(Reader: Benjamin Franklin) To the Alliance, and Trump, Some Pesky Observations


Reader Post | By Benjamin Franklin

NOTHING occurred, after the Nov 8, 2022 midterm elections were stolen, again, and YOU knew it. WE have been played, again, by those, for whom, We trust the most.

It would seem, that The human Alliance, (ETs Excepted) is utterly, impotent, to do anything constructive. Except, to give US, more Words. Why, the Arrests are covert, along with everything else. NO Optics, NO verification, NO validation. NO Intel. Plausible Deniability? If they are actually, occurring, at all. And even the idea, of secrecy, from the DS, is ludicrous, considering the DS spies, are right, under YOUR noses, and YOU don’t know it, the military.

The Illusion, that the military will intercede, is PREPOSTEROUS, on the most, credulous, level, that I’ve ever seen. IT IS the Elephant, in the Room. That is the Plan??? Good Luck with that, fools.

For 163 years, the US military has been, the Goon Squad, for the DS. Every WAR, that has been fought, since 1860, has been eagerly, participated, by the US ARMY, and NAVY, MARINES, and the newly, created US AirForce.

Weather Manipulation, at three Locations, Tule, Greenland, Alaska, and Norway, ALL on US AirForce Bases! Both of the recent, hurricanes, Ian, and Nicole were driven, right into FL, by the US military. Why these exist, to this day, is an INDICTMENT, beyond words. Every Illegal, since 2020, present in the US, were flown into, US AirForce Bases, in Texas, and parcelled out, to larger cities, all over America. NO ONE can make this sh*t up. IT IS FACT. And YOU know it.

Well, if it is NOT about the elections, then WHAT? I would bet, that YOU are hard, pressed, to know the answer, to that.

More Disinformation, like the elections are a TRAP? Oh, We meant, to do that. Yeah Right? Why that is nothing but a 2020 Ditto. WE cannot VOTE, to Victory! So you played the US electorate again, to enact, another Act, of futility, so YOU could claim, that it was a TRAP, just like 2020? To catch the thieves, the same thieves, that did it in 2020??? So much, for the “WE got it ALL”, bullsh*t. AND then, Trump tells us, that WE have to stand UP. WE have been standing UP, throughout, the entire, Sh*tShow, despite our want, lack, and seeing NO VALIDATION, NO CONFIRMATION, except WORDS. The Covid Scam, Warp Speed Scam, Mask Scam, Biden Scam, Ukraine War Scam, NATO Scam, Droughts, Destruction of Jobs, Businesses, Opportunities, Economy, Gas Price Scam, Diesel Scam, Food Shortage Scam, Stock Market Scam, Fiat Money Scam, Woke Scam, LameStream Scam, Propaganda Scam. How Much should WE give? More, More, More!!! WE are just NOT, standing up, Enough? WE live in it, day in, and day out, the Madness, that YOU have unleashed, upon US. All to trap, the Same Villains, as Last time, at OUR expense, again.


All of this was Preventable, had YOU fixed, the Broken Election System. But NOW, it is obvious, that YOU will NOT do that. The World of Reality, demands SEEING. And WE are in a SHOW ME, State of Mind. WE think it’s about TIME, for some Visible, ACTION, and forget about the TALK, TALK, TALK. YOU talk too much, but say NOTHING, and DO NOTHING.

YOU are back to SQUARE ONE, in 2020!!! EXCEPT it’s 2022! Look at all, of the opportunities, squandered, to arrive, at the SAME Place! YOU have WASTED two YEARS, for what? AND LOOK at what YOU have put US through! So, YOU can kick the RV/Gesara/Nesara CAN, down the road AGAIN, for the umpteenth, time! IT is PATHETIC!!! And Plainly, IMPOTENT!!! And Tell US, that WE are just NOT doing Enough!

While YOUR sole INTENT is, to wake up the Normies? Really? Who, by the way, are in the STATE of DENIAL, and they ain’t comin’ out, and they ain’t wakin’ up. So just STOP, with that Bullsh*t. The midterms have shown US, unequivocally, that this is SO. Same People. Same Criminals. Same States, and Same Governors. AND YOU know it.

YOU must imagine, that WE are as dumb, as YOU. NOT Hardly!

There are MANY, excuses, for Failure!

Blame NO, but certainly, some Critical Thinking and Observations. Big Difference! Damn, those Pesky, Observations! HOW they show YOU up.

Benjamin Franklin



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