(Reader: EJ Poorterman) About the ‘Anunnaki’ and Ningishzidda, Part 2


Reader Post | By EJ Poorterman

Dear editors,

This is an addition to my previous entry. It concerns the explanation why the ‘creation of man’ has been completely in vain if Enlil successfully defiles the whites and disables them for further genetic experiments. The story goes like this: The Galactic Federation and their militant division – the Asthar Command…call them the ‘space police’ have started the quest to track down an extremely vicious and warlike race. They come from the 5th dimension. In their time space they waged wars of expansion and, if necessary, destroyed entire planets and peoples. During their last campaign, they deployed very heavy weapons, with major consequences in their time space!

Its heaviness ruptured the membranes between the 5th, 4th and 3rd dimensions… and they were ‘sucked away’ through those openings. That sounds like they were victims of their own actions, but when we replace ‘sucking away’ with running away, it suddenly sounds very different. They ended up in this 3D space-time in this spiral of the Milky Way.

I assume that their lead in knowledge and development, and because of their technology and advanced weapons, they have quite easily taken over entire solar systems… by overrunning the primitive civilizations present. Star Wars may be more real than Science fiction and it really exists! It is not inconceivable that they could contain hundreds of systems…possess and a multitude of planets. Possible races, peoples and civilizations have been subordinated to them. According to sources (channelings by Karen Danrich: ‘The Cosmic Hierarchy’ with transmissions from Lord averil, LordMetraton and Lord Sananda…) those Aliens would have been in this 3D time space about 500,000 years ago…have arrived. According to Zecharia Sitchin, the ‘anunnaki’ would have come to our planet 443,000 years ago from the second star RA (which we may also call Jesus, Gud, Shiva, Anu, Marduk, Enki, Enll…among others…). That falls within the time of the arrival of the Aliens from the 5th Dimension! We know the second star RA, by Zecharia

Sitchin still seen as a planet (he was a 33rd degree Freemason – and they are never allowed to tell the truth in one book or article, but in two or more books, then it is up to the reader to find this ‘truth’. there can be several truths hidden in a book and one of them is that the ‘Twelth Planet’ is not a planet but a star)…but in reality a star around which four planets are currently orbiting. Three of the seven planets were lost during the ‘Battle of Heaven’. It was the young fire-breaking star that was heading for the leading planet Tiamat. She ruled at the center of this solar system. The young star GUD was sucked into the solar system by the attraction…of the sun. It deviated from its orbit, and during the passage of the planets Neptune and Uranus, “four winds” were born: planets. During the passage of Saturn and Jupiter another three. Tiamat, too, prepared for the coming battle, and eleven ‘monsters’ were born from within her. It is striking that GUD (our word GOD) ‘angels’…as attendants (still seen by Zecharia Sitchin as ‘winds’, so called by the ancient Sumerians and by the Hopi as ‘nephews’), while the children of the planet Tiamat gave birth to ‘monsters’. Of these, KIN.GU was . the biggest. We know Kingoe as the present Moon. KIN.GU . means ‘child of the bull’, because the second star got from the…anunnaki nicknamed ‘wild bull’ and also ‘broken bull’ because as it gets closer to our system its orbit starts to fluctuate and once in our solar system it becomes rocking, toddling and even tossing. That’s because the SUN’s planets rotate clockwise and the second star RA with its four planets rotates the SUN counterclockwise.

