(Reader: Peter W) Self Reflection Time: Preparations, Part II


Reader Post | By Peter W

We have been on this planet for quite some time.  It is our home; it is our land; And, in the words of Chief Crazy Horse, when asked about his people’s land,…”My land is where my dead lay buried.”  This planet is the Garden of Eden; and, it is the land where our dead lay buried.

Our thirteen thousand years-war of fear within ourselves (facilitated by others), during this particular cycle, is expected to quickly conclude this Fall 2022; we’re actually in it right now.  How is this known?  The once important dribble on the TV and over the Internet has lost or is losing great significance to the average viewer.  Both sides have overplayed their hands and are on the cusp of losing their support within the people.

People are tired and turned off; fear mongering by others is passing into the rear view mirror as we pass over spiritual adolescence and move into post-adolescence marked by overcoming the physical results of this upcoming grand cataclysmic event.  We humans, as a species, are “Teed” up for this pending “crossing the line” opportunity.  

Our next periodic grand opportunity (beyond the one at our feet) for species ascension / evolution is 13,000 years from now.  At that time, just as it is presented to us now…we will have an opportunity to move well beyond our mortal selves and get closer to the pure power of our eternal spirit; further unlocking true balance within that relationship between our “head, heart, and hands.”  One’s head, heart, and hands are merely implements for maturing the eternal spirit residing within all humans; and, they are the paths through which one’s spirit can present the maturity of character, competence, and capability as well as judgment.  

How convenient and appropriate…Election day bookended with “Veteran’s Day Weekend Holiday”…the opportunity appears ready to present to humanity the unique experience of this grand event. The term “Blinding flash of the obvious” will no longer have a trite significance.  If you leave the door to your mind and heart open to the light of the creator, you will begin to see the obvious that is right in front of you.   The hope is that with this change-opportunity presented to humanity that you, personally, will stand up; walk to the light of truth; and, walk away from the darkness that masks and enables all lies.

It was always a timed event.  How quickly can we figure out this puzzle and put all the pieces together to enable the solution?  We’ve failed in the past; numerous times; like the average person trying to solve a rubics cube puzzle during a timed event…it took a number of events and persistence to solve the puzzle within the allotted time.  

In the past, when 13,000 year cycles aligned and this type trigger event occurred, a great cataclysm occurred over the entirety of earth; resetting the grand experiment that is humanity.  Our creator put us here and gave us everything we needed to master ourselves so that we could prepare to ascend beyond the reptilian and mammalian minds onto the next plane of existence.  We’ve mastered all things reptilian and mammalian; and, are postured to move to the next level of awareness beyond self-awareness.


Keep well hydrated during this Fall transition…we’re gonna need it.  Be mindful…by the calendar, Winter starts 21 December 2022. 

Take care of yourself, your family, your neighbors and work colleagues; they have more impact on your life than you may be aware.

The rest is a re-post of what I previously posted on 5 August 2022.  Enjoy…

Change is in the air…How do I know?  Can you feel it?  CERN’s activated and the Earth’s spinning faster.  Well, more to the point, Anxiety and Fear permeate discussions across the Internet…and…anxiety and fear always precede change whose outcome is unknown to the ill-prepared / unprepared.  It’s in our human nature.  The only long-term successful strategy to combat fear and anxiety is with awareness, knowledge, and capability.  If you are aware, know, and know-how then you can prepare to address any change.  God provides opportunities. 

Challenge is opportunity…if you allow yourself to see it, as such.  There are plenty of ethical and non-ethical opportunities that reveal themselves everyday; choose the ethical opportunities, they pay better in the end.  Often a challenge is change to the status quo whatever that may be;…thus, how can one be afraid if they see the ethical opportunity before them and are prepared to pursue that ethical opportunity?  If you make the unknown…known…then you have an opportunity to identify ethical opportunities and assess your response options; rightly discern your position with good judgment; be responsible; and, appropriately act.

