Helping Freedom Win: Healing Frequencies


Healing Frequencies

Music can come in all forms. Frequency is one of them. Frequency means how fast does the sound wave repeat itself. Believe it or not, some frequencies cause illness and disease and some are healing frequencies.

Just like many other things in our world, our music has been hijacked and corrupted. What this means is that God’s music frequencies were abandoned in favor of more dissonant ones (just slightly off).

Music played in the correct (most perfect) frequency has the ability to heal. This has actually been scientifically proven to be true. Here is a video of a scientist (Hutchenson Healing Frequencies Project) who cleared up the oil spill in the gulf using healing frequencies.

The two healing frequencies that I like best are 432 Hz and 528 Hz. There may be many others that heal, and science validates that music in general heals, but I have actual experience with these.

Healing My Son After a Stroke

Less than three months ago my son, John, had a stroke at 37 years old. I was determined to help him recover, but had no idea it was possible to do it as fast as we did. Here is the sequence of what I did to help him heal:

  1. I already knew that there were healing frequencies, based on an article I read about the Hutchenson Project, and I used them with myself and family members and found them to be beneficial. I also found several studies showing the healing value of music in general. So, I collected a bunch of 432 Hz music to play with John.
  2. I discovered that when a person suffers a stroke they become disconnected from the physical world and physical body. They are still thinking and aware, but are mixed up.
    • This funny lady (Jill Bolte Taylor – brain scientist’s stroke story) tells about her experience having a stroke. In her lighthearted way she tells us that just the act of trying to speak or understand speech was helping him reconnect. So, we did that a lot, and in a lighthearted way.
  3. I made up a program to help him relearn things like the alphabet and written words. As a former teacher for 25 years this was based on about what I’d do with a preschooler at first, then worked its way up the grades quickly as his brain healed. [John’s program]

432 Hertz


See 432 Hertz Playlist

Music played at 432 hz is very relaxing and healing. When I dance to this music I can go on and on for a long time before tiring. I’ve heard many stories about this music having healing properties, but the best story is my own (see above) with my son, John.

After about a month of playing this music with John for about an hour a day he said he was “Good” (i.e., he didn’t need it any more as part of his program). He was right. He liked the music too, but just felt ready at that point to focus more on other areas of relearning.

528 Hertz

See 528 Hz Playlist

I also understand that 528 hz is a healing frequency. I don’t have as much personal experience with it, and I couldn’t find as many songs to put in this playlist, but I do think it’s very energizing.

Now I Plan to Help My Sister


My sister was hospitalized in October with fungal meningitis. Needless to say, I was busy with John and couldn’t help her right then. Finally now that John’s recovered enough to basically do the rest on his own, I’m flying out to spend time helping her. I’ve spent hours getting the best oldies music that I could find in my 432 and 528 playlists (see links for each, above). Even though my sister cannot stand or sit and is hooked up to every tube in the book, we plan to “dance” our way through to her recovery.

Helping Freedom Win

We all need to find ways to help others right now more than ever. Could my son and sister been targets of some sort of negative energy weapon? Very possibly. We were all at Jan-6 together, so I’m sure we’re all on the hit-list. In any event, there are ways to counter-attack evil, and using healing frequencies and music are very good ways, along with praying of course. Visit the homepage of Helping Freedom Win for many more ideas.


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