(Reader: KS) Response to AK Peggy about “Oh for Pete’s Sake!”


Reader Post | By KS

Hello Peggy, I too, am Ex Military. I never once said that Mr. Johnson wasn’t very educated. Seems you all look right past what IS actually said out of emotion then go straight to attacks. I know full well what Active Duty can and cannot reveal. Been there, done that. So please STOP trying to Lecture me.

What I DID SAY, was to Stop believing everyone claiming to be some White Hat and every word they say as Gospel! By you AND Mr. Johnson ASSUMING, that you all know what I have researched and have Not researched, only Proves My Point of how Full of it he is to just ASSUME that HE knows what I have studied and not studied. If he believes He can ASSUME such things and call everyone Lazy or who just wants everything handed to them, is what I said he is Full of Sh&t on! Not on the other things he states. Re-READ ACTUALLY what I said lady and Stop taking it out of context so you can feel better about yourself here. He did a podcast the other day with a single lady on the show and plainly says that he Does NOT Get any “Intel” from anyone. That he speaks solely from his knowledge and experience and that’s fine. But he needs to State that it is his own “OPINION”, Just as I HAVE DONE on here multiple times. MY OPINION, means Nothing! SAME AS HIS DOES. But he has ZERO Right nor Posture to go around calling people Lazy or stating they haven’t done any research as he does. And he’s not the only one who has done that. Ward has, Jaco has, PSF has. Being a Condescending Arrogant A-hole to people like that is NOT the way to rally support. NEITHER IS LYING as Most of the “Truthers” have done repeatedly!

It was me trusting blindly in people like Those over the years and being let down Every single time, is WHY, I do Not Trust ANYONE Blindly! And that won’t change, just because you and this other lady didn’t like what I said. I have my 1st Amendment Right same as you or they do.

Do I believe Something is not right in the world? Absolutely!! But honestly, until Somebody, PROVES what they all keep claiming, I’m not doing a single thing more! Too many promises from EVERY SIDE, that still have Not come to fruition after all these years! All we ACTUALLY KNOW AND CAN PROVE right now, is This side says this and that side says that.

To the other lady who responded to me, please Stop ASSUMING you need to Preach to everyone. I DID Seminary decades ago! Which is WHY I Do Not just TRUST blindly in Anyone! I’m not going to ASSUME you haven’t, but IF you haven’t, you may want to go do some research on the Council of Nicaea from 325 AD and see what took place in that mess.

Seems like many of you need to stop ASSUMING! It only makes an ASS out of you for ASSUMING that you know what I have studied and what I have not studied. Or what I Know and what I Don’t Know. So you’re not making an Ass out of me, but yourselves only here.

But you all have a nice day. Reader KS



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