(Reader: Truth Is Unbreakable) Part II: Latest Insanity and Idiocracy


Reader Post | By Truth Is Unbreakable


DESANTIS AND TRUMPThe other article on Real Raw News was about Trump who named Florida Governor DeSantis who is Deep State as he allowed FEMA into Florida and other BS. While there were FEMA agents that were looting people’s homes after Hurricane Ian. Which is why there are those in Florida who aren’t tolerating looters and will shoot them on sight and had signs as well. Have no doubt that DeSantis was doing the same things that Trump was doing when he was in office. Both of them are in that “big club”, meaning they are Freemasons, who knows what degree they are, while they are banker bought puppets who continue the same policies as the next. DeSantis did nothing to stop the murder mills in Florida. He is pro-Israel as Trump is and is a Zionist. While he signed an EO increasing more power to the Government in the event of the next pandemic had $200,000 fine for free speech violation in school. Even though DeSantis has done good to stop the LGBT indoctrination and no government funding to Disney, rightly called out the media for their BS, ending human trafficking, against the vaxx mandates, denounced the CDC and their recommendation to add the Covid shots to the vaccine schedule, and who knows what else. The false left/right paradigm are in fact the one party system.

Even Roger Stone, who has revealed to be a very bitter swamp critter who blasts Trump over not granting him a second pardon. Called against Ivanka and Kushner as well. Stone threatened Trump if he ever ran again and he would have his brains beat in. Is he acting out in anger and/or disclosure? Why hasn’t Trump pardoned Julian Assange, Schaefer Cox, Ross Ulbricht, and others for their role in exposing Government corruption? While there are secret records that were released by court reveal former US Generals on Saudi’s payroll as consultants for Saudi Arabia’s ministry of defense since 2016. Even “retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a Trump loyalist who raked in nearly $450,000 in payments from Turkey and Russia in 2015 without receiving clearance from U.S. officials.”

Besides, Trump should talk about inviting FEMA into this and that state. When Trump went along with the planned organized shutdown of the US economy, he handed emergency powers to FEMA. Please explain how Trump is now the Constitutional President, but when he was in office, he gave more powers to the FBI to increase the Fascist Surveillance State, signed the Noahide laws, and so forth. Trump is not a Christian, because he feels he doesn’t need to repent, his actions speak louder than words of what he supports and so on. From time to time Trump may donate $$ for someone in need. Why didn’t Trump get rid of the Apollo and the pagan Pan false gods artworks? Why did he go along with fueling agendas and the deep state? Notice how none of these Q channels question Trump, nor will they state if Trump is a leader, then how did he get out of being owned by the Rothschilds after being bailed out six times by them? Is Trump a Freemason, if so, under what degree, the same applies with Zionism too? Does he participate in the satanic rituals behind the scenes? Anyone want to answer as to why Trump portrays himself as Janus, the two-face pagan god? That’s just a few of many questions, as to why he’s pro-industrial complexes, pro-money, and is father of the jab. Please explain.

ALEX JONES $1 BILLION FOR DAMAGES AS DARK TIMES FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECHWith the Defamation trial of Alex Jones and the Sandy Hook families and FBI agent as the jury ordered that Jones pay $1 billion for damages. Apparently, there is a another defamation suit due to the lies Jones promoted in the Empire of Lies. There’s no way these plaintiffs need or deserve all these big monies. Willing to bet the jury were coerced by the judge and/or the prosecution to award all this money. The 8th AmendmentExcessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.This is certainly a very dark time for free speech as this is what the trial is really about. Fining those who have a different opinion of this event, even though events such as Sandy Hook were false flag and didn’t happen the way the original narrative states. Jones is controlled opp, but he didn’t kill anyone he didn’t make anyone do anything, he actually come out years before these people decided to sue him and apologize for his opinion. If this is not appealed and doesn’t flip we’re all in big trouble. Jones’s reaction to $1 billion verdict. Is this kangaroo court trial another humiliation ritual? Now, the victims/crisis actors from other lawsuits from the false flag events want $2.75 trillion from Alex Jones. Alex wasn’t wrong for saying what he said, he was only wrong for apologizing. Not only this is a war on free speech, but the battle of good vs evil. The powers that shouldn’t be want you afraid to deny “official” narratives. For further coverage of this and more check out GreaseMonkeyVideos. Distrust the media, the government, authorities, tyrants, and order followers. Trust only in God and in his son Jesus Christ.