September is National Preparedness month….See the following website URLs to begin the discovery of information regarding preparedness:

—  National Preparedness Month |
—  Free Publications |   
—  In other languages: Ready in Your Language |


Helpfulness is deeply rooted in our human nature.  In March of 2011, I was embarked in USS Ronald Reagan (on the Ronald Reagan Strike Group (RRSG) staff) heading towards the Republic of Korea (ROK) in support of “field” exercises with the ROK  military.  We were in the vicinity of southern Japan when direction was given to “proceed north” without further information.  As time and events unfolded, we discovered that Japan had experienced an Earthquake and Tsunami which impacted the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Okuma, Fukushima and set the stage for the subsequent nuclear disaster event.  Peak height of the Tsunami wave was estimated at 15 meters (~49FT).  Operation Tomodachi (“Friend”) kicked off and RRSG was a big part of the initial US response effort.

Devastation was immense (more than 18,000 people died from the earthquake / tsunami with nearly half a million displaced)  and there were herculean efforts expended for search and rescue of Japanese civilians.  As pockets of people were isolated on mainland Japan due to the effects of the Tsunami (which washed away roads, houses, boats, ships, cars, trucks, full standing trees, shipping containers, and more) the US Navy was off the coast spearheading US Military assistance to the disaster survivors.  The affected Japanese people suffered immensely with most of their belongings destroyed or missing and no immediate avenue for overland resupply. 

In one instance, because of sharp drops in surface temperatures and the onslaught of snow storms, one of our US Navy Pilots, whose helicopter completed dropping off food and supplies to remote survivors, returned to the USS Ronald Reagan and indicated the people needed clothing.  A call went out to all the RRSG ships’ crews and embarked staff for any personal clothing items they could spare and donate.  

The response was overwhelming.  The RRSG ships’ crews and staffs (~6000 persons) went back to their shipboard living quarters and selflessly produced in excess of 34,000 lbs (17+ Tons) of personal items (clothing, shoes, boots, socks, blankets, sleeping bags, and other items).  These items were packaged up and delivered to the survivors within hours.  The sailors didn’t delay; the need was identified and bold actions to assist were taken.  This is just one example of countless that point to the responsible giving nature of humans.

Consequently, when the need arises, helpful people respond.  However, because of today’s information war permeating the Internet, it is difficult to discern between a slick salesman with nefarious intentions and someone who announces a true need or provides credible information.  We can’t control the free flow of information on the Internet without stifling our God given right of freedom of speech.  Thus, what can one do (with certainty) when those in need are unknown and the very need is unknown?  Prepare before we get there.  Start with yourself, your family, and then your neighbors; everyone has neighbors.  Get to know your neighbors; and, within yourself, consider following Thomas Jefferson’s advice…”don’t ask of others what you can do for yourself.”  In other words, be prepared and be mindful that God helps those who helps themselves and then others.  Self-Control during the time for challenging is the watch word.  Where can one start?

In a general sense, I describe preparation areas as…Head…Heart…and, Hands.  Head…be competent; Heart…be a person of character; and, Hands…be capable.  You can’t help if you don’t know who, what, and how to be helpful; BE and BECOME aware.  When one’s Head, Heart, and Hands are in harmony then an amazing thing happens…we become aware and calm in the midst of a storm.  If you don’t have harmony then consider looking inward; meditate, pray to God that he may provide you strength during unknown times, be patient and remain calm.  Be mindful…There is no problem that cannot be addressed.  There is always a way that can mitigate or solve or even eliminate (before it becomes) the problem you face…where there is a will, there is a way.  

Solutions may not be easy or elegant, they need only be your absolute best effort.  You may be required to double, triple, or more your efforts to get to your absolute best effort in order to get over the line sometimes…but, as always, if you earnestly ask God to help you (to empower you) to overcome the difference from your efforts and the goal post…God will respond.  God won’t do the work for you; he can give you more of what you have already developed within yourself or a path to develop.  If you have developed nothing within yourself then God can help by providing you a start on the path to what you seek.  

