The Fall of the Satanist Cabal


Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 6, 2022

On the wrong track.

Dear People,

This is a fictional story the wrong track, with contemporary parallels and reality of Covid Genocide.

A Pastor gets on the train, he finds himself sitting across from a man who is crying very much.

Out of compassion, the Pastor asks why the man is so upset and crying so much.

Then the Pastor gets the answer: Mr. Pastor I am very worried.                    


The Pastor offers a listening ear to share the concerns and think towards solutions.

The crying man says I can’t tell you but I can show you, then you will understand my concerns. He asks the Pastor to come with him to the next train car.

Arriving in the next Train Car, there are two young women 19 and 20 years young, both pregnant and no husband.

The Man says these are my daughters, both pregnant and no husband. Well says the pastor You really have concerns.

Yes says the Man, but that’s not all. So what then says the Pastor?

Come with me to the next Train Car.

Sitting there are two young boys 12 and 13 years old, both with Down syndrome.   These are my sons, whereupon the man starts crying even harder, and the Pastor says, well what a Worry you have.


Yes says the man, that’s not all, come along to the next train car, there is a coffin laid out, with flowers and candles on either side, here is my wife, died 2 days after the Vaccination, we are going by train to bury her.

Whereupon the Pastor condoled the man and said you have very big worries.

Yes, said the man, but that’s not all, and he cried so much that he could hardly understand. Asked the Pastor, what else could go wrong?

To which the Man says, we are all on the wrong train.

So on the wrong track!!!

Now walk through the story for a moment.

Humanity is on the wrong track, with many other victims of the deadly vaccine.

We know who the culprits are.

The Pfizer Bio-weapon vaccine includes: 1P Deletion.

What is in the Bio-weapon and the change the mRNA shot causes:


Chromosome deletion causes the victim to start getting Down syndrome before they die from the other poison cocktail.

Chromosome 1p deletion is a chromosome abnormality that occurs when there is a missing copy of the genetic material located on the short arm (p) of chromosome 1. The severity of the condition and the signs and symptoms depend on the size and location of the deletion and which genes are involved.

What are the consequences of this?

In Germany people are not allowed to drive cars, they are no longer insured if they are vaccinated with the mRNA poison syringe.

Here in the corporate Netherlands NV which is ruled by an NGO, Mark Rutte and his fellow Nazi Hugo de Jonge have made sure that the File problem is solved.

I would so like to nominate them for the Nobel Prize, with the New green deal, thank the GENOCIDE and peoples murder they committed.

Anyone who took the nRMA shot is not insured, if he dies no life insurance will be paid out.

Also, insurance will not be able to cover damages caused by vaccinated, whether it is due to blood clots or other causes.

Here the slogan is and was, vaccinate you for another.

People were made fearful and called on their social behavior, that they would but join the Medical experiment with deadly results.


If everyone who has been vaccinated is no longer able or allowed to hold public office, due to the degeneration caused by the nRMA chromosome deletion, so that the People are going to have Down Syndrome, their jobs or appointments will be cancelled, including Police officers who have been framed.

People who took the Shot are now owned by the Pharma industry and Bill Gates.

Their status as Humans has been lost, they are now trans human beings without any rights.

Since a situation has been deliberately created that will bring Chaos, have robbed people of their free well being and degraded them to a will-less creature, there will be a revolution when all the vaccinated start to realize this.

The insidious Politics of Satanists have wanted to turn humanity into beasts without rights.

It is time for this to come out into the open, which will really stir up the storm.

That many people are no longer willing or able to think independently was and is a deliberate policy of politics and learning institutions.

That MSM keeps this quiet is treason against humanity, making them co-duty bound.

All doctors and nurses who participated in this are coming before the Tribunal.

Anyone who participated in injecting, fear porn distribution to make people think they voluntarily took a lethal injection is Nuremberg Code ripe.


Have you ever heard of the Geneva Convention, to which the Nuremberg Code applies:

Herewith a translation of the full text of the Nuremberg Code as set forth in the ruling of the Physicians’ Trial:[3]

1. The voluntary consent of the subject is absolutely necessary

This means that subject must be legally competent to give consent; must be able to make his or her free choice without the intervention of any force, fraud, deception, or any other form of restraint or coercion; and must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the subject in question so that he or she is able to make an informed choice. The latter requires that before the subject can confirm his or her choice, the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment must be made clear; the method and means by which it will be conducted; all reasonably foreseeable discomforts and risks; and the effects on health or the person who might participate in the experiment.

The duty and responsibility for determining the quality of consent lies with the person initiating, directing or participating in the experiment. This is a personal duty and responsibility that cannot be transferred to another person with impunity.

2. The experiment must be designed to produce fruitful results for society that cannot be obtained by other methods or means, and not be arbitrary and unnecessary in nature.

3. The experiment must be so designed and based on the results of animal experiments and knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under investigation, such that the expected results justify the conduct of the experiment.

4. The experiment must be conducted in such a way as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.

5. An experiment should not be conducted when there is a priori reason to assume that death or disability will result; except perhaps in the case where the performing physicians themselves also serve as subjects.

6. The risk taken with the experiment should never exceed the humanitarian importance of the problem the experiment is designed to solve.


7. Proper preparations should be made, and adequate facilities offered, to protect the subject from possible injury, disability or death.

8. The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required of those conducting or conducting the experiment at all stages of the experiment.

9. Throughout the course of the experiment, the subject should be free to terminate the experiment if he or she has reached a physical or mental state that makes continuation of the experiment seem impossible to him or her.

10. Throughout the course of the experiment, the responsible scientist must be prepared to discontinue the experiment, at any stage, if he or she has reason to believe, using the common sense, superior skill and careful judgment required of him or her, that continuation of the experiment will result in injury, disability or death to the subject.

The trials will begin in January 2023.

This cannot mean anything other than that beforehand though the perpetrators must have been apprehended.

The list will certainly be very long.

When doctors can no longer be trusted, the introduction of Med Bed is a must.


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