(Reader: Truth Is Unbreakable) Part II: Latest Insanity and Idiocracy


Reader Post | By Truth Is Unbreakable


CHINESE POLICE STATIONS, RADIATION SICKNESS DRUG, DIGITAL ID SYSTEM, & LIBERALISWhy are you allowing the centralized control the continue? Why is there a Chinese Police Station in New York City and thus pushing the Chinese to move back to China? Turns out there are thirty police stations worldwide. While they police the citizens and enforce Communist rule. Why is this allowed to continue? That’s in addition to the US government stock piling $290 million in NIH-Funded Radiation Sickness Drug. If a drug is harmful and extremely dangerous the govt wants you to take it that suits depopulation agenda. While, the Gates Foundation have another $200 million to help establish global digital ID system of surveillance. Japan is pushing for Digital ID called ‘My Number” by 2025? India’s Dystopian Surveillance state is rising. Pakistan are making distribution of Aid to flood victims depending on their Biometric VerificationTurkey are implementing the digital currency with the digital ID system. Mastercard are implementing the biometric Digital ID push. Digital ID come are introduced in the form of Driver Licenses in Austria. Did you know that Liberal or Liberalis means free status of men and women. Notice how the definitions of words change that suits their narrative? How are these evil psychopaths still fueling their agendas then? What’s being done to remove the Digital ID and the Digital currency so evil psychopaths don’t have control over us?

CHAOS OF NO CONSEQUENCES: It does seem like we are losing. After seeing this compilation of clips here and there. 34 years later and Julia Sugarbaker is right of what being an American is on your time and your turf. I’d mop the milk up with those insane activists. Talk about treating people the way they don’t want to be treated. Sometimes violence is the answer. You have Vermont High School Students rebuke their school district for forcing them to share a locker room with a mentally ill gender-confused male. As the girls asked the transgender to leave as the girls were changing into their volleyball uniforms, he refused that made the girls very uncomfortable, but he eventually left. In the interview, the girls said this has been going on for years that males can walk into the women’s bathroom and claim they are gay. While the school district does nothing due to conformity and federal funding to promote this agenda or no money nor power for you. Blame those who continue to conform and go along with the lies, especially when they know better, as they lack morals nor principle. You can’t comply your way out of tyranny. Best to pull your kids out of the public indoctrination centers and establish parallel communities of like-minded individuals. The chaos of no consequences as explained by The Patriot Nurse sums it up on the chaos of no consequences on vandalizing VanGough painting and Capital Nonpunishment. The Doctor of Common Sense did a similar take on these teen eco-terrorists who vandalized the VanGough painting, dumping gallons of milk out in grocery stores, and paint on Aston Martin. These kids committing these atrocities have never taken any responsibility and they’re walking around with dead eyes. While the majority stand and do nothing while these kids are vandalizing and destroying property, not being charged and made to clean up the mess they’ve started. If we don’t stand against tyranny via peaceful mass noncompliance, we perish.

WHY ALLOW EVIL TO FLOURISH?: No surprise of Pfizer CEO talking to Klaus Schwab of depopulation reduction of 50% by 2023 and their WEF dream of theirs is becoming a reality. Listen to the evil clapping, unbelievable! When you allow evil to flourish under the guise of this being theater in order to round up all of the evil doers. While the next you claim to have everything in control, but don’t worry as you freeze to death this winter, starve, lose everything you worked for in this life, and so forth under the guise of being “trust the plain” and it’s theater. Because we are going to swope in at the last minute as more suffer and die, and allow them to have worldwide riots that no one will recover and increase tribalism and chaos, 5G, and the fake alien invasion that leads to the AntiChrist system.

The question came up as to whether the evil doers are running the world, or is it more complicated than that is an interesting read. It’s those who are conditioned to believe this is the way of doing things with no thought of this being evil actions thereof. It’s your consent of the governed are why these evil doers and their minions flourish. “Both sides are “controlled opposition” — the unconscious shared ideology is the controller. The reflex to ask, “Who is doing this to me?” comes from the same consciousness as “Who can fix it for me?” It is the consciousness of looking toward someone in charge for salvation or blame. This is an abdication of our innate sovereignty.”