Free will has both rights and responsibilities.  Often we see the rights that free will provides; but, many overlook the responsibilities.  Responsibilities include making our own decisions for ourselves and for the roles we fulfill; performing our LIFE’s work; and, NOT pushing off on others that which is inherently our responsibility to carry.  Making others do our LIFE’s work is an example of NOT living up to our responsibilities.  We also can’t outsource that which is inherently our responsibilities associated with free will…whatever is our choice…it is our responsibility to make it happen.   

We cannot make choices for other responsible and competent adults; their responsibility…their choice.  We can assist with a choice that is made…but, we cannot make the choice for responsible and competent adults (a “competent adult” in this context is a legal term).  Be mindful that doing nothing is a choice.  And, having true love within our hearts means we respect the choices of others. We can, if asked, help with guidance, perspective, and as a sounding board, but, in the end another competent adult’s choice is their responsibility to make and their consequences to bear; that’s what having free will and being responsible is all about.

How do we overcome ignorance and EVIL?  Interestingly, many have discovered how truly lazy the EVIL ones are.  EVIL always seeks out the ignorant first and the unaware second in order to pursue EVIL intentions; these groups are the easiest to manipulate; they follow money and those with money and power.   It’s not the money or power that makes a person good; it’s their character that makes them good.


So, how can one overcome ignorance and EVIL?  We overcome these groups with imbuing ourselves with the light of awareness and knowledge…competence, character, and capability.  You can’t easily fool the wise, knowledgeable, and capable with lies and deception forever; in the end, truth always comes out in the light of day.  As one person aptly put it…”God holds the lantern so that we may chop the wood!”

Change is coming…we all know this deep within ourselves.  Consider listening more to your inner self to help see the change before it arrives.  It’s time; prepare before we get there.  God’s holding the lantern “light” of awareness and knowledge…it’s out there…let’s get ready to chop some wood (figuratively and, perhaps, literally) by ensuring our own house is prepared as well as talking to our neighbors to ensure we are aware who might need some help when the need arises (especially, our disabled and elderly neighbors who may need a little more help than others).

One other thing…consider bulk purchase of baking soda; it’s inexpensive in many places right now.  Beyond its package stated uses, it is effective with neutralizing chemical, biological, and radiological particulate…used NOT as a beverage but rather as a mouthwash solution (with water) and as an additive in one’s bath.  How do I know this?  I had a side note discussion with one of my US Army Chemical School instructors when I attended a Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense course of instruction at the US Army’s Chemical School back in the early 1990s.  And, baking soda is effective for decontaminating / cleaning as an additive when laundering clothing and as a “paste cleaner” for tough to clean kitchen items that require overnight soaking.

The other inexpensive AND helpful “Cleaner” of all things within and without is CDS; Chlorine Dioxide.  Society used to widely use it as a disinfectant and water treatment before Fluoride was pushed on the populace.   Interestingly, since FDA aligned with Pharmaceutical company talking points there has been discouragement regarding using MMS / CDS as a treatment on yourself.  Follow the logic…you can use CDS to treat the water you drink because it works; however, don’t use CDS to treat the water within your body because it doesn’t work…Yeah.  

Wanna know more…search for Jim Humble’s MMS – miracle mineral solution; that’s what he calls it…but the solution’s common name is CDS.  An important fact…MMS/CDS is relatively inexpensive and simple to make.  Why mention these?  If you don’t have access to treatment and you have to self-treat then these two (Baking Soda and CDS/MMS) cover the broadest of uses…are simple to make and use…and, most importantly are effective.   As with anything, before you jump into it with both feet…do the research…get competent in that subject!  Because…Free will is in play and…your choices…are,…your choices.

Finally, let’s be mindful of those who have the watch and are “on-point” (the pointy end of the spear) fighting EVIL throughout the world tonight and every night on our behalf…as well as their families back home.  Consider adding them to your nightly prayers; asking God to watch over their loved ones and those “on-point” throughout the world as they complete their mission and return home safely to their loved ones.  

We’re all one team with one fight…and, the fight’s NOT with each other!…our fight is against ignorance and EVIL wherever it manifests.  Consider putting on God’s belt of truth and use the weapons of competence, capability, character, and cooperation with like-minded souls.  And, as always, let’s be prepared before we get there.

Have my words got your attention?

You be the judge.



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