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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Last day of October (in the Gregorian calendar), Halloween, Portal Day and maybe much more I don’t know or can list. Who would have thought we would have to wait so long, right? When I bought my first dong, I rolled over so I could still get some because they said, “Monday will be the new rate, then we’ll exchange and be rich!” That was over three and a half years ago now, and what are we still reading about gNN’s wet dreams every day, right? Let them, I’ve become very tolerant and that’s why I’m glad about this waiting period. Moreover, I have become calm, relaxed, trusting and patient. All this and the additional knowledge that I was able to acquire during this waiting period cannot be put into the equation with money or gold. Of course I had support from friends and certainly I was guided by the spiritual world, whatever we want to call it. Without that it is also not possible, we are part of a tribe and not lone wolves. Even if it sometimes still seems that way to me.

The day before yesterday, when I got the idea for the article, I had to think of an incident from my active American football time. I played for a while as a right guard in the second team of the Düsseldorf Panthers. The incident was one evening before our first league game in the old town of Düsseldorf. The whole team had arranged to meet and together we walked the streets. No alcohol, no sex, was the only instruction from our coach (both make the legs weak). All with player jackets, so uniform. A great feeling when there are a good 40 young men around you wearing the same outfit. Pure feeling of togetherness. I still have the jacket today, it has a priceless sentimental value. At first we walked as a loose bunch, until our Offenseline got the idea to walk in a line, arms hooked under in front. Quickly behind was the defenseline and soon we were walking in several lines. All side by side. If the street or the pedestrian zone allowed it, the line became wider and wider. We felt, every single player, six feet tall and at least that wide. Great memory! Anyone who has been through something like that or similar knows what I’m talking about.

Think about it, why doesn’t a line in American football stand one behind the other? Why don’t pawns line up in chess? Why do soldiers line up? And why do they always attack side by side? Several lines to close gaps? You know it for sure or you can guess it. First of all, it makes you look different, broader, more powerful, stronger. Secondly, it is important to have someone next to you. Someone you trust and who can trust you. Behind the line is always what you want to protect, what is worth protecting. In football it’s the quarterback and the potential ball carriers, in war it’s your country or territory, if I line up with protesters it’s the thing behind us that we want to protect (in the best case, there are other, negative examples). Parents line up in front of their children and even in nature attacked herds form a line. BEFORE those who should be protected and AGAINST those who attack.

And now you’re probably wondering why I’m writing all this, right? What am I getting at with the ” side by side” theme? Well, in all this waiting, in all that I have experienced, planned and also found good, it has become clear to me that we are far from standing, walking, waiting side by side. In other countries it seems to be a little different, at least that’s the impression I get. Why do we all actually tend to put ourselves above others? Why do we still try to be better than others? Why do we still follow a leader and mostly blindly do whatever is asked? Why haven’t we started to think for ourselves, to take responsibility for ourselves? After all, we have all seen or are seeing massively what we have all allowed to happen when we do. Many still fall for gatekeepers because of this. They follow blindly and should actually know better if they claim to be awakening. And those who have become leaders, whether consciously controlled by trickery and deceit or against their will, why are they still going in different directions? We all have a common enemy, the cabal system, and we all want freedom and to live. Free, sovereign and with few but meaningful laws. No complete coercion and no pseudo-life regulated to the smallest detail.

Why don’t we walk side by side? Why does someone always have to go ahead or stand above us? In Germany, many are calling for a king, an emperor, others for more and more parties, but only a few are calling for a solution in which there is no leader, a solution in which everyone has a say. And all this just because it supposedly doesn’t work? Why shouldn’t it work? Have we tried it? If so, when? I can’t remember. We have unlearned, unlearned in many generations, to stand next to each other and feel this greatness. Now we run after everyone who promises us the blue of heaven, deliberately put on showcases so that we don’t have to see what is happening on the right and on the left. A deeply divided people and anyone who can present an opinion to the outside world is followed. I have tried to reach out to some, to find the lowest common denominator, it has been in vain with most, and if I wrote all about it you would be appalled.

Soon we will go to a new time. We are taking all the memories from the old world with us. I am looking forward to it, because I know that very many will go beside me. We walk side by side, equal, sovereign and strengthened. Strengthened by all that has happened to us in our lives, all that we have been through. We walk forward side by side, leaving the traffic circles and dead ends to others. Actually, this is already the case, as many of my contacts show me. I often read in emails that they don’t agree with me on everything. Hey, you shouldn’t, you are sovereign and have your own opinions and assessments. But we have found something in common, sometimes more, sometimes less. But we still walk side by side, don’t we? What frightens me particularly, and I am glad that I have left this thinking behind me, is that many think that they alone would and could save the world. Whether it’s with an exchange or with precious metals or with ABDC (asset backed digital currencies). It took me a long time to realize this (through many walking beside me), there will be no “elite” and no ” chosen ones”. Folks, think about this: the Alliance does everything for decades to finally fight a cabal elite and when it’s all done, they allow it to start all over again? Only this time humanitarian, light and loving? If that were so, in 50 years we would be back where we are now. Because the “chosen ones” would never let themselves be downgraded. Hand on heart, be honest everyone!


Let’s not kid ourselves, even in 5D we will still be facing darkness. Not as bad as in 3D, but how are we supposed to evolve to 6D or 7D if we don’t get tasks to accomplish. Maybe we just have to learn, until we understand that we are stronger next to each other than with one or more leaders. What does a group do when the leader is gone? What does a line do when one of them is gone? The group is headless and helpless, and the line closes again and remains strong. That’s how it is when you look at it objectively. And to make it even clearer: Imagine that the person you “follow” suddenly changes his opinion, his behavior by 180 degrees or he disappears overnight. What do you do? In the first scenario: Do you also change your opinion by 180 degrees and continue to follow? In the second scenario, do you hang on to the next leader? I don’t know how you’ll answer, but think about it for yourselves. If you answered “yes” in both scenarios, what does that say about you?

Wouldn’t it be better if we stood or sat next to each other (unfortunately not live yet) and observed? Support, side by side, each with their means, energetically the efforts and plan of the Alliance? Thus depriving the remaining cabal every day of the energy that keeps it alive, instead of giving our energy to someone who may not mean it quite so honestly and has quite different intentions. We cannot know, many can tell and say, but nobody can prove if it is the truth, because nobody knows. We know that we know nothing. But we know that we will know. But side by side we give each other strength, we all become stronger through it and manage to get through the rest of the time much easier. Together we are strong, but only equally side by side, not if we follow. Do we have a deal?

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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