Yet, not one of you supposed good guy groups have the guts to state what is really going on. As we can figure out that the controllers and the one hat operation plan on dragging this out for years. That’s not freedom, that’s slavery. Who benefits from all of this and more of these psychological operations, you tell me good guy groups and white hats. Don’t you think that more need real healing and relief. Not more insanity because a quantum computer and so and so says so. One can’t say trust in God he’s within you, it’s God’s time, while at the same time, follow man’s and AI computer’s orders, talk about hypocritical. Truth is truth and bears no scrutiny. When you stand for something, you fall for nothing. What happened to common sense, critical and rational thinking, and principle?

BIBLICALLY AND DECODESOur bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. If one reads the Bible and other chapters of the Bible that were removed by the Catholic Church. Please check out the Book of Enoch, as he describes our world, was given a tour of heaven, three heavens, how the greater light/the sun and the lesser light/the moon work, the seasons, the times we live in, the coming of Christ as named as the Son or Man, and the end times. Check out Vincent Rhodes, as he covers Flat Earth biblically as there is no such thing as gravity that is theory, an airline pilot admits the earth is flat, and other news. He examines those who are deceived by the very elect and are in debased mind.


Our future is getting darker for sure. Plenty of those who are willingly submit to the chains of further enslavement such as the masks, the tests, and the shots. Are the same ones who would easily submit to the mark of the beast system. As with the guy who had one implant in each hand to operate this and that. He would be one of many conformists who would submit to the beast rather than the creator. Rather use my palm to bitch slap tyrants. Every knee will bow and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord! We sure live in the days of Noah and Lot. Full Armor of God!

If you check out EntertheStars, as he can be found on You Tube and on Odysee, he did a body code series of how Jesus Christ is imprinted into us, the womb, and the narrow gate as our only way back to Father who is in Heaven. The real oneness is believing that Jesus Christ is Lord in our lives. Something to think about isn’t it.

On EntertheStar’s channel, check out “phone booth” decode that predicts 9/11, the Convid scamdemic, 5G, shows Melania Trump’s b-day, and dial 911. The same director who directed “phone booth”, directed Q movie. Also, check out “Quantum” decode about the “Quantum Leap” reboot series is about time travel and demon possession, as they named this one Janus (two faced, man in the mirror), points to Trump. It’s true that Demons do hop bodies throughout time. It’s not just demons can do that, the holy spirit as well (that works through people through time). That’s in addition to the Q movement deceiving people into the cult and hopium. Do some serious digging and question everything. EntertheStars/Casey is one of the few decoders who is true follower of God and practices what he preaches, including working for yourself, something to think about.

Colossians 2:8 KJV “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

John 16:13 KJV “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.”

Proverbs 6:16-19 KJV: “16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, 19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.”

THOUGHTS AND THINGS TO CONSIDER? You are still deceived when you still fall in the false left/right paradigm thinking that selecting one banker bought puppet from the next will solve this and that problem. The same applies at the state and local level. They say one thing and after they are selected into office, they do the opposite as they are bought and paid for by corporate and central bankers, and would create more government control. If voting really made a difference, the evil controllers wouldn’t allow us to do it. The same applies with protesting, as that only goes so far and paints a big target on your backs. Ultimately, it’s mass noncompliance and taking action in your daily lives that count more so. Depends if you actually practice what you preach and don’t bow down to tyranny, you stand on morals and principle. Others back you up. Can’t say for those conformist order followers and those who felt the need to comply, but refuse to stand for liberties as they consent to peaceful slavery. You can’t comply your way out of tyranny. You can’t change those who refuse to apply themselves. As you will always have those who are conditioned to accept slavery and genocide, but some will go after those who don’t conform to their ways of doing things. You want to talk about cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance, and mass psychosis. Change is hard, it’s not easy, it’s a process. Can’t expect everyone to operate the same as you do. But I will blame those who knew better about the evil they are committing, the tyranny the fuel, via following orders but still go along with it because they had to and other excuses as ignorance is no defense. With the way things are going, we don’t have the time nor the patience as more are suffering and die not only by the hands of the evil doers, but for those who knew better and/or know what’s going on and so forth and did nothing. What’s with paying off the rich people and the mass secret societies, and the tier 4B? Yet, you are telling us not to be greedy, what’s up with that? Thought we are supposed to be doing away with these societies and a return to obeying God.


