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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

We all have it more or less since October 31, 2022, don’t we?

What should not come to pass everything, what should not happen everything. From the suicide weekend, over a new BOOM week, up to the takeover of the earth alliance military ready worldwide. Not to mention the RV, the GCR and our exchange dates. But on we went with the show, which I guess we are in the end of, but an end can take a long time, as we can see. In the third part of “The Lord of the Rings” we have already experienced what Jack Nicholson supposedly called “too many endings.” And that’s how we all feel, isn’t it? We’re sitting in a show, definitely, but there’s always another act inserted. We can only guess at the reasons, as with everything else. The only thing that is obvious to me is that the White Hats are in full control. There journalists like Benjamin Fulford can write what they want, I actually see only stooges who are still very active, especially in Germany. They have ignored SHAEF’s instructions since March 2020, probably because of their ignorance or arrogance, and will soon suffer the consequences for that. “Soon” is a word that many of my fellow patriots, as they tell me or write to me, already cannot hear anymore. Well, “soon” is also a very elastic “period of time”.

There is a lot to report from Germany. The Chancellor clone Scholz was sent to China by an alleged emperor or king successor, who is supposedly in a German “secret government”, to negotiate Germany’s accession to the BRICS countries. That it was a clone showed me that XiJing Pin did not shake hands with him, who does shake hands with a clone? And today there are supposed to be negotiations on a Citizen’s Income. Everyone is in a frenzy, of course, because it is also a sign of an unconditional basic income. Above all, those who are unfortunately still in 3D or 2.5D are showing themselves again. So those who are upset because they have to work and others will get money just like that. The fact that this is with all the illegal refugees who have been pouring into our country for years, but also already, is simply times suppressed or considered a “humanitarian duty”. Unawakened, left-green and heavily indoctrinated already have a funny way of thinking, right? And then also the “protests” of the climate rescue disciples increase, they either destroy art or stick themselves on streets. I find the reporting of our “quality media” very funny. Outrage, excitement, and of course condemnation of something they themselves set in motion by their propaganda of the last few years. How was it with “who wants good and creates evil”? Of course, the others are to blame again, as is the mindset of the unawakened.

Why do many patriots have a hangover? Haven’t we learned in the last few years, five years since “Q” first came forward, that we shouldn’t fixate on a date? There was never a date posted by “Q”, they were always just interpreted into it by others. Also a delta, now 1 – 5 years, has rarely occurred. Folks, I know that many of us have reached the end of our nerve and patience. And that’s why it’s so important that channel operators (German-speaking) like me try every damn day to build strength and energy, stamina and confidence. Against an overwhelming power of indoctrinated people, of ignorant people, of systemists, of unbelievers and recently also of those who have fallen into ego-stroking traps and are stuck in dead ends. And against the “quality media”, which unfortunately are still consumed here as if there were nothing else. And also against those who think their opinion is the truth. I wrote yesterday in the channel that some days I feel like I have on the glasses we know from John Carpenter’s “They live!”. With some contacts together. Because we see and feel things that seem to just pass others by.

We patriots worldwide don’t need to have a hangover, really. We just need to stay out of all this (sorry) bullshit that is put in front of us day after day called news. The way I see it, the patriots have been in control for a very long time. And I’m not writing that because Dave from X22 writes it every time, but because I think the first domino fell years ago. Or, to give another example, the first small stone rolled down the slope. And anyone who has seen a domino field set up in record attempts, witnessed an avalanche, or seen pictures of one, knows that once started, you can’t stop it. My second thought is that the White Hats are following SunTzu. It is a public record book and the Deep State had access to it as well, but once one side is in control, it doesn’t do the other side much good. Especially since the upper echelons have long since been eliminated or have left the planet on their own. The White Hats had won the war before they started it. So the dominoes are already falling, the avalanche is already rolling and no one can stop it.

It took me a long time to understand what Q meant by saying we should enjoy the show. In previous years, after all, we were busy with all the casualties and felt that those casualties were a reason why we shouldn’t enjoy the show. And popcorn? For real? I would be even more corpulent than I already am if I had been eating popcorn for five years. As for the victims, I can say today that I’ve become more relaxed about that. Because we can’t know if they were real victims or if they were incarnated souls who had to or wanted to have these experiences. As real victims I rather feel the soldiers of the Earth Alliance who fell in the underground battles. They sacrificed themselves for all of us, for our liberation, and we will never forget that. Never!


My patriot hangover is holding back. Because I no longer allow myself to fall into the trap of a date prediction, or any prediction at all. Be it happenings, be it exchange rates, be it information or supposedly required documentation on the exchange date. No one but those who made the plan can know anything, and there are no military contacts to divulge or hint at anything. If there is one thing that has become crystal clear to me, it is this. We have all evolved who have to inform or be informed on a daily basis. Many of our whistleblowers have not done that, they just keep going or all of a sudden exaggerate their machinations to the point of ridiculousness. So could it be that this is why the Alliance is allowing this to happen, so that even the awakened ones can wake up a bit more? If I as White Hats would see, how many still fall for Gatekeeper, I would also take it to the extreme, so long, until also the last one has understood it.

I can only write about myself, my experiences, the experiences of my environment, I do not want to convince or persuade. I want to point out, and thus bring other points of view. It is really worthwhile just to observe, in sufficient distance, that makes calm and it leads to trust. If I can trust, I can also let go. And we need to let go of the old so that we can create the new. I really hope this article was a little bit of aspirin or Alka Selzer for you and your hangover, if you had it, was alleviated a little bit. I say when the end of the show comes, it will all be done within a few days. Everything!

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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