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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear Patriots!

First of all, as an American Football fan, as a fan of Tom Brady (The GOAT), as a fan of the Buccaneers (among others) it was nice to witness the first NFL game on German soil, even if only on TV. Watching it live would have been out of the question for me, I don’t get my energies, positive or negative, sucked out in a stadium. It’s great that the Bucs won and that Tom was able to show German fans what an exceptional talent can still do in the NFL at the age of 45.

Actually, I wanted to write about the topic of staff shortages and infections. Because this is the number one topic in Germany. Molds of various industries are desperately looking for personnel and can’t find it. Job advertisements receive virtually no applications. In addition, and this is of course due to the annual flu epidemic, there is a high level of sickness among existing staff. Yes, you read that right, in Germany the flu has returned after two years, officially. We know it has always existed, only now our ruling actors called it “Covid”. So did the indoctrinated medical profession. And in the last few days, the lack of personnel and a high level of infection has also hit the “youth welfare offices” and their facilities. Are we surprised? No, because we know that these were the “facilities” worldwide that provided the Deep State with children.

That people seem to be disappearing imperceptibly is not so quickly noticed in an area like the one I live in, it’s just rural with small or medium sized towns. And in big cities, most of the inhabitants are rather busy with themselves, so it is certainly less noticeable if, for example, a few hundred people are missing while shopping. Or if the pedestrian zones look a bit emptier. It is actually grotesque for people like me to see how indoctrinated and egoistic most people still are. Not to mention the lack of instincts, intuition and doubts. Thanks to the media, they have an enemy image for everything. For the price increases, for the supply bottlenecks for certain products, even for the illnesses. No one asks, for example, why the unvaccinated are still alive and, above all, why they don’t get sick. And many vaccinated people now realize that they were the stupid ones. And still they cling to anything that prevents them from having to admit that their vaccination was in vain.

But now to the actual topic “What is the Alliance waiting for, are the White Hats waiting for?” After all, the topic also applies to the conditions described above. And Germany is, after all, a showcase country in terms of sluggish or non-existent awakening. I’ve written this to you before, if the Alliance were waiting for Germany, we would be nowhere near where we are now. And the plan would have to be designed for decades. Ask yourselves, would the world, as it looks right now, still hold out? Without wanting to influence you, I answer with NO! And I know, you are with me of one opinion. The plan for the liberation of the world is far advanced.

Small insertion: If I write alliance or White Hats, that is for me one and the same, I recognize there no more difference. The alliance consists for me of benevolent extraterrestrials who work together with chosen humans, mainly military (the only way!). They made the Earth Alliance possible and created it. These are all patriotic nation leaders like Trump, Putin, Modi, Xi JingPin, Bolsonaro, Orban and others, of course also the “white” military of these nations working together and positioning themselves worldwide. The Earth Alliance also includes the directors, film crews, the computer specialists (CGI), the cloning factories, the scriptwriters for the MSM and channels that are under control and push their “narratives” to the extreme to wake up. Everything is under Alliance control worldwide. Those who still can’t see this have some catching up to do in their research.

So, what is the Alliance waiting for? It can’t wait for the patriots to take to the streets and knock down everything in their path. Although this would actually be a natural reaction, given the massive electoral fraud in Brazil and at the Midterms. Rioting, insurrection or even civil war would be counterproductive for us and also for the plan. The casualties, which are already high by my standards, would be too great. So is the alliance waiting for us to protest peacefully? And that we, for example in Germany, put ourselves at risk of being bludgeoned by MK ultra “policemen”? The more I think about it, the more confused I get. I just can’t fathom what else the Alliance has to do and what it expects from us.


“Military is the only way!” But most patriots are not in the military.

“Learn our communications!” We tried, didn’t do very well. But now that full control is with the White Hats, decoding would be easy so more could understand, right?

“Nothing can stop what’s coming!” I confess, given all that is still being allowed (for what it’s worth), I can agree a little more with those who think that’s a hold-out slogan. We’ve been reading and hearing this for years.

“The best is yet to come!” We’ve also been hearing and reading that every damn day for years. Different views of what is best are still there, yet we all just want to BE FREE.

We have reached a point where even the most ardent patriot has a slight doubt. Dominos have fallen, they have been falling for a long time, but have they had any impact for us on the outside? Guidestones, the Queen, Evergrande, now most recently FTX or even a creeping crash on the crypto exchange, it’s all there but it’s not having an effect. And now let nobody come to me, it happens 80% behind the scenes, it’s been doing that for years. I know that, you know that, everybody knows that. But, if we’re honest, we do miss a little bit of strength in the back. In our arguments with our fellow man, we still stand there without the slightest evidence. In our “fights” with the illegal FRG system, we still face the arbitrariness of the criminals unprotected, unarmed and without energy. There are a few ways and means to play for time, but in the end accounts are seized, arrest warrants are implemented, pressure is applied. All this despite the fact that the Earth Alliance has called for all illegal activities to cease.

How does a patriot feel in the face of this lack of backing? If there are ways to deal with and end this system, why is the Alliance not strengthening these efforts? We’re close to the finish line, after all, so why not use everything that’s in the Patriot arsenal? Much less work for Earth Alliance troops, right? Again, military is the only way, but over 90 percent are not in the military. Those are facts! The alliance knows everything and has everything. So it also knows where the patriots are and those who want to become patriots. We are not asking for protection, there are just too many of us for that, but a backup would be a tremendous help. A letter, a statement, a proof that everything illegal is punished by “authorities”, “offices”, “police”, “courts”, “banks”. It is admitted (taking of evidence), but has directly and immediately the consequence of an arrest of the one or the other by the MP. That would be backing and it would lead to massively much more waking up, declaring us patriots crazy. And the time is ripe for such actions. The millions of soldiers in the Earth Alliance military need to support the millions of patriots so they can do their part as well. They have helped to collect evidence of almost everything over the last few years.

What does a unit do, behind enemy lines, without support, without supplies, without reinforcements, without ammunition? How long do such units hold out when all they hear over the radio is that they should hold out, that everything is under control? Meanwhile, the troops lose fellow combatants, to the enemy or because they desert. How do these fighters feel? They don’t know the whole plan either, they also have to trust and believe. And they also have to deal with the fact that they may be considered unimportant or immature. They have lower ranks that get information last, that’s the way it is. Always been that way, but what about their morale? I have found nothing in the SunTzu that explains to me why we patriots are being treated in such a manner these days. The tactic has been to use the 2020 election and also Covid for awakening. Partial failure. Unfortunately. Because few have caught on. In parallel, the number of those who feel let down is growing. Nevertheless, this tactic continues to be adhered to, or it is only slightly changed. There are two possibilities: Either we are close to the end of the show or it will go on endlessly. For those who have been able to continue to develop, have unwavering faith, firmly believe, there is only one.


I hereby put into the field that the White Hats, have been waiting for such displeasure among the Patriots, because I am certainly not the only one who thinks so. I don’t want to say we are running on fumes, but without backing, without published partial successes, it is getting harder and harder for all of us to hang on. 80 to 20 behind the scenes must be turned around now! The time is ripe, dear alliance! I will continue to write and publish, I will continue to keep my readers in confidence and in faith. I want to be the one who can make many feel a little better. For that, I will give all that I am capable of. I don’t put my hands in my lap and wait for liberators, I give all the energy I have into my writing so that we can continue to persevere. And just as the show will end, so will my energy eventually. But I am sure that this will happen after the show ends. And then I get new energy, we all get new energy then!

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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