BLACKROCK LOSING GROUND, SMART PHONES FOR ILLEGALS, USDA GARDENS, BIDEN’S EO ADVANCING SURVEILLANCE STATEABC REPORTER KIDNAPPED BY FBI: What’s with the Biden Administration issuing 300,000 smart phones with tracking devices for the illegals? More at taxpayer expense. Then, you have Louisiana who pulled $800 million out of BlackRock over ‘crippling’ green energy, ‘anti-fossil fuel’ agenda. Besides, Blackrock stock downgraded over risk of ESG meeting, talk about go woke, go broke. While, 19 Attorney Generals investigate six Wall Street firms over ESG investing. Supposedly the six billion Q phones are developed by the military and under what company and so on and so forth, how would this work for those disabled and the elderly? Then, you have the USDA putting out propaganda ads encouraging people to register their gardens under the USDA. Even America’s Death squads are increasing as the fascist police state gains more power with no accountability whatsoever. Fake Biden signed an Executive Order (as dictatorship and aren’t laws) to increase the fascist surveillance state and Authoritarian monsters wreck havoc on our freedoms and the people conditioned to remaining controlled via obeying peaceful slavery. Think twice before calling the cops, as there are deadly consequences of police welfare checks. Besides, the Global Financial Elites are planning the CDBC slavery social credit scores on the world’s stage. The Biden administration’s year-old Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health, or ARPA-H, appears to merge national security with health “security” in a way that could lead to the criminalization of illness and general “wrong-think.” As the Technocratic biometric push to monitor our health benefits control and depopulation agenda purposes, should we continue giving our consent to tyranny. As the Treasury and the DOJ seek greater financial surveillance around Cryptocurrencies as the greater majority are against their financial records being shared and surveilled. While, ABC reporter kidnapped by FBI, James Gordon Meek written a book on Biden Afghanistan withdrawal and has been missing since April, and media silence as usual.

JAN 6TH & NANCY PELOSI THREATENS TRUMPIn this video by Mark Dice about the worthless Jan 6th committee and CNN admits nobody cares about them anymore. That worthless Jan 6th committee is another kangaroo circus. Amazing in the video footage, on Jan 6th Pelosi calling the protest a “trespass.” That’s quite different than an “insurrection.” Apparently, there is new professional video out of Nancy Pelosi on Jan 6th threatening to punch President Trump and go to jail. Please do, as Pelosi belong in First class at Gitmo. “You don’t need a formal conspiracy when interests converge.” With regards to Marjorie Taylor Green, one can’t be a Christian and be pro-Israel/Zionism. One can’t serve two masters. So are the Days of the Old and Reckless. The drama, the chaos, the suspense. Of course this was staged. “This is hard… I don’t know how the Kardashians do this every week”, LOL! Nanshee Pelosi is funny on the United Spot, while in real life is a piece of work. They say nothing about those Jan6ers currently held in DC gulags with no “due process” as these authorities and tyrants continue to infringe liberties. And increase the fascist surveillance state.


