(Reader: Rambo) Open Letter to White Hats #2


Reader Post | By Rambo

We as a community are becoming extremely frustrated, and it isn’t because we are pushed further and further past our breaking point, which for me is 30 plus years with the last 6 following “Q” and “The Plan”, but because we feel that there isn’t ANYTHING that we can tangibly point to that PROVES beyond a reasonable doubt that what we’re telling our sleepers is authentic.  Their cognitive dissonance requires something BIG, earth shattering, something to put their jaws on the ground!!  But what do we have?  NOTHING.  6 LONG YEARS and NOTHING that they can bite into, and yet you keep telling us “It’s coming” or “It’s happening”, and over and over again, NOTHING.  Now, if you were a sleeper, and kept hearing this, shown the comms, and nothing happens WITHIN THEIR PARADIGM, what the hell do you think they’re going to be saying?  


TRUTH.  Now that’s the word we alllllll yearn to hear!!!  The whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH!!!  If the world is flat, tell us, if it’s “concave”, COOL, tell us!!!  If there is something called the Galactic Federation that is helping us, please, tell us!!!  WE CAN HANDLE IT!!!  We’ve grown up with NOTHING but lies.  We’ve been poisoned, stolen from, murdered by our own government, brainwashed and manipulated and yet you EXPECT us to just “trust” you?  That it’s for our own good?  So what happens when “good people” are hesitant to believe you guys?  Are they “doomed”?  Can’t you understand how jaded we are?  We YEARN for the TRUTH like it’s an incredible inch on our backs that we cannot reach, but if we were to only KNOW the GOD’S HONEST TRUTH about everything, we could adjust to it quickly, collectively and move forward.  Yet you continue to play childish games with us, telling us, “It had to be this way”, really?  Why?  The Sleepers are so culled down, they’re not capable of seeing anything, it’s like we’re sitting in a stalemate, where those who would wake up, have, and those who NEVER WILL, won’t.

Why is it necessary to continue with the torturefest?  What would rally the entire world, literally everyone, to a collective understanding?  I’ll tell you.  Show them the PROOF ON THE DARPA BOXES IN THEIR LIVING ROOMS of the child sacrifices, show them the Delta Teams going into the DUMBS rescuing the children in the cages, show them the confessions, the executions, JUST DO THAT, and it’s game over!!!  Then open up the floodgates of GESARA!!  Don’t you think people are more apt to believe when they’re not struggling to eat, to provide for their families, trying to decide whether or not to put gas in their cars or heat their homes?  If you physically changed their reality to ANYTHING better than it is now, the sheep will BELIEVE!!!  But from what we’re hearing, “THE PLAN” is to crush them even more!!  Who has time to free their minds when they have NO HOPE??  It makes NO SENSE!!  That’s like beating your dog and expecting him to like you, it’s lunacy!!

Every day that you continue with the secrecy, that you allow for the MSM to manipulate and brainwash their minds, it pushes this thing further away from the stated goal, AN AWAKENED WORLD!!!  For the love of God, FREE US!!

I can only speak about myself because my mind has been freed decades ago, but the things that we’re seeing now, I was talking about 25 years ago!!  It’s easy for me, I’ve been laughed at, mocked and ridiculed over half my life, I wear it with a badge of honor.  The things that are now being spoken about now is like 1st grade math for me!!!  I’m speaking for those who are silent for fear of some type of reprisal, some here do speak up and you hear from them, but rest assured, there are THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS who are living in silent torment, literally crying for this to finally come to an end.

Don’t you think it’s time?  If you indeed “…have it all…”, if those executions we see on Real Raw News are true, which I KNOW THEY ARE, if the 13 Bloodlines are indeed eliminated, if the Military are in “..full control…”, why must we continue to live in misery and anguish over what COULD BE?  


Good grief, SHOW THE PEOPLE!!!  Activate the EBS, burn this whole thing down, give the people THE TRUTH, FINALLY, and let’s start the new world, because if this is any inclination of the pace we should expect, the lack of any PUBLIC disclosure after 6 years (and I’m not talking about Trump doing air “Q”s at his rallies) then you’re going to have NOBODY left believing in you, and then what?  

Just one man’s opinion which I’m sure means absolutely nothing to you guys, but at least you now know where 98% of those of us that are awake are coming from.



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