This generates ‘gravitational forces’ and that means that it, the second star RA, and also the smaller planets such as Mars, Gaia and Venus will sway considerably. It’s like an Intercity train rushing past. Therefore, one of its many names (such as Suzuki, Mazda, Honda, Ahura Mazda, Messiah, Mahdi, Allah/Arrah, Maitreya, Manitou, Tatanka, -Waka Tanka, Lord, and Lord) GUD. That is a contraction of the Sumerian concepts (euh… ‘anunnaki language’ Kwando) GU. and UD..GU. means ‘strong’ and ‘bull’ and UD. means ‘to trot out’ and run wild. So GUD. means ‘wild bull’, ‘broken bull’ and that is why it is so striking that the ‘natives’ in America use their large prairie beef Bison…to call! Bison = bi-son, by-SUN, the second SUN! A clash between the two objects, writes Zecharia Sitchin, is inevitable. Tiamat’s army is scattered and RA/GUD hurls two planets at Tiamat and kills her. At the second encounter, the second star GUD/RA scrapes off the upper part of Tiamat. He strokes her like a…Lucifer and its lower half is knocked off by the third planet… to ‘unknown places’ says the bible… and that is between the planets Venus and Mars! Venus is shifted more towards the SUN and immediately burns the combustibles in its atmosphere and Mars is shifted further from the SUN and immediately freezes. According to American…scientists, our planet was completely silent for the first 600 million years and ‘suddenly’ evolution started and life began. Our planet is estimated to be 4.7 billion years old and if we count down 600 million years, the ‘collision’ between the young fire-breaking star RA/GUD and the planet Tiamat would be 4.1 billion years. .have taken place. The result of that ‘cosmic’ encounter was that two new orbits were created and that is the ‘creation of Heaven and Earth’. Two orbits around the SUN: ‘earth’ is the orbit that the planet Gaia (or Terra) orbits around the SUN and ‘sky’ is the asteroid belt through which the second star RA/GUD…passes through its orbit every 3600 years. The asteroid belt (Heaven) is located between the planets Mars and Jupiter. American researchers conclude that Mars is frozen and that the red dust layer is on top. Could be right: the collision between the young fire-breaking star RA/GUD caused quite a stir…and red dust, for the planet Tiamat was a red planet. The neighboring planets Mars (very small – was completely pollinated with red dust) and Jupiter (very large – red dust can be found in the atmosphere as stripes and spots) were pollinated 4.1 billion years ago. And that our planet is the ‘lower’ part of the planet Tiamat is…seen on the continents of planet Gaia (Terra). Those are red. The shattered planet Tiamat had a red crust, and RA/GUD’s third planet ricocheted that part into ‘unknown places’… and the battered part contracted back into a sphere. Thus the ancient crust of Tiamat was ripped apart and we can see…that the continents fit together and connect to each other! That tearing apart of ‘Pangea’ did not happen hundreds of millions of years ago, but immediately after the collision. The crust under the continents is therefore thicker than the crust under the oceans! A clear proof that a ‘flat earth’ is complete nonsense! When the Aliens from the…5th Dimension were sucked into our 3D space-time, their fleet may have chosen the traveling mini-system of the star RA and its four planets to hide. They entered our solar system on their own during the journey… and thus they could explore the planets and choose one of them for exploitation of ores and minerals.

The Asthar-Command (space police) must have been on their heels, because forty years after their arrival (= 144,000 ‘earth years’) the call for a ‘primitive worker’ gets louder and louder. The Galactic Federation wants to remove the ‘anunnaki’ (Alien spacecraft) from this solar system and this 3-time space because they have to face become with their actions in the 5th dimension… but… if the Galactic Federation puts them back as they are, the wars will soon begin again. So the plan was hatched to genetically ‘modify’ them. After all, they were already lost and they had chosen technology and not empathy, warmth and love and they were evolutionary… came to a dead end. So back to their own time-space but not in the current state. I’m pretty sure EN.KI . was approached by the Galactic Federation to assist in that plan. When the miners, the so-called ‘lower anunnaki’, stopped working, EN.LIL. intervene with armed force, but… Father Anu said, ‘I understand their displeasure. They eat dust and they drink dust…and their work is hard’! Enkis had incited and supported the miners in their strikes because he needed the approval of the Council of High Anunnaki to make a ; humble primitive’, an Awiloem, a Loeloe, a Loeleo Ameloe… or… an app/primate from the woods. EN.KI . commented: ‘The creature whose name you mention already exists. We just need to put our stamp on it, or connect it to our DNA. That’s how EN.KI went. and his team of scientists at work in the Bit Shimti laboratory in Africa. Somewhere near the Limpopo and Kwando regions.


So if the miners’ revolt was staged, just to get the permission to create ‘slaves’ and… the main purpose of making a mix form to genetically modify the ‘anunnaki’ itself at a later stage with more animal DNA and therefore more emotion, warmth and love, then that ‘creation’ is currently under… big pressure because EN.LIL. has now also found out why the ‘human’ was created and he is now doing everything he can to destroy the genetically pure whites, necessary for the genetic adaptation of the ‘anunnaki’. Yet Enki, as Admiral Sananda, will do anything to save 144,000 “elect” from the twelve tribes of Israel!

Evert Jan Poorterman.
EJ Poorterman
Jr. Ruys de Beerenbrouckstraat 12
6971 ED Brummen (GLD) The Netherlands
+031 0575-564249


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