are all already waiting so long, have already had to listen to so much bullshit, we will also thank the short time that this waiting period lasted so long. So I was able to develop in a way that would not have been possible before. And from my contacts/subscribers I know that many feel the same way. We have become a slightly better version of ourselves, and that was well worth the wait. Allianz will have known that too. That we are all becoming better versions of ourselves. After the event, we too will take it easy. Rebuilding the old world or designing a completely new one will have to be planned. And since we don’t have any information about HOW, we can calmly handle everything when we know all the facts. Nobody has to be faster, nobody is favored or gets a head start, nobody is left behind.

Let’s look forward to “couple days off”!

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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