PAUL PELOSI UNDERGOES BRAIN SURGERY FOLLOWING HOME INVASION, SUSPECT ARRESTED, STAGED? In the very early morning hours on October 28th, the suspect who was able to disable the multi-million dollar security system, security guards, breaks into the Pelosi’s home allegedly or was the suspect invited, as glass is blasted outside of the house, not inside? He brutally attacks Paul with a hammer after the cops arrived, while in his underwear, and asks where’s Nancy (the house speaker/drinker)? Of course the suspect had manifesto explaining all of his political views! The mainstream media is painting the suspect as a MAGA Trump supporter, when in fact he’s a liberal nudist, whose posted crazy stuff, but you be the judge. You have to wonder if the suspect was another of these paid crisis actors hired to do this no different than January 6th. Looks like the hammer of justice didn’t like that DUI he had being swept under the rug. Or was Nancy trying to get her husband out of the way because of all that attention with the DUI. Amazing how Paul Pelosi told the Intruder that he needed a bathroom break and called 911 from there? Very polite of the intruder to listen to his problems. Including the actual 911 operator response to Pelosi’s house. Don’t forget Paul was in his underwear as well as the intruder, hmmm. Why didn’t the alarm go off in the house and who let the intruder in? Was the Intruder Paul’s lover and/or paid actor drinking buddy? The most important thing is that Nancy’s ice cream wasn’t hurt during this home invasion. More doubts of the attack claims. As Nancy and Paul Pelosi are always getting hammered. Jussie Smollett with his list of fake “hate crime” items is LOL!! While the Doctor of Common SenseGrease Monkey Videos, and The United Spot covered this. Again you have to ask yourself, was this attack staged to create sympathy for tyrants and increase security for them due to the midterm selections? Are they being arrested?

“By the way, I am actually a socialist. Just not the kind that shifts resources from most productive to least productive, pretending to do good, while actually causing harm. True socialism seeks greatest good for all. – Elon Musk. Don’t forget Musk is a Globalist Technocrat Socialist Con Artist who benefits from depopulation and control agenda.

“Whenever the people need a hero we shall supply him.” – Albert Pike 33 Degree Mason

AOC GETS CALLED OUT FOR HER HYPOCRISY, BIDEN IS GETTING SMARTER AND ATTACKED BY THE VEGANS, TULSI GABBARD AND PSYOP, AND JOHN FETTERMAN DESTROYED HIMSELF: AOC was finally unexpectedly blasted during Q & A speech, as she was called out for her hypocrisy by her own part for supporting War criminals, War crimes in [redacted], and of which could lead to Nuclear War with China and Russia. Am shocked that the guy calling AOC out wasn’t drugged out and tazed. AOC is not for anyone but the machine and the overlords. The one party system supports industrial complexes, the machine, and the overlords. The United Spot did a satire of this. AOC satire character quotes: “While he threw carrots at me” and “I almost died today!” LOL!

Would recommend you watch this clip, Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist tells Joe Rogan “Young People are UNALIVING These Days”. Since people refuse to see the obvious cause of death. If they haven’t figured it out by now, then it means they don’t really care enough to question and research everything…period! Biden on Dr. Biden and more cognitive decline. Fake Biden experienced a mkultra clone malfunction, you don’t say. Includes Biden’s ridicules energy lies, the ISS you can see people walking around in the glass reflection, more NASA lies. Don’t trust Tulsi Gabbard, even though she denounced the Democrat party. She’s an high ranking operator in the Psychological Operations and is CFR and WEF member. Government is the biggest mass murder. Milton Friedman was spot on.

 Democrat Candidate John Fetterman/Uncle Fester keeps destroying his campaign, despite his many issues. Health wise, had a stroke as for interviews with NBC needed a closed captioning software so he could understand what the interviewer is saying. Will be worse at press conferences and so forth. He isn’t fit to be a politician, oh wait, just ask Old Joe Biden. Fetterman has more cognitive function though and sure passed the test and is cleared by Fetterman’s Doctor who cleared him reporting for duty for public office. Fetterman says Prisoners are like your Grandfather’s and Grandmother’s. The debate of Fetterman/Uncle Fester vs Dr. Oz WEF member. Mark Dice covered the disaster of the debate of Fetterman vs Dr. Oz, being an absolute trainwreck, barn-fire, and no doubt that he is not qualified. Uncle Fester’s family are a disgrace for allowing him to run for office. No surprise as to why his handlers are hiding him no different than Hillary and Sleepy Joe. As Fetterman was flip flop on fracking and more embarrassing moments., such as Fetterman’s opening statement: “Hi! Good night everybody!” As Dr. Oz was holding in his laughter the entire time, he wanted to scream out “look at this dude, are you for real?” The scary part is people would vote for Fetterwoman, let alone Dr. Oz, but no matter whose selected via the illusion of choice, policies never change.