Beware of those who spread New Age, who these people claim to live hundreds of years, when it becomes all about themselves and extending their life-span, divination, and powers. What are the consequences of using that for good or evil and more? Beware of whom you listen to and beware of their fruits. Even the Churches under 501c3 and such are Government controlled via “organized religion” and will only promote mainstream Christianity, practice pagan holidays as materialism and more, and never the deep truths. There will always be false prophets out there deceiving the masses. There are Bible study groups and other groups that truly examine God’s word and apply to our daily lives. It’s your choice via free will if chose good or evil. Anyone can agree that God is within us, he created us perfectly and wonderfully made. None of us are perfect, but are working to improve ourselves and do what we can to stand on truth and on principle. Some know how to connect from within and others don’t. Don’t forget our bodies are our pharmacies are created by God. It’s true when you have a cold/flu, spit, sweat, and other body functions are our body’s away of detoxing the toxins from within, otherwise you’re not in good shape. There are plenty of things one can do to improve one’s immune system naturally. When you have a cold, which I had recently I took plenty of vitamin C, D, Zinc, did the chopped garlic one tablespoon with organic honey once per day as this speeds up the cold process and your senses are heightened, chugged honey to help with my sore throat, fluids, running niagara nose falls, fluids, a little of aspirin, and rest. Everybody is different of how their colds/flus operate for them. Beware of the controllers and fear mongers how they continue to get people to fear what’s always been around for many years. We’ve been lied to about history and whatnot. What we think we know, as there is more than meets the eye.

When you have those who repeat them same talking points and have on the same guests, but not from time to time have someone on with a different viewpoint who thinks critically and rationally. Am really tired of the BS and am not the only one who feels the same way. As each of us can only do so much and can’t do everything nor have the resources thereof. If you good guy groups and white hats are supposedly for real and are on the side of God, you would’ve had this done not make up more excuses as usual and dragging this out for years. What happened to obeying God’s commandments such as Love thy neighbor as thyself? Stick to the truth, the whole truth. Lies destroy big time. There’s always a better way of handling this or that. But don’t take too long because truth, trust, and loyality matters. It’s the choices we make determine this and that outcome. Without our consent to these tyrants, they have no power over us. Why are you relying on a Quantum computer to dictate what should you do next, then claim it’s God’s time or yours, you tell me? Who determines the supposed 80% awakening level, specifically or all around? Just so you know people’ attention spans are short and so few each of us are going to agree on because we all operate differently. If the people haven’t acted against the evil doers, they won’t act now because they rely on someone else to do it for them. When in fact mass noncompliance is only part one of how to end this.

Who is to say if the Nesara/Gesara does happen that people end up reverting back to doing things they’ve been doing their whole lives whether it’s good or evil. So far, the current system has not switched to Tesla free energy nor could be understood how this will power what we have currently? What proof does this and that work as advertised? Don’t forget those who would freeze to death due to no energy? What’s really being done to help these people, or more breadcrumbs as usual? While some still wait on that false savior that would end up destroying them at a faster rate. Face it there won’t be a full utopia on Earth, as you will always have good and evil out there. The culture needs to change for the better, including developing a stronger nuclear family unit, depending on the people may or may not change their ways. There are some out there trying to help out those who can’t help themselves, including being a father or mother figure as well.

Those who know better and continue to play God always ends badly. Not everyone will be at your level of awakening, understanding, and so forth. Everyone operates differently and have our own set of talents, doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong. Can’t help everyone nor have the resources thereof. Don’t you agree? Am very tired of the lies, deceit, and the hopium thereof that continue to destroy. Don’t care if those believe it’s a movie or not, you know better and are allowing this insanity to continue for your own benefit under the guise of safety is pure ignorance. Because the way we are going it’s not good. Don’t want to hear the excuses, so and so said, etc. Pay attention to what they do via actions that count. What do I need to do to get the supposed White Hats attention, are you listening to what we have to say or you just don’t care after all of this time? Why are you allowing more people to suffer to die or is that part of the plan? Is it really God’s time or yours? Prove it that you are really removing the evil doers from society. Do you plan on dragging this out for years under the guise of not enough awakening level via your perception level are the only thing that matters? If that is the case, you know playing God will end badly for you. The evil doers and their minions will fail miserably. Which side are you on God or the Devil, as playing these psychological operation mind games is very bad. So many need real hope, relief, and need God and Jesus Christ. That can’t come soon enough. Any questions, you tell me?


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