Yes, according to the Doctor of Common Sense, Brandon is getting smarter. Old Joe Biden and Fetterman/Uncle Fester could have one heck of a conversation, John would be the 2nd smartest person Biden knows, talk about smart and smarter, and would get along nicely at the Senior living center. Biden Says Sister Was 3 Years Younger But Now She’s 23 Years Younger. If that is the case, she misses the cognitive decline and will outlive her brother. Remember of new Biden vocabulary: a Biden man and any Biden woman. The United Spot nailed it with the compilation of clips of Biden really losing on stage is mirrored to the film ‘Naked Gun’ that became a reality. On stage, Biden was attacked by Vegans as he hides behind Jill. Biden gets lost on the way back to the fake White House. Back in 2016, two weeks after Trump was selected, is a shocking phone call of Treason by Biden with [redacted] about Trump.


STACEY ABRAMS BLAMES BABIES FOR INFLATION AND DEMOCRAT FEAR AD ON CRIMINALIZING ABORTION Stacey Abrams says abortion is the best way to fix inflation. She is basically blaming families for inflation and advocates for depop. agenda. While it serves her gods Mammon and Moloch real well. Those teens eco terrorist idiots who say: “Farming needs to stop” are propagandists for the NWO. Talk about sickening and evil. There’s a Democrat ad going around that criminalized abortion, as the Mother featured was arrested at her home in front of her husband and kids, because she murdered her baby, and at the end of the ad was to vote Democrat. Abortion is murder and life begins prior to conception. The way the ad was presented made it feel the Mother was unvaccinated arrested for noncompliance. There are some truths to this as the fascist police are following orders. Just so you know, if voting really made a difference, the evil psychopaths wouldn’t allow us to do it. Notice how policies never change on this world’s stage.The one party system serves the corporations and overlords. There are some truths that are being revealed, you will still have those under the conformist mindset who feel they need to go along with this, that, and the ways of the world/whirled, think about that if you will.

THANK YOU KARI LAKE, SHANE HAZEL, AND JP SEARS Kari Lake is the Republican Candidate in Arizona. Not only she was a real journalist in the media from the past 26 years, she knows how to handle the media, has charisma, has more balls as the left fear her more than Trump, and is quick on her feet. She calls it out for what it is, hopefully she will stay true to principle and does not sell out if she becomes Governor. Even Katie Hobbs, Lake’s opponent, won’t have a debate with Lake. Kari Lake: Katie Hobbs thinks there are 47 different genders. Since we’re here at a rodeo, I’ve got a challenge for you. Katie, go out and try to milk a bull and tell me how that goes.’

 Twelve days before the selection, Fox News in Arizona accidentally aired “test results” showing Hobbs defeating Lake. Don’t trust Tulsi Gabbard, a CFR and WEF member, who may have left the Democrat party and is an Independent, is now endorsing Kari Lake. While Shane Hazel, the Libertarian Candidate in Georgia called out the hypocrisy of both Democrat and Republican, and stated many truth bombs about Government the state sponsor of mass murder, failed policies, the convid lockdowns and destruction of businesses, lives, vaxx injuries and deaths, failed education system and exposed the department of education, individual liberties, less government, and more. Thanks to Brian of High Impact Flix and Grease Monkey Videos for highlighting this, Mark Dice, The United Spot, and the Doctor of Common Sense for highlighting this and more.

JP Sears interviews Dr. Fauci. JP covers a news summary about the house of cards are crumbling. There’s no accountability for people who have been doing this for a long time. Long overdue to